What is the Deal with February?

I woke up this morning in a way that I often do.

Thinking about shit that doesn’t really matter.  At all.

But that’s the way the brain is designed.  I use the word “designed” loosely.  As if there is a designer.

If I truly believed there were a designer of the brain, I’d probably wake up trying to determine why such an engineering flaw was pushed through.  I mean, there had to be a a series of approvals and designs and redesigns which landed us with the model we are working with today.

Had a car been developed with all the flaws the human mind carries, a better model would have been introduced by now.  One with more safety features and more economical and with tinted windows.

Engineers can be an odd breed.

When I was quite young, I would query the meaning behind the calendar.  The Gregorian Calendar.  Why?  A word too many children dispose of as they get older.  We could use a few more why questions and far less blind acceptance, but we get beaten down.

It is what it is- the cop out of our time.

I had real issues with the calendar when I was a child.

Why are some months 31 days and some 30 and what is the deal with February?

As I got older I applied some math.  There are 365 days and if we divide seven into that, we learn that there are 52 weeks in a year.  And one day.

I never could understand why we could not do anything with that day.  Should be able to hide that day somewhere.  Or make it up at a later time.

Using deck of cards math, we know that there should be 13 months of four weeks each.  There should be 13 weeks of four seasons.  Start the year of with the season of spades and end with hearts.

And then do something with that one day.  We’ll call it a sandbag.

I looked up the calendar before I started writing this.  I decided not to learn anything.  Some people have really put some effort into their wikipedia entries.

I applaud them for this.  But it’s a slow clap that ends quickly.  We all have our things.

Here’s what I got:  Pope Gregory was finding a way to accommodate when Easter falls and on and on.

I’m guessing 13 was an unlucky number.

I’m guessing they all were trying to find a way to keep the number to the highly overrated number 12.  The Bible is full of magic 12 and seven stories.

History loves those numbers.  Even if we have to fit those numbers into the story.

History is full of so many superstitions.

Yet another design flaw had there ever been engineers.

And that’s what I woke up thinking about.  Not just some cheesy story about how I was curious why the calendar was designed as it was or how the foot was poorly designed or other engineering defects.

I was considering how one of the human mind’s greatest flaws is how we try to fit our expectations into the world we experience.

This is also the engineering flaw of religion.  There was expectation that humans are the center of the universe.  There is an expectation that there is something more for humans that there is for the common animal.  There was expectation that good things will come thanks to karma.  There was an expectation that we need to justify the events which happen to us- the book subtitled everything happens for a reason.

Engineering without analysis.

Also the design flaw of most governments.

Watch as every single politician does a little dance to create an argument which supports ideas which fit their little world and avoid walking out of their comfort zone.  They support ideas which are selfish and actually bad for the rest of society.  We demonize everything which we don’t understand.

Stories of Newton and how he struggled with his own observations of the world because they didn’t fit well with his Catholic raising.

Why wouldn’t we simply start each month with the full moon?

Why wouldn’t we measure it out in easy to understand concepts?

We does it bother me?

Our people and their ability to be apathetic is insanely frustrating.

By the way, another giant engineering flaw had I ever believed in an engineer.

After lying there in bed for a while on my day off, I took in very little Sunday morning programming.  A show and a half.  All I can take.  Each show filled with politicians and panelists all doing the same thing.  Waltzing their words in time and rhythm with a Billboard Top Twenty feel.  They’ve convinced themselves they are right even if they cannot possibly be.  Playing the hits of the day and trying to cash in on all the latest talking point trends.

And, meanwhile, nobody cares.  And everybody cares.  So the whole world distracts itself.  And convinces itself it’s correct.

Another engineering flaw.  The brain is so easily influenced.  So easily infiltrated.  So easily affected and corrupted.  The human brain is vulnerable.  And we are all so stubbornly rigid.

Because we grew too old to ask why.

