This DNC Fraud Case

I’m going to link to Zach Haller’s article on it.  Mostly because I’ve been following him and his work reading the transcripts on the case.

Oh, wait, you didn’t know that the DNC fraud lawsuit had started?

Here’s the problem with the way the media runs its organizations.  They don’t report on news.  They report what they want you to hear regardless of whether or not it is a major story.

Are Trump’s tweets important?  Somewhat.  But at some point CNN shouldn’t run the “Breaking News” graphic every single time Donald Trump’s little thumb gets itchy.

Not only that, but the major news outlets were complicit in ensuring the DNC put the candidate of their choice and not the candidate of the people as the nominee.

If you didn’t immediately click the link above, let me give you the single most important piece of the defense’s argument.


There you have it.  And I remember Joy Reid arguing this exact same point last year.  She said it’s not up to the people.  That’s why the DNC has Super Delegates.  She said that the DNC is a private organization and the people are part of the private organization and they get to choose their nominee.

Well I’m not cool enough to belong to any clubs.  In fact, I can’t see myself doing much more than taking over a club.

Joy Reid is a part of the neoliberal club.  She is a very important member of it and has a voice in the media.  I would argue that virtually every liberal who speaks on mainstream television is a neoliberal.  There’s not much room for anybody but corporate Democrats on television.

I’m not going to write a ton on this.  This is information and more information can be found if you wish to find it.  A determination won’t be made for quite some time.

My takeaway?  It’s simple.

Media bias is a big deal.  They have an agenda and that agenda comes from the people who write the checks.  I’m tired of hearing about how all the reporters are liberal.  It’s not true and it does not matter.  The people on television deliver only the information they are allowed to deliver.

Why none of them are delivering this information.

You may remember how Donna Brazille gave Hillary Clinton some of the questions she would be asked before a debate with Bernie Sanders.  And then Brazille became the interim DNC Chair.

Honestly, the media loves having Trump as president because he helps them fill in their exhausting 24 hours.  Well, between that and Lockup or Anthony Bourdaine.

The other reason this is of interest to me?

People donated their hard earned cash.

People sent money to the candidate they wanted to win.  They believed they were helping get elected their candidate of choice.  They should have been given the truth and allowed to keep the money we all work very hard for in their pockets.  Because we all hate being conned.  We all hate being lied to.


Maybe the whole thing was fair and on the up and up?


But if it was, I truly believe it would be covered by the media.

One thing we, as a nation, need to do is stop lying to the people and stop trying to convince everybody they live in a democracy.

We’ll see how this shakes out next year and in 2020.


International Fact Check Day


I clearly remember the first April Fool’s Day that was presented to me.  Let’s face it.  One must be exposed to those who think it’s entertaining to fool you in order for you to realize that April Fool’s Day is a a thing.

I was six and my family had moved into the state on April First.  We had to take shelter with my grandparents until a place to live was found.  Until a job was found.

This was before the internet.  Before some list by Craig.

My uncle was only 13 or 14.  I remember him repeatedly pointing to the ground and saying things like, “Look, a snake!”

He may have got me to look once.  I am not even sure one time happened.

I remember being annoyed.

He was young.  Maybe younger than me.

I learn that today has been International Fact Checking Day.  Seems appropriate.

I’ll take part of a quote said to the world this morning on CNN.

Facts, reason, evidence, logic…

All I heard.  Apply to politics.  Apply to religion.  Apply to every single aspect of your life.

Hardly anything that our country has become.  Hardly anything this nation believes in.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day.  It only makes sense the following day be International Fact Check Day.  After we spend a whole day trying to fool each other, we should spend a day checking the facts.

Complete irony.  After spending 99% (and I’m not singling out one day) of our time trying to fool each other, we should spend at least an hour fact checking the bullshit we are sold.


And then I watched this news program featuring John Dickerson.

If your mother says she loves you, check it out.

The fact is that every single day should be fact check day.  It’s our responsibility as Americans to question.  It’s not that there should be no trust, but we should learn who to trust.

