The Trump and CMI

Corporately Modified Information.

That’s what CMI stands for when I write about it.  And it’s very clear that the media owners modify what we digest on a daily basis.  I’ve explained as similar to GMO, but for the brain.  They change the makeup of what we take in and we accept it as okay.

Was it okay for the cast of Hamilton to talk to the Vice President elect after the show when he went to see Hamilton the other day?

That’s what we are talking about.  That dominated the cycle over the weekend.

Good shit.  So powerful and hard hitting.

Was it an acceptable thing for them to do?

Let’s take the rules the Republicans (and Democrats) have made up that corporations are people.  That businesses have a say.  Maybe the ruling is that the only First Amendment rights that corporations have are by spreading their wealth to those they want to return favors to their corporations.  But the First Amendment is about speech, so when a group of people have a platform to get their message across, I guess they should use it.

Only the Koch Brothers get to benefit?

Donald Trump didn’t become the President elect because he is a genius.  He won the position because he is a reality star and played the media perfectly.  Maybe you think that makes him genius.

If Donald Trump gets to use his fame to send a message, so should the cast of Hamilton.

We can all be pretty guaranteed that Mike Pence did not listen, did not care, and will continue to try and make laws that humiliate the middle and lower classes.  Like Geico, it’s what he does.

But the media covering it is what bothers me.  Social media created the buzz on the little speech.  They started the speech by asking people to get out their cameras and spread their message on social media.

Not corporate media.

Please stop calling it mainstream media.  It’s corporate.  They prop and sell what they want.

Donald Trump tweets that Saturday Night Live is horrible and unfair.  That Hamilton is overrated.  The media discusses this.

George W. Bush spent the last several months of his presidency trying to change his legacy.  He discussed it often.  His legacy is the greatest attack on American soil, two wars, corporate handouts, The Patriot Act which allowed for the invasion of privacy, and a failed economy which crashed right before he left office forcing him to give more corporate handouts.  No talking in the world is going to change that.  And no amount of skewing the media coverage is going to change it.

Bill Clinton’s legacy will be Monica Lewinksi, The Crime Act, NAFTA, and a strong economy which had an expiration date.

What will Obama’s legacy be?

The Affordable Care Act.  Given.  And Trump has promised to repeal it, so it may not last as his legacy.

Deporting 2.5 million undocumented Mexicans?  Quietly as the media looked away.  I mean, Trump wants to deport 3 million.  Seems an easy exercise.

How about the Dakota Access Pipeline?  May be Obama’s legacy.  As they turned water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets toward the peaceful protesters last night in below freezing temperatures, we truly saw the power of a bank and oil industry merge in America.

The coverage has been awful, and the only people who would not only allow this to happen, but also make the orders, would be those without a single bit of conscience.  That might be part of Obama’s legacy.

The media sits idly by and discusses Mitt Romney as he meets with Donald Trump.  Rudy Giuliani.  Chris Christie.  And what is Tulsi Gabbard doing meeting with Donald Trump?

Trump parades these people across the cameras unlike any other incoming President in history.  Tweeting that only he knows who the finalists are.  He sees his entire election and campaign as one big reality television show and we are eating it up.

I watched this morning hoping to hear something of significance on the hundreds who were injured last night unnecessarily.  Those who support the Dakota Access Pipeline may have also supported the Bundy standoff over the government taking their land.  Seems senseless.

But look, Trump just made another tweet about Hamilton.  Let’s talk about that.

Trump has spent 17 months dominating the news cycle and consistently coming up with trivial shit to get people to talk about him.

And now he continues to throw little media grenades which will get the press going in the direction he wants while he creates a white supremacist cabinet.

Hillary Clinton had no message.  She had no plan.  She borrowed nothing from her very popular populist opponent from the primary.  She paid for the media and thought that was enough.  She spent her time attacking Trump instead of trying to build a message that resonated.  You may disagree, but she never discussed the economy or minimum wage or bringing jobs back.  Never.  She simply argued that Trump was unfit.