It’s currently June.  Somebody decided to make June a 30 day month.  Once upon a time we needed a 12 month year.  Based on this 24 hour cycle, we knew that there were 365 days most years.  The seven days of the week named after the seven things we could see in the sky.  Named after the gods we named the sky after.


Because we engineered it all into a neat little package.  We had to.

It’s about the expectation and how well we can fit our needs toward them.

The thing is that it works.  It’s a successful strategy which will continue as long as these poorly engineered vehicles of life house the poorly engineered motors trying to justify the navigation of life.

We displaced the gods.  Not the days of the week.

Be good.

It’s a music and nature day.

When Will We All Stop Being So Angry With Each Other?

When I get out in the world, I like to watch.  I watch people and how they interact with one another or how they look at each other.  I like to watch presentation.  We all present ourselves a certain way on purpose.

I used to enjoy sitting in the back of class so I could watch the people in the classroom.  Watch how the other students present themselves.  How they wanted the teacher to notice them.  How they made faces at another student’s words.  How some completely avoided all interaction altogether.

I was mistaken as shy often.  I was just observing.

So let’s sit back and take in the world in which we live.

Those in power like to tell us this is the most divisive that our human brains have ever allowed us to be.  While wholly untrue, they are not wrong.  The divisiveness begins with those in power, and that’s the magic.

They point the gun.  Society pulls the trigger.

Information is our friend.

I believe that when people look back at this world in which we reside, they’ll point out all the ridiculous amounts of propaganda and declare people too uninformed to generally make an educated decision about anything.

I’m not afraid of anger.

I’m a huge fan of that Rage Against the Machine line.

My anger is a gift.

Anger is necessary.  It’s what allows you to know something is wrong or that something must change.  But anger has to be toward the right people.  All that anger is like ammunition that gets shot out after the trigger is pulled.

Anger, if not aimed correctly, fans the flames of everything which is making this world so difficult to live in.  The crossfire can be devastating.

I’m not angry at people who voted for Trump.  I’m not even angry at the people who didn’t vote and allowed Trump to get elected.  Their skewed view of the world hasn’t been adjusted.  We all know people like that.

I’m not mad at people who vote anyway they vote.  They are honestly doing what they think is right.

I will, however, get angry if a person thinks it’s okay to be angry at me for simply believing what I believe.

There’s the breakdown.

You can be mad.  You can throw a fit.  Throw it the right direction.

While society is busy fighting against each other, those in power are finding more ways to do whatever they wanted in the first place.

This is a world of distraction and fighting in a world where reason has lost all place.  And instead of insisting on reason, we push the strange agenda of dividing even further.

Our anger should be toward a lack of education and compassion in this world.  Our anger should be toward the fact that the country which is supposed to be the leader of the free world carries narrow minded views without batting an eye.

Our anger should be at those who are in power using their power to get more power.

Our anger should not be directed at society.

All these little bullets shooting across the world are only making everybody fire back.  It’s counterproductive.

It’s an interesting little world in which we live.

But it’s only interesting if you’re allowed to watch from the back row as if it’s theater.  I’m afraid I’m not back there taking all this in.


There was a show I recorded about a year ago on ESPN called Haters: The Anatomy of a Rivalry.  The show focused on baseball rivalries and was very well produced.

In it, Dodger fans insulted the appearance of Giants fans and Red Sox fans questioned the intelligence of Yankees fans and on and on.  I saw it as much more than that though.

I viewed this as a decent look into the mentality of human beings.

We need a villain.  Always.  You want to activate people, get them to hate something or somebody or an idea or something so abstract as a baseball team.

Over 140 years of Major League Baseball and we are focused on a team of somebody else’s choosing.  We are focused on so much hate.  The Dodgers and Giants were once in other cities.  They once played when only white people could play.  Most of the players are not even representatives of the cities in which they play.  Today especially.  The teams moved and ensured the other would move as well in order to keep up the rivalry which got fans to engage with the game.