The narrative in this country has turned from those who we completely trust as honest news reporters to those who we completely trust to tell me what I want to hear.  There’s a difference.  Because your side isn’t always right.

Your side may, honestly, always be wrong.  And so may the other side.

This isn’t a matter of right and wrong.

It’s a matter of truth and lies.

It’s the fact that news has become opinion spinning lies in order to get people to participate as they like.

I watched a segment on CNN yesterday in which eight Donald Trump supporters were used as a discussion group and asked how well they think the Donald has done so far.  Complete setup.  All but one gave Agent Orange an “A” grade.  The one that did not said he would not give an A.  Ever.

The fact is that the ultimate deal maker has yet to make a deal.  He has signed executive order after executive order.  And played lots of golf.  And wasted tax payer money at a record pace.

Fact check me.

All are things that Trump complained that Obama did.  And often.

We are so interested in taking sides and believing that our side is right, that we refuse to fact check anything that we are sold from the sources we believe to be true.

Fake News is a real thing.  It happens everyday.  Not like Trump pretends that it does, but so much of our media is opinion.  Why Koppel told Hannity he is bad for America.

As Dickerson said, it is easy to believe what we want when there are others who will support our opinion.  Thanks to the internet it is easy to find those with whom we can agree.

But who is checking facts?

I will again remind myself of two phrases I tried so hard to raise my kids on.

Think for yourself.

Question authority.

I still insist that even if Russia did do all that people are claiming, the blame lies on you.  The American people.

Fact check it.  Even if for only one day.

Somehow we were left with two of the most unpopular candidates in history.  And you were told to choose one.  Spinach or brussell sprouts?  Choose now!  Somehow half the nation decided not to choose and, instead, stay home.

Fact check me please.

And stop retweeting every asshole on twitter.  Fact check them.  You don’t even have to comment.  Just question internally.

Because, I’m telling you, even though the President keeps pointing at your feet and yelling snakes,  you might want to fact check that and look at what he’s hiding.

He hasn’t earned an A.

And he can probably point to more skeletons than snakes if you get him to.

A Passenger

It is what it is.

Quote of the decade.  And I really hate it.

The shoulder shrug of words.

I don’t care what your worship.  It doesn’t matter.

You could worship Trump or Clinton or Obama or Rand Paul.

You could worship any of the gods that are available to you.

You could worship corporations.  You could worship Wal-Mart or you could prefer small business.

You could worship the Kardashians.

You could worship Susan Sarandon or Bernie Sanders or Sean Hannity.

We are all simply passengers on this train going the exact opposite direction it needs to go.

You could worship pain killers or alcohol or opiates.

Everything above is a distraction.  Everything makes you a passenger.  You are on a train.  You are not controlling the direction.  We have given up control of everything.

It is what it is.

And we all let it be.

By idolizing the crazy.

This train is a service train.  Let’s be realistic about that.  Really a conversation I had with my daughter moments ago.  We live in a service economy.

The jobs that are available are jobs that serve.

Fast food.



There is no climbing the corporate ladder.  That was the 80’s.  Everything is different now.

My mom had a skill.  She could type really fast.  She still can.  That put her foot in the door for a better career.  Nearly 40 years ago.

I find it hard to communicate the struggles of the average worker these days.  The mentality has changed.  If you got in, congratulations.

Here’s the thing.  I hate the phrase “it is what it is” because it’s not.  We have merely accepted “it” and we are not willing to fight.  And now my children have to struggle with “it” and not push forward.

It’s a strange time to have adult children.  To try and encourage them to be their best.  To push for the their future.

Let’s face it.  We have been passengers allowing those in charge to take us the wrong direction for way to long.  We didn’t even fight.

Democrat and Republican.  They both did us in.

My kids struggle to find hope.  And I understand, because hope is the crack cocaine of the mind.  But we need hope.  We need to feel there is a future.

All of us.

We’ve been passengers for all too long.  We are not making America great again.  We are torturing the impoverished.  Blatantly.  We are actually going backwards in this socioeconomic world we live in.