The media worries that Trump avoiding them is the demise of their ability to truly cover his presidency.  And it may be.  He has not given a press conference.  He has not given a direction.  He just parades people through his property like it’s a pageant.  Shakes hands, takes pictures, and that’s all he’s giving us.

The media needs to own this.

Journalists they are not.

Selective reporters they are.

Every single time Trump throws out another distraction, they bite.  They go for it.  Because it’s what sells commercial time.

I actually think that Jake Tapper doesn’t suck, but all those Koch Industry commercials which air between him talking are discouraging.

There is no question that the media owes this country a huge apology.  Let me provide that last statement Trump style.

Media let the country down.  Played like a fiddle.  Trump is not a suitable president.  Apologize!

I want to finish this.

The media is doing everything wrong.  They are not protecting the First Amendment.  They are cowering to it.  They are reporting on what Citizen’s United has granted them to report on.  And that’s the flaw.  Money will always step on freedom of speech if you allow it.

And we’ve allowed it.  In spades.

There are news stories which should be simply dominating the headlines right now, but they aren’t.  It’s surreal.

And we asked for it.

Don’t squeeze the Charmin.


News of the World

My dog, Robbie, does this little thing after he does what I affectionately call “dropping a Cruz.”  Because Cruz is a piece of shit.

I’m going to say it until it sticks and all those who are not blind to his hateful garbage start using it for all their pets.  Dropping a Cruz can be used for cats as well.  No harm in leaving little Cruzes in litter boxes.

Anyway, when Robbie drops a Cruz, he starts to walk away and then swipes his back paws across the ground as if he’s covering it up.  I don’t know why.  He never looks back to ensure that he covered it up.  He could be on sand, dirt, grass, concrete, it really doesn’t matter.

But he does it nearly every single time.

Covering none of the shit he leaves behind.

I feel it a solid metaphor for today’s political climate.  Just is.

Doesn’t matter how feebly anybody swipes their rear paws over the shit that was left behind, they never check to see if it was covered.  And they don’t care.

All of Trump’s missteps have done him no harm.

Perfect example would be how he handled when he said of Carly Fiorina, look at that face, who would ever vote for that face?

Or when he made fun of the journalist who is handicapped.

Or, recently, when he tweeted that a rude comment he said was sarcasm.

He’s more than willing to allow his shit to sit there for all the world to see.  He’s actually seemingly proud of his shit.

But if somebody else doesn’t like his shit.  If somebody else thinks it stinks.  If anybody wants to comment on how awful his shit is.

Well, he just swipes his metaphorical back paws and keeps moving.

Clinton doesn’t get in trouble no matter what either.  She’s made some missteps which would bring down most candidates.  Major missteps.

I got tired of hearing about the headers in the emails last week.  Basically, if you received no classified email, you were not deemed trustworthy.  Maybe I’m not fully understanding what all her issues are really about, but I think I do.

And they both do as good of a job at covering the shit as my dog Robbie.  Who is just a puppy still.

This goes for how Clinton handles accusations that she received very healthy donations from very rich people who have a very big agenda.

*swipe swipe*

Show me how money ever changed my vote.

I don’t know.  How would you have voted had you never gotten the money and only had your conscience as your guide?

So how about them transcripts?

*swipe swipe*

Where are Donald Trump’s tax returns?

Okay, okay.  I’m not going to say that all these candidates have to be completely transparent.  But if you’re going to advertise it, you should probably at least make the appearance that this could happen.

Transparency?  But Trump is vague and won’t tell us how he would approach any real world problems outside of immigration.

I understand, Trump is a horrible option for president, but stop swiping and address your own shit that is still laying on the ground as you walk away from it.

Clinton was filmed nearly passing out and having to get into a van with much help.