All sports try extremely hard to create a rivalry which will stimulate their fans and create excitement.

And revenue.

The local NFL team’s fans are more interested in railing on their rival and their rival’s fans instead of showing genuine support.

So here we are.  Moving on from sports, which serves as a fine distraction which I welcome.  Life is too hard to live without distraction.  Tell me I’m wrong.  It’s all about balance.

This post, however, is about villains.  It’s about hating.  It’s about having an enemy.

I see it more and more and it needs to be discussed.

People tend to vote against something instead of for.  People tend to argue against.  People tend to seek validation in rallying against.

This has been shown repeatedly over the years as we split off into rival groups and exasperated with social media.  See the term “libtard” and tell me what that was supposed to mean and if it’s a valuable argument ever.

Hillary Clinton lost because she ran a campaign which failed to show any clear vision.  Instead she ran against her opponent by dismissing them.  Sanders had “pie in the sky” ideas.  Later, she argued that a vote for her was a vote against Trump.  She never truly laid a clear foundation of ideas.

Remember those Deplorables and Basement Dwellers?

Meanwhile, Trump chose to run a campaign which at least had vision, but was still a campaign against.  Make America Great Again is a complete attack on those who were or had been in charge.  It was villainizing (I have a red line under that word, but I’m leaving it) the current system.  Completely running against Obama by declaring he made America anything but great, it was a campaign driven on fears and hatred.

Today they argued the travel ban.  Trump repeated his disdain for Muslims during the campaign trail.  He has made them the enemy and people eat it up.

I don’t care for the religion myself.  I don’t care for Christianity either.  I don’t hate the people.  I hate the actions.  Religion can be seen as a problem, but the solution is not intolerance.

We love to compartmentalize.  We love to create enemies out of people who are really seeking the same freedom of life as any of us.  We love to hate.

Trump wears the idea he has “haters” as a badge of honor.

Watch the discourse from slightly left of center.  There is a battle to demonize both the extreme left and the right.  This isn’t healthy.  But they are creating rivalries on two fronts.  They are creating an entire universe in which their philosophy is being attacked from every angle.

As if they are Batman, Trump is The Joker, and progressives are The Riddler.

I believe that people want a superhero, but their heroes cannot be “super” without making somebody else out as a super villain.

The more super the enemy, the more super the hero

In reality, the world is full of mediocre bad guys and the discourse is run by those people almost entirely.

Here’s what needs to happen.

People need to start determining where their needs overlap.  Tolerance needs to be exercised.

We have decided that politics is similar to sports.  We have taken the bait and determined that regular everyday humans are the enemy.  We have decided to fight this battle on a weird level and nobody is fighting for the needs of the common everyday human being who is struggling to live and pay bills and take a vacation and hold a job.  Good luck retiring.

Our enemy should be common.  Our enemy should be that which keeps us from a humane quality of life.

We need to take an honest look at ourselves.

The Hatfields and the McCoys never learned their lesson.

If I go back to the show I lead this post with, it ended with a Red Sox fan watching a game in person with a Yankees fan.  A very humanizing thing to do.

We are likely to never completely agree on much, but we need to at least start focusing our intent better.

We’ve created villains and haters where they don’t really exist and that’s just simply bad energy for everything.

A Tale of Two Parties

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  People were the richest they had ever been.  People were as poor as they ever been.  It was the most diverse of times.  It was the most intolerant of worlds.

And I’m tired of my own cliche already, but it’s valid.  It just is.

In The United States, we believe there are only two ways of thinking.  Or, rather, we want to limit thought to only two ways.  Anything outside of that is considered extreme.  How the two parties have considered thought outside of the accepted party lines has been different.

Let me start with the Republican Party.

The Republican Party was challenged in the last decade by what was considered The Tea Party for a long time.  Now it’s called the Freedom Caucus.  Basically branching off of the Republican platform, The Tea Party decided to work from within the Republican Party.  This is a departure from the Libertarian Party of years past.  The Koch Brothers learned their lesson from a failed run at national office in 1980.  Why work against the two party system when you can take over a portion of it?