We are all just passengers watching the elite and wealthy taking us on a torturous journey.  Exporting jobs and taking tax breaks.

Trickle down is not real.  It’s a disguise.  It’s blatant welfare which helps the wealthy.

This is the beginning of “what do I tell my kids?”

How do I encourage them?

Late night talk show hosts like to make light of millennials, but I see a different issue. This is not about being lazy.  This is about hope.

So let’s name the train “Hope” and believe the directions is correct.  Because it’s been going the wrong direction for way too many years.  And there aren’t too many people trying to right the ship.

It is what it is.

And it is going the wrong direction.

But this train won’t be turned around anytime soon.  Because we are all just passengers watching the Kardashian scenery instead of participating.

We are all just looking out the window.

Somebody needs to overthrow the engineer.

We Stood There Like a House on the Side of the Road

Back in the 90’s I got a baseball game I really enjoyed playing.  There was no high end graphics.  It was all text.  And audio.  It was a statistical simulation which I really enjoyed.

I plugged my PC’s audio to my stereo and I would listen to my games being played out.

Ernie Harwell had the call on APBA’s Baseball.  It was pretty cool for its time.  It included a Markov calculation for the best lineup.




One of Harwell’s calls came when a batter stuck out looking.

He stood there like a house on the side of the road and watched it go by.

Great line from a Hall of Fame announcer.  Take the bat off your shoulders.  You can’t ever succeed if you don’t even swing the bat.

Ernie Harwell is gone from this world, but I still appreciate the announcing style he presented.  I wish there were more announcers like those of his era.

I rushed home today and listened to the calls of the local Major League Baseball team as it was the first Spring Training game.  I had the news on with the sound down as I streamed the baseball game through my Sonos speaker over MLB At Bat app.

Times have changed over the last 20 years.

In many ways.

Baseball, as I’ve preached over the years, reminds me of my childhood.  Of being young.  I enjoy the game, but it’s not like I’m as passionate about it as others.  I’m not as passionate about it as, say, the fans of the local National Football League team.  I have no flags or decals on my car and there no day which is dedicated to the sport weekly.  I catch it when I can.

Baseball is a daily thing that allows me to enjoy it at my leisure.  And I do.

As I listened to the announcers of today tell me about every statistic they can muster up, I watch as Trump tweets are thrown up on the screen.  I’m sorry, today is not the day for a full baseball post.  It’s just not.

Sorry if I just lost you.

But I wish Ernie Harwell would have called this past year.  Not that he was political.  To my knowledge.

America, you stood there like a house on the side of the road and watched this happen.

America had a crazy great uncle who was always inviting himself to gatherings, but nobody had the guts to kick him out.  And he would say all kinds of crazy things to people.  He would offend the hell out of them.  But nobody had the decency to tell him he was wrong or he needed to stop saying things.

Political correctness really has a place.

And I have a grandmother who does these things.  She does not know when not to say things.  Or when NOT to say things.  I can’t help what people think, but you should be ashamed if comes out your mouth.

And then one day a member of the family started dating a black guy.  Well, many people liked this guy except for the crazy great uncle who kept inviting himself to the gatherings.

And crazy great uncle Donald started telling others that the one black boyfriend does not belong in the house.  He started convincing others that he was doing bad things outside the home.  He got really mad.  He gained momentum and eventually shifted the family gatherings to his house.

Nobody challenged him.  They just let it happen.  The problem is that not enough people said no.

Trump threw shade on the DNC nomination of Perez today.  He’s like a mean girl with old, orange skin.  Crazy great uncle Donald should have never been given a phone or taught how to sign up for Twitter.


We have to accept that, as a country, we just stood there watching strike three.  We just stood there and accepted what could possibly happen.  And it may be because crazy great aunt Hillary was trying to get the gatherings at her stinky house.

The anger is coming out.

Nobody is all that comfortable with it.

This house is already smelling like Ben Gay and gun powder.

Crazy Great Uncle Donald recently dismissed that he was Anti-Semitic by telling the world that he was the least Anti-Semitic person in the world.

