What is the Deal with February?

I woke up this morning in a way that I often do.

Thinking about shit that doesn’t really matter.  At all.

But that’s the way the brain is designed.  I use the word “designed” loosely.  As if there is a designer.

If I truly believed there were a designer of the brain, I’d probably wake up trying to determine why such an engineering flaw was pushed through.  I mean, there had to be a a series of approvals and designs and redesigns which landed us with the model we are working with today.

Had a car been developed with all the flaws the human mind carries, a better model would have been introduced by now.  One with more safety features and more economical and with tinted windows.

Engineers can be an odd breed.

When I was quite young, I would query the meaning behind the calendar.  The Gregorian Calendar.  Why?  A word too many children dispose of as they get older.  We could use a few more why questions and far less blind acceptance, but we get beaten down.

It is what it is- the cop out of our time.

I had real issues with the calendar when I was a child.

Why are some months 31 days and some 30 and what is the deal with February?

As I got older I applied some math.  There are 365 days and if we divide seven into that, we learn that there are 52 weeks in a year.  And one day.

I never could understand why we could not do anything with that day.  Should be able to hide that day somewhere.  Or make it up at a later time.

Using deck of cards math, we know that there should be 13 months of four weeks each.  There should be 13 weeks of four seasons.  Start the year of with the season of spades and end with hearts.

And then do something with that one day.  We’ll call it a sandbag.

I looked up the calendar before I started writing this.  I decided not to learn anything.  Some people have really put some effort into their wikipedia entries.

I applaud them for this.  But it’s a slow clap that ends quickly.  We all have our things.

Here’s what I got:  Pope Gregory was finding a way to accommodate when Easter falls and on and on.

I’m guessing 13 was an unlucky number.

I’m guessing they all were trying to find a way to keep the number to the highly overrated number 12.  The Bible is full of magic 12 and seven stories.

History loves those numbers.  Even if we have to fit those numbers into the story.

History is full of so many superstitions.

Yet another design flaw had there ever been engineers.

And that’s what I woke up thinking about.  Not just some cheesy story about how I was curious why the calendar was designed as it was or how the foot was poorly designed or other engineering defects.

I was considering how one of the human mind’s greatest flaws is how we try to fit our expectations into the world we experience.

This is also the engineering flaw of religion.  There was expectation that humans are the center of the universe.  There is an expectation that there is something more for humans that there is for the common animal.  There was expectation that good things will come thanks to karma.  There was an expectation that we need to justify the events which happen to us- the book subtitled everything happens for a reason.

Engineering without analysis.

Also the design flaw of most governments.

Watch as every single politician does a little dance to create an argument which supports ideas which fit their little world and avoid walking out of their comfort zone.  They support ideas which are selfish and actually bad for the rest of society.  We demonize everything which we don’t understand.

Stories of Newton and how he struggled with his own observations of the world because they didn’t fit well with his Catholic raising.

Why wouldn’t we simply start each month with the full moon?

Why wouldn’t we measure it out in easy to understand concepts?

We does it bother me?

Our people and their ability to be apathetic is insanely frustrating.

By the way, another giant engineering flaw had I ever believed in an engineer.

After lying there in bed for a while on my day off, I took in very little Sunday morning programming.  A show and a half.  All I can take.  Each show filled with politicians and panelists all doing the same thing.  Waltzing their words in time and rhythm with a Billboard Top Twenty feel.  They’ve convinced themselves they are right even if they cannot possibly be.  Playing the hits of the day and trying to cash in on all the latest talking point trends.

And, meanwhile, nobody cares.  And everybody cares.  So the whole world distracts itself.  And convinces itself it’s correct.

Another engineering flaw.  The brain is so easily influenced.  So easily infiltrated.  So easily affected and corrupted.  The human brain is vulnerable.  And we are all so stubbornly rigid.

Because we grew too old to ask why.

It’s currently June.  Somebody decided to make June a 30 day month.  Once upon a time we needed a 12 month year.  Based on this 24 hour cycle, we knew that there were 365 days most years.  The seven days of the week named after the seven things we could see in the sky.  Named after the gods we named the sky after.


Because we engineered it all into a neat little package.  We had to.

It’s about the expectation and how well we can fit our needs toward them.

The thing is that it works.  It’s a successful strategy which will continue as long as these poorly engineered vehicles of life house the poorly engineered motors trying to justify the navigation of life.

We displaced the gods.  Not the days of the week.

Be good.

It’s a music and nature day.


We Have Let Down Education

I once was arguing with somebody on the internet regarding public education.

This person’s comeback was that public education was an idea of Karl Marx.