The idea, at least from my perspective, is if The Tea Party was able to take over even 10% of the party, they would have influence.  And here we are today, the Freedom Caucus can take the party from a majority in both the House and Senate to a minority quickly.  That makes them extremely powerful for such a small percent of the party.

But the Republicans allowed this power grab by embracing the ideology as acceptable even though they enjoyed their neo-conservative grip on the party during the G.W. Bush years.  They allowed it because they were willing to do anything to block Obama from accomplishing anything.  They allowed it because they were willing to accept the extreme in order to get a majority.

And Obama was blocked from doing virtually anything.  And then called the most divisive president in history.  Repeatedly.

The Democrats have been met with challengers more than once as well.  The Green Party sprouted as a challenge to the neo-liberal thought process that gripped the Democratic Party.  Both Republican and Democrat challenges were presented after eight years of party control.  The Green Party grew because those left of Bill Clinton felt that he did not do enough to advance the agenda of the people and didn’t resist war.

The Republicans were challenged after eight years of Bush and their disappointment of the endless wars and increasing debt.

The Democrats were once again challenged after eight years of Obama.  This time the battle came from within the party.  Much like the Freedom Caucus took power years ago.  The Democrats handled much differently.  Refusing to give up any power to the challengers who felt they were not doing enough, the neo-liberals and corporate Democrats fought back marginalizing Sanders and his supporters.  I documented this often.  Not understanding the success of the Republican Party before them, the Democrats shot themselves in the foot by telling populist voters to get on board or get left behind.

I’m not feeling like I’m saying anything I haven’t covered or you don’t already know.  Background is important.

The Republicans, although divided, have at least been joined in bringing down anything to the left of them.  It also helps that the far right has had regular access to media outlets pushing an agenda through radio, television, and internet.  Let’s face it, Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck, and now disgraced Bill O’Reilly all pushed a far right agenda which helped promote nationalism, lower taxes, war, denying climate change, and this idea that white people were losing rights somehow.  They also controlled media outlets while attacking media outlets as left and liberal.  Shrewd.

The Democrats were unwilling to join in this way, and as a result, moved further to the right by adopting many Republican policies as their own.  The media outlets pushed the neo-liberal agenda as common sense and helped the results we have.  Let’s face it, much of where we are is because the Democrats refused to hold their ground.

Today’s world finds the Democrats demonizing people who are both to the left and right of them as a result of the last election.  They attack those who they marginalized last year for not simply getting in line and allowing their choice to win the election.

Now that I’ve said all that, let’s dismiss the idea that a two party system even makes sense.  Let’s dismiss the idea of left and right.  These are made up ideas to get you to take sides.  These are made up labels.

Democracy should provide democratic choices.  It shouldn’t be team spirit.  The problem is that America doesn’t have a true ground up democracy which allows for people to truly be involved.  Especially with the passing of Citizens United years ago.  The agenda is dictated from the top and the people are then tasked with choosing sides.

Marches and rallies will not accomplish anything.  The House and Senate only report to those who pay for them to have the jobs they have.  And if anybody loses their job in Congress, they can turn that into a lucrative career as a lobbyist.

I know, I know, anybody can complain.  Anybody can point out problems.  Pointing out problems is not the point of this writing.  In order to outline a solution, the problem must be clearly explained.

Here’s the problem:


We’ve been conditioned to think of the world as two opposing forces.  A constant battle of us vs. them.  You are either with us or against us.  It makes it more fun, but it’s not a very good way to represent thought.  Not by any stretch.  And I can understand that maybe the point is so that dangerous policies and points of view don’t take over the system.