So I remind you of a tweet (one of many) he posted regarding Jon Stewart.  “Overrated” is a go to line.  Trump is racist.  His footprints follow him


And, remember, he followed up his comments regarding Jews by telling the world his is the least racist person in the world.

If only he didn’t hate the black guy dating a member of the family simply by rounding up all the people who hate black people he could find.

If you’re not following, Obama was born in America.

It seems we’ve lost the power to tell crazy great uncle Donald he’s wrong now.  He can’t hear you.  He won’t hear you.  He thinks he’s in charge.  And like a 12 year old girl who has been dumped by his boyfriend of two months, he has tweeted out hatred toward the media.  Because that’s how he deals.


He also announced he won’t be going to the Spring Fling dance.  Take that boyfriend.  If you won’t love him, he won’t go at all.  And the White House Correspondents’ Dinner may be great again.

Nobody loves you, crazy great uncle Donald.  Your support is fake support.  You need to realize this.

You’re so unwilling to accept what people have to say of you, that your only defense is that of third grade “rubber and glue” defense.  Congratulations.

I’m not amazed that we got to this point.  I actually thought it would happen.

But as I start listening to more and more Spring games on my Sonos, I must be reminded of that famous Ernie Harwell call above.

Crazy great uncle Donald won the game because, in a game of 27 outs, 14 refused to swing the bat at all.

They just stood there like a house on the side of the road and watched it happen.

I’m Calling for an Immediate Ban…

I’m calling for an immediate, but temporary, ban on all billionaires in this country.  They are our biggest threat to the American Way today.

I’ve decided that the arbitrary number of $610 million is enough for anybody to live on.  I’ve decided that if somebody cannot live on that amount of money for the rest of their life, they are not smart enough to be American.

I’ve decided that the worst Presidents we have had over the years were only who they were because of inherited wealth.  So inherited wealth is a threat to our very being and how we operate.  Inherited wealth is a bigger threat to society than any religion.

Although religions are pretty unhealthy too.

I’ve decided that if you need more than the arbitrary value I chose above, that you’re just collecting dollars and using the American system as a game in which collecting dollars determines the winner.  If you collect and don’t spend, you are not contributing to the health of the country.  Ultimately if people have lots of money they are taking that money out of the economy.

I’ve decided that in today’s climate, if you have more than my arbitrary value listed above, that you are more likely to try and buy politicians and negatively influence our bullshit democracy.  If it’s already bullshit and you’re trying to make it more bullshit, then you are a threat to our nation.

I’m trying to make America great again.  Over the last 40 years the greatest threat is the wealthy elite.  They undermine our laws and rig the system so that you and I cannot get a fair shake in this world.

They have decided they will never have enough and will never know what enough is.  They have decided it is okay to hold you down and keep you poor and in debt in order to make their collective ego larger.

They have decided that there are certain things that are only for the wealthy.  Good luck getting them.  Oh, you thought you should have higher education?  You think you should get a vacation?

Are you still waiting for your trickle?

Are you still waiting for it to stop landing in the pockets of those who already own everything?

Are you seeing deregulation as a method to help the wealthy get wealthier?

Are you asking yourself how the media can be the opposition party when they are owned by the wealthy elite?

So, stand with me.  Let’s abolish elitism.  Let’s abolish the ultra-wealthy class.  You will never be represented when these very wealthy people have so much control.

And isn’t that what this country was founded on?  Weren’t those the original protests?

Taxation without Representation.

Why the tea was thrown into the harbor.

So let’s fix this nation.

I’m fine with people being wealthy.

I’m not fine with being overly influential.  It’s damaging our entire system.

One more time.

I’m calling for the immediate ban on billionaires in the United States.  They are a threat to your very livelihood.


Think for Yourself, Question Authority

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities — the political, the religious, the educational authorities — who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing — forming in our minds — their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself.
-Timothy Leary

I raised my kids on a couple simple ideas.  But I thought it was important.

Think for Yourself.

Question Authority.

These are important ideas.  I’m not pretending to have invented them.