Here is a philosophical flaw of that.  Every philosophy may seem perfect on paper, but it’s the execution of philosophies which find the flaws.

Take a football play.  Every single offensive football play was designed to score a touchdown.  Show me one play which does not have an arrow pointing to infinity.  The fact is that most football plays do not execute as well as they are drawn up.  Truth.  Because most plays do not actually score touchdowns.


See how the arrow for the running back does not stop.  Nobody draws a philosophy which gets stopped.

So I come to the part of my article where I drop quotes from somebody with whom I agree with philosophically.

The tax which will be paid for the purpose of education is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.
-Thomas Jefferson

Know any ignorant people?

Know anybody who is trying to be king?

Know of any nobles (or rich people) trying to take more power?

Know of any religions (CPAC) trying to influence government?

I’m about to get long-winded.  If you came here because google accidentally gave you Betsy DeVos instead of Betsy Ross…

Run!  And my apologies.

Now that all the fourth graders are out of the room, I can feel free to swear like it’s going out of style.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
-Thomas Jefferson

It’s my thinking that we have stopped funding the school system appropriately so that we can Make America Ignorant Again.  It’s worked.

We pay teachers near poverty wages for going to school five to six years.  We entrust them with the future of our children, but have dismissed giving the tools to these people we once did.  We have set them to fail.  And it should be viewed as an American failure.

We have done this for a couple of reasons.

First, wages have stayed stagnant.  Therefore the taxes we collect which fund schools has decreased compared the growth in cost of living.  Corporations have fought for better profit and have, therefore, set themselves up as the keepers of the educational gate since they can afford to send their children (and future generations thanks to inherited wealth) to private schools with better teachers.

Second, people don’t believe in the educational system.  They have dismissed it as liberal and with an agenda.  No agenda.  Climate change and evolution is not fiction.


Next, there is this common thinking that anything for profit is better than a socialized system.  This isn’t only a conservative idea.  See what Clinton did for the prison system.  Anybody who is easily influenced by capitalism and those who wish to influence how money gets distributed can influence a politician.

How much money does one have to have to think the only good thing to do with their money is influence elections?  That is another blog post.  Another time.

Let’s fast forward to Betsy DeVos.  She thinks that the public school system should be replaced with a charter school system.  Basically, parents should have the choice of the ignorance they will accept for their children.  Basically, she thinks that systems that work for profit instead of education work better.

This is less about DeVos and more about what got us here.

The Jefferson quotes above were chosen because that was the vision.  We educate the future so they will not be ignorant when they vote.  Do not let the elite, the religious, and the monarchs demean the use of education.  Do not let them dictate what should be taught and what should not be taught.

We already know that my children never had the same opportunities as Barron Trump has.  He will be taken care of every step of the way.  Likely not by his father, but he will see many more benefits than my children ever saw.

Education should not work like that.  Intelligence and creativity should not be held down.  It should be tendered to.  It should be allowed to grow as tall is it can.  There should never be a financial price tag associated with it.

That is the flaw.

What needs to happen is that we need to pay our educators a salary that doesn’t leave them in poverty or seeking a second job.  And I don’t want to hear about this summers off and all that shit.  I’m all for eliminating summer vacation.  It’s not beneficial.  In today’s two income family system, it likely puts more of a strain on families.  A strain that was not ever intended.

We need to create a curriculum that is fair.  And get text books back into the system.  My kids didn’t have text books that they could actually bring home and use for much of their childhood.  Seems ridiculous that I should be forced to dig for answers because there wasn’t enough of a budget to buy text books.

By the way, I believe that we need to get back to a one salary per family system.  One salary should be a living wage so that there is enough guidance and home education.  We have done ourselves a disservice on so many levels by cutting the wages of the average family to the point that the children end up suffering the most.

I enjoyed teaching my kids when they didn’t understand something, but I’ve always been forced to work so many hours it was exhausting at times.  But I feel that is the one advantage I offered over the childhood of rich kids.  I was there.

Bottom line, as I approach the magic 1,000 words, is that we really should be getting back to internal solutions.  Increasing the defense budget by 10% because of the fear that the government and media is peddlling is counterproductive.  We need to invest in ourselves.  After all, it is our taxes paying for all of it.

We all know Trump isn’t putting anything into the kitty.  Why should he get all the breaks?

And, my final point, the intention of a good public education system was intended to keep a guy like Trump out of the White House.  It was intended to create a educated voting class which would be able to assess the dangers of certain candidates.

But here we are.

A guy elected on the ignorance of the country and seeking to create more ignorance.

What else will the wealthy do to try and create an advantage?