Somebody would be in a position to remind me that Hitler was elected.  He was elected because people were desperate.  If a good system is working, people are not desperate.  They are not starving.  They have jobs.  People are not taking radical chances.  But all people need to be represented.  So forcing people to be starving without any opportunity to get out of poverty is a poor system.

People also have this innate desire to label one another.  It’s a far easier task if there are only two possibilities.  When we start looking at more than two sides, it’s way more difficult to demonize.

I think the system was probably reasonable- outside of slavery and women not being able to vote and only home owners could vote and on and on- back when it was written, but I think anything decent should evolve.  Anything decent should be looked at.  And remember that list above before telling me what the Founding Fathers intention was.  I think we know.

Solution next….

Our (Not So) Secret Addiction

It’s time to take a good look in the mirror.

Because this addiction may be destroying us.  All of us.

More people than we ever expected are afflicted by it.

Nearly the rest are complicit.  Even encouraging further abuse.

We revel in the addiction that will soon bring this entire society down if we are not careful.  I believe we are that close.

There is no 12 step program.  There is no support group.

We either remove the addiction from all of our lives or we let it destroy us.

I first learned of this epidemic when I was a young child.

I then saw it celebrated and often.

I saw how crippling it could be when I was a young adult.  It usually only cripples the decision making skills of the addicted.  The decisions cripple others.

It gets passed down from generation to generation.

Fathers to offspring.  To their offspring.  An endless cycle.

And they have taken extraordinary steps to ensure there is no cure.  In fact, we have given this addiction, this epidemic, this mental virus more power over all of us.

Every President I can remember has this problem.

Most of the rest of the government.  People on the streets.  People even dream of becoming powerless to it.  Owned by it.

And just like every other addiction in the world, the problem exists in the fact that those who suffer from excessive greed don’t know when to stop.  They don’t know when they’ve had enough and refuse to admit even if they do see.  They are useless to recognize when they are harming others and society.  They make excuses.  They cover it up.  They lie.

Or, like many other addictions, they simply don’t care what you think about their problem.

When I was very young, my dad would tell me that somebody couldn’t be rich unless they were smart or successful.  Even at a young age this didn’t seem right.  There’s a lot of talented and smart people out there who were not wealthy.

In fact, didn’t my dad see the hypocrisy of his own statement on the matter?  He wasn’t, by any stretch, stupid.

Every adult dreamed of coming up with that one good idea like the Pet Rock.  Hardly an idea.  More like a con.

But that’s the American Dream, right?  I never really thought of it as being able to purchase a house or be able to live a life debt free and take vacations and raise children to have hope.  Because that’s hardly our generation.  It’s definitely not my children’s generation.

The disease has gone too far.

By the time I was a teenager, there was the constant yelling about Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  This was a thing.  We worshiped their addiction so much that we watched it on television.  And that hasn’t ended.  Every reality show is just pampering to the addicted.  These people can’t get enough until we take it away.

How crazy is it that we encourage them to flaunt their addiction?  Because all they wanted to do after that was impress everybody more.  Look at this.  Look how I own this.  Even though I don’t need it.

It became an epidemic.  People would soon be harming themselves with this disease.  People would run lines of credit and further empower the haves.  But they had to.  They wanted everything they saw on television.

It’s as if they were helpless.  Powerless.  Willing to sacrifice everything just to be seen in others’ eyes as something more than they are.  The addiction grew to proportions never once though could be possible.

Full of ego and greed, people set out to destroy everything.

Just for another fix.

Just for a little more.

One more hit of cash.  Even if it’s only on paper.

Ruin others’ lives if you have to.  What do they matter?

See Enron.

Goldman Sachs.

Prime loans.

War after war.

Citizens United.

How are we any different from a totalitarian state at this point?  A totalitarian state controls the news.  With Citizens United, corporations own the media and are now considered people who can control the government.  Modus ponens says that we are a totalitarian state since corporations control the state and the media.

The media praises war because war allows the wealthy to make more money off the people.  The wealthy pay the salaries of the media.  Not mine.