I may have been influenced by a Tool song.  Or the words on that Tool song clicked with me.  The ideas presented by Timothy Leary

But I would tell my kids those ideas.  I would suggest that it is important.  Don’t take others’ ideas at blind faith.  Most people, especially in authority positions, are selling an idea for an advantage.

Honestly, this philosophy is a main reason I am atheist.  Let’s face it, I feel that most religious leaders are simply trying to gain power over a population with guilt.  Questioning their motivation is important.

People in power wish to stay in power.  That’s how it works.

We train our young a certain way in order to have control over their future.  This is truth.  If it wasn’t, religion wouldn’t be taught until one becomes old enough to truly fashion ideas that make sense to that person.

We are all different.

Those who argue we are all a blank slate destroy their own ambitions by filling their children full of fairy tales at such a young age.

But compare this philosophy to the world we live in, politically, right now.

You are only as young as the last time you changed your mind
-Timothy Leary

Let’s face it, if you’re holding on to ideas you felt as a youth, you are probably doing okay.

If you’ve moved on to ideas that many older people feel, then you need to take a good look at yourself.  Was it money?  Was it wealth?  Was it a discomfort for the youth?

Donald Trump changed.  He became old.  And he embraced a philosophy that doesn’t go well with a younger Donald Trump.

My grandfather did this.

Many people I’ve known did this.

I want to stay as young as Bernie Sanders for the entirety of my life.

Think for yourself.

Do not think as your brokers.  As your racist uncle.  As your wallet.

These are lessons never taught by most.  They are lessons left behind in order to hold people behind.

Our new President is trying to ensure you never think for yourself.

He’s trying to ensure you think like his donors and the ruling economic class.

So do us all a favor.

Fucking think.

And ask why those in high positions are trying to do what they are doing.  It will serve you well in the long run.

This is more than fifteen minutes of fame shit.

There’s actually strong philosophy behind all this.

Question.  Follow the money.  Ask why.

You’ll be a better person for it.

Inflammatory and Ridiculous

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the new President of the United States made his name and living by being inflammatory.  Even ridiculous.  He had a catch phrase and was not much more than a reality TV star.

Somebody I work with was asking me questions about the new president and his wife the day after his inauguration.

Yes, she did pose nude.

Yes, he did cheat on his first wife with his second wife and he cheated on his second wife with his third wife.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about cheating on his wife.

How times have changed.

Bill Clinton also said he didn’t inhale.  I feel like today’s world would expect a different answer.  Marijuana is becoming acceptable.

So, Bill Maher is on Jimmy Kimmel the other day.  My wife records these episodes and was watching this one.

I cannot stand Bill Maher.  He is really no different than Donald Trump.  Bill Maher, and I’ve said this in the past, is a misogynist.  He runs the same show each week, and tries to get a rise out of people with inflammatory comments on the state of the world.

John Oliver is not different.  I actually cannot stand John Oliver more.  He is always saying, it is literally like fucking a kitten….

No, nothing he thinks is literally like is really literal.  He is a piece of shit ass hole trying to get a rise out of people.

And I don’t have a problem with that.  But I don’t want to watch it.

Because your president handled himself in this exact same way.  Is that what we’ve become?  A nation of ridiculous but excusable comments?

We need to treat each other better.

And we need to expect more.

And we need to expect a better dialogue.  We need to insist on real journalists.

We need something more from what passes as news.

Because I can see the path we are headed down.

Greed and deception and hyperbole.

Tune in and tune out your brain.  Because these people will tell you what to think and create a dialogue so divisive that you will never think for yourself again.

Please, demand a little more.

And stop putting money in these people’s bank accounts.

Alarming is not thoughtful.

Thoughtful is what we need.

We need real journalism.

Not reality television.

New rule: stop giving attention to hyperbolic heads who don’t really know what’s good and what not.  They are all simply trying to make themselves rich.

I’m looking at you Bill Maher.  You misogynist ass hole.  Constantly demeaning women and talking down to the world instead of opening for discussion is counterproductive.

And it’s working.

Let them all go.

Because the result is the President you have.

And he’s not a good answer.

But I’d vote for this guy…