Noise of the World

As I sat there with the headphones pressed into my ear holes and the mist of the waterfall drifting over my face, thoughts passing through my head.  These hikes to someplace have become quite regular for me.  Pack the dog up with some food and ensure my camera and phone batteries are charged.



That’s my topic.  Or at least the springboard to my topic.

When I was a kid, we had to get those ones with the foam covers and that little wire shaped to hold them over our head.  They are, as most things, much better today.  Much more flexible.  Much better sound.  Much more prevalent.

Let’s face it.  Nobody has to lug around a Walkman.  Nobody has to create mix tapes.  Nobody has to haul around all this equipment.  Or a boombox on their shoulder.

Go to the store.  Walk around and notice how many people of various ages have headphones in.  Connected with wires or Bluetooth, all these people are walking around listening to music or books or news or podcasts or probably nothing at all.  Depends on their reason for having the headphones in.

Thoughts lead me to believe there are two reasons for headphones.

I figure that there’s a good chunk of people who are trying to let the noise in.

I’m guessing there’s a bigger percentage of people who are trying to keep the noise out.  They want to be oblivious to everything and everybody.

Is that guy in line at the grocery store really captivated by his Facebook feed?  Or is it simply his way of avoiding having to create small talk or be friendly to the cashier?  Does he think it makes him look important?

We see it everywhere.  People trying to avoid the noise of the world.  Sucking themselves into their own little shell.

I’ve known people who told me they do not actually have any music on when they wear headphones.  They do not receive any calls.  They just want to be left alone.

I’m not going to lie.  I keep my headphones in when I go the store.  If I’m already wearing them.  If I’m already out on a walk.  But I’m letting the noise in.  Nothing brings me greater piece.

But there is a part of me that realizes me doing this is also to keep the noise out.  I know this.

I hate all the noise.


White noise.

Ear hole clutter.

We live in a world where the neighbor no longer has to look through the kitchen blinds in order to find out what is going on.  Bewitched would have a whole new set of plots these days.

Your neighbor is announcing everything.  Your neighbor is blasting it on every social media and your neighbor does not care who reads or hears it.

We all have leashes electronically tied to us.  Everybody thinks they should be able to get a hold of you at anytime.  For any reason.  All the time.

I don’t need that noise.

All that static.

That constant invasion of gossip and garbage.

This isn’t progress.

I changed my phone number over a year ago.  Didn’t give it to many people.

No static at all.

I stepped back and simplified.  And I didn’t care who it offended.  I didn’t care who got upset.

I’ve been happy about it.

I finished my walk this afternoon.  Me and the dog.  Headphones in.  I’ve been finding so much new music lately.  My drug of choice.

I took pictures of the landscape around me.  I tried to change the settings for a fluid waterfall.  I guess I need I need a stabilizer.  Add it to my list.

I never heard when somebody walked behind me on the trail.

It’s okay.

I was at peace.

And I’m not sacrificing any of this peace.

No matter how upset somebody may get.



First Nice Spring Day

I always look forward to that first really nice spring day.  That first day over 70.  Clear skies.

Today was that.  After an overnight rain, I was up early and had to take the dog outside.  All the plants are blooming.

So I pulled out the camera.

It was that day.  Can’t all be deep thoughts and brain strain.

As the sun began to dry up the ground, I decided to take the dog for a walk.

I plugged the new Mark Lanegan album, Gargoyle, into my ears and we started.

The road to the river has a line of cherry blossom trees all in bloom.

We got down to the river where I let the dog off his leash.

We headed north under the bridge.

Bridges are where people like to get noticed.  Leave their opinions.  Show off their artistic talents.

I let this guy run around the trail.  Splash in the river.  Work up a thirst.

Then we headed home.  Greeted in our backyard by this guy.

Simple post today I know, but I do enjoy taking photographs on occasion.

And tomorrow promises to be challenging to all those who enjoy simple freedoms.

Sometimes… A Little Creativity Points are Needed

You, the random reader of this, may have never played The Sims back when it was fresh and new and original.

There was an aspect of working with your sim that you needed to keep it balanced to a certain extent.  All work and only earning money made your sim miserable, but it craved the money and success so it needed to work.

That balance could come by means of painting or playing a musical instrument or cooking or something else.

There was also exercise and social interaction and education and far too many things to try to keep up with at times.

I guess I was at that point this weekend.  My creativity points come by means of writing generally.  But I’m sick of the topics of the world.  So much divisiveness.  Something needs to change.

Sometimes I cook.

Today I pulled out my camera.

I’ve taken my camera and pointed at my daughter for her senior pictures this past year.  I thought they turned out pretty good.

I pointed it at Northern California last year and made some prints.

I pointed it at various baseball games last summer and created a calendar.

My best topic right now is my dog.  So I pulled out the camera took him to the river and dog park.  They are right next to each other and is an average Monday for me.  I let him splash around and get muddy and then let him dry off while chasing a ball at the park.


He gets tired and that allows me a better night’s sleep.

I am writing this boring excrement as he sleeps on my lap.

Now I certainly don’t try to be one of those people who talk only about their dog.  But this guy is still pretty cute and also very demanding.  He takes up much of our time.

I enjoy sitting down and editing the photos.  My last prints were pretty good.  May not be what most people would want on their walls, but I think creativity points belong to the user.

Not you.



As we walked from the river to the park, there was a group of children who were on the swings and kicking footballs and running around playing tag.  The thing about a puppy is that one can stop children from doing what they are doing.  Cold.

This sopping wet dog received the attention and affection of 20 children all at once and didn’t know what to do.  One kid said, he’s crazy.

Welcome to the club, dog.


So here I am.  Creativity points attained.  I have to go five days without receiving any new ones now.  Way it works.

Remember, these aren’t for you.  They are for me.

And I get to put whatever I want here.

Every.  Single.  Time.