Our dependency on oil will never go away because of this addiction.  If ever a greater example of addiction to money and greed, go not further than the Koch Brothers and other big oil elite.  They are so deep in it that they give away money to get others addicted.

And once you’re hooked.  Tell me about the integrity of all those politicians.  They are nothing but junkies hoping for another fix.

Take a good look in the mirror, America.

What you’ll see is an orange money junkie who will lie, cheat, and steal in order to get another fix.

You built and encouraged this shameful version of ourselves by not stopping this addiction sooner.  You encouraged it.  You always dreamed of being it.

You haven’t really looked at the mirror in a long time have you?

You haven’t seen how bad you have become?  You missed all those steps and waited until we were just about to hit bottom.

Shaking and trembling with each and every fix, you forgot to check yourself.

Those shiny lights of a Hollywood “star” got you all worked up and you told yourself you could control it.  Everything was so exciting and you all went out to max out your credit cards.  It was so exciting.

There was the young charismatic leader who built for profit prisons and created a temporary boom that would make you all feel good about yourselves even though he was exporting your jobs to other countries.  You didn’t care.  It all felt so good.

Hollywood and charismatic was followed by inherited wealth and war.  Many wars.  And home lending corruption.  We thought it couldn’t get any worse.  Unless we follow up another young charismatic Hollywood type with a greater example of inherited wealth.

So what are you going to do?

Sink into the oblivion with your pennies and excite at the life of those who destroyed everything that was once good?

Or change everything.

I say we stop enabling.  Stop excusing.  Stop denying.

First step is to look in the mirror and admit there is a problem.

Variety and Life

I sit down to write this while eating some shrimp tacos.

Shrimp tacos, you see, are a nice variation on the original taco.  Also includes shrimp.  I really like shrimp.  But what is the right way to make a shrimp taco?  I really don’t know.  I just don’t.

I believe that cheese is not right with seafood.

I like to make my own salsa, because that’s what makes  a good shrimp taco.  Good salsa would make a regular taco too.

Let’s face it, a good salsa would make any taco.  Regardless of the protein.

I took some cherry tomatoes and cooked them on a low heat with olive oil and garlic.  I seasoned to taste.  Once the tomatoes started popping, I put them in the blender with a various amount of jalapenos, onions, seasoning, and whatever else I want.

Cooked shrimp covered in my salsa and topped with lettuce for crunch.  Fold in a tortilla.  It was a good dinner.  As I’ve finished them at this point.

I didn’t write to tell you about my version of shrimp tacos.

Somebody once said that variety is the spice of life.

Because you may like your shrimp tacos prepared differently.  Or more mild.  Or with cheese.

There is very little variety where I work.  Most of the employees are part of, or friends of, a closely knit family that runs the operation.  I don’t have a problem with this outside of the fact that some of these family members are not good workers.

I’ve also learned that the family which exists is there because the office manager’s father is a preacher.

They shouldn’t hold this against me.

Discussion today.

Member of the family: I don’t know if I like Trump, but I don’t think there should be any Muslims in this country.

Me:  What’s the point of having the First Amendment?

Member:  Freedom of Speech?

Me:  And freedom of and from religion.  Freedom of the press.

Member:  But the Muslims want to kill Christians.

Me:  And white people seem to be killing brown people at a pretty good rate right now.

Conversation goes round and round.  I discuss socio-economic status.  I talk about desperate people.  I talk about how we have one life and some will do anything to get themselves out of a difficult world.  How we have big brains which will convince us of anything.

His response was consistent.  He didn’t understand Muslims.  Period.

He doesn’t have to.  May as well be putting cheese on seafood.

And then, somehow, he brought up homosexual people.  He asked why the government gets to decide what’s right?

Me:  Just because it’s okay to be homosexual does not mean you have to be.  It shouldn’t bother you.  As long as you are not affected, it should not matter.

Him:  What if it does affect me?

Me:  Are you being raped?

Him:  No, but what if family doesn’t agree?

Me:  That’s ridiculous.  There are many things that family may not agree with.  Get over it.

Him:  Next thing you know, government will be saying bestiality will be okay.

Me:  No.  Animals are affected.

Him:  What?  The dog?

Me:  Yeah.  Dogs cannot consent.  Bad argument.  Learn to be accepting that not everybody is the same.  Learn that people actually believe in something other than you.  Learn that people should be treated fairly and taken care of.  Not dismissed.

He groaned, so I continued.

Learn to think that we are all human.  That we all deserve a fair shake.  There are killers of all religions.  The key is to lift those who feel repressed to a better position and I bet they don’t want to go to desperate measures anymore.

Another groan.

So I continued.

I realize that none of this is what you believe in, so what makes you think you’re right?  Learn to accept a little and I bet that things may be a little better.

Because there’s more than one way to make a taco.

And there’s more than one way to make a shrimp taco.

I would be interested in trying many of them, but not all.  I have my feelings about certain things.

I am okay, though, if you prefer your shrimp tacos prepared differently.  Not my problem.  I’ll do what I do and you do what you do.

Why can’t the political and religious experience be like shrimp tacos?

Let’s be serious about this.

There’s more than one way to prepare your ideas and more than one ideology from where you come.  Doesn’t mean any other person is wrong.

As long as nobody gets hurt.

Don’t put rat poison in my tacos.  That’s a rule.

Health “Care”

I’ve written something similar to this before.  But it’s relevant again.  And it’s also still upsetting.

When Obama rolled out his health care plan, he admitted it had many flaws.  My wife and I discussed the flaws at length- probably until she became nauseous.

The biggest problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it was written by the insurance companies.  Their fingerprints are all over this thing.  That’s why change is necessary.

It is very similar, in my opinion, to the automobile insurance plans.  So you’re telling me I have to get insurance?  And there are limited options?  And when I sign up they can raise my rates regardless of whether or not I’ve been a bad driver?

Sign that fucking bill.

Health insurance is even more deviant.  Your options are even more limited.

There is one hospital nearby.  It’s become for profit since my children were born in it.  It’s become ridiculous.  There is no way they are charging a fair price.  No way.

But what are my choices?  And they know this.

They are taking advantage of the fact they have a monopoly.  For profit is never better.  Never.  Especially when people’s lives are stake.

Enter the word “care,” because this is the key to everything.

Obamacare has a mandate that you get insurance.  The insurance companies get compensated through the government.  Your taxes are paying the insurance companies.

Your taxes are not providing “care” and I don’t ever think that was the intention the way it was written.

So we need to repeal and replace it.  With something so much better.

In an odd twist of events, let’s look at the following equation.

Trump + Care = WTF?

Seriously.  He only cares about himself and getting high ratings.

Repeal and replace that hair for fuck’s sake.

Anyway, where this new plan seems to be “better” than the old plan is that it is written specifically to compensate the insurance companies and health care providers even more.  It gives them tax breaks and, wait for it, welfare so that they might be willing to help people.

Opposite of care.  It just is.

care (kâr)

  • n.
    A burdened state of mind, as that arising from heavy responsibilities; worry.

This definition is in no way close to what any health care act tries to accomplish.  Unless you feel a burden toward the entitled and wealthy health care industry.

So here’s my opinion.

America is in desperate need of health care reform.  The people who provide this reform actually need to “care” and this is important.  The government is supposed to work for the people.  Not for the corporations.

Corporations are NOT people.  Please fix this.

Health care costs need to be driven down.  We should not be profiting so much from illness.  Illness and injury should not be opportunity.

Can our government make any decisions which benefit people?

Not until there is election reform is my guess.

And after election reform, maybe we can reform health care.

America is so drunk on corporate power that an intervention is really necessary.

Put down the wallet.

And start to care.