*swipe swipe*


I’m not saying I wish Hillary Clinton ill, but why has she been walking around with pneumonia?  Why did she embrace that little girl on the street yesterday knowing she had pneumonia?

And why was it first the heat?  In September?  When it wasn’t that warm?

Eric Trump posted a picture which he claimed was Pensacola, FL the night before, but it was really Dallas, TX at a very big event months ago.

*swipe swipe*

And even that was a response to Clinton’s statement that Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables.  How does one alienate voters that way?

The media acts as the rear paws of society.

If society were as cute as my dog.

Top local story today?  The local National Football League team won their game, but who stood and who knelt during the National Anthem?  Especially on this holiest of nationalist days- 9/11.

Those are the blades of grass the media uses to distract from any relevant information you may want to know.

DAPL is going as planned.  They are using attack dogs and pepper spray to push back any protesters.  They are issuing warrants for arrests.  This is something that should actually be news on any station which considers itself a news entity.

But can you believe that Arian Foster did not stand for the National Anthem?

All week, the main question is what will each team do during the Anthem?

By the way, there has been so much made about how these two candidates are the most disliked in modern history, but we have yet to comment on how the candidates’ supporters are the most hateful ever.

The discourse is awful.

If we can even call it discourse.

I’m about ready to take Robbie out for his morning walk.  Only way I get sleep at night is by making him run and run and run.

We will get around the corner and he will squat and drop a Cruz as he does every single time.  He will take those two steps followed by the swiping of his back paws along the ground.  All his shit will still be exposed, and if I leave it, the flies will arrive in no time making that shit seem like it’s the best shit ever.

I’m not going to say it’s any better if I pick it up in a transparent bag, but at least I will have addressed it.  At least I will have kept the flies from worshiping his shit.


Meat, Fire, and Loud Booms

I raised my kids on a pretty simple philosophy.

Think for yourself and question everything.

Today America claims its 240th birthday.  Still a baby, yet it acts like it knows everything.  I completely understand.  My kids are 18 and 20.  They know everything.  Just ask them. They challenge me at times and I have to determine how I feel about it.

But I did raise them to think for themselves and to question everything.

It was easier when they were younger.  They would take my hand and ask a million questions about anything from astronomy to religion.  History to math.  Physics, entertainment, or psychology.

I never claimed to have the answers, but I enjoyed leading my children down a path and trying to get them to discover the answers.

This isn’t going to be a long one.  I’ve some hamburger soaking up spices and juices.  Soon they will become patties that will be cooked over briquettes and shoved between two toasted pieces of bread.  This is how America’s birthday goes down.

There will be potatoes.

I’m up at 3:00 am, the party may just be ending.  It might be tough to sleep.

There have been some changes in America’s dynamic.  Big changes.

I have no doubt that America was founded and built by the wealthiest of people.  But they were very liberal and talked as if they wanted a nation that asked lots of questions.  They wrote words down which made it seem as if they were wanting a nation of thinkers.

Thinkers.  Free thinkers.

Our original words to the world were, we are going to create an intelligent nation that will focus on ideas.  Pursuit of happiness.

This year is America’s 240th birthday.  I know I already said that, but think about what this year means.  I mean 2016.  America done grew down.  Trump may be trying to give black people three-fifths of a vote again.  I’m not sure.

The discussions have devolved.  Sexism, racism, and ageism.  The media is trying to turn us on with discussions on every weird thing it can latch onto.  Donald Trump used a Star of David symbol on a recent ad against Clinton.

Meanwhile a bombing killing over 200 people in Iraq happened.  And four bombings in Saudi Arabia over the last 24 hours.  Shouldn’t we care about that a little?

Today is about meat, open flames, and loud booms.  It’s a teenager’s party and we eat it up.

But can we teach our country to question everything again?  This nation has put several people in charge of thinking for us (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, SportsCenter, and E!).  I just think it would be a great gift to America.  It would be great to allow us the freedom that was written down 240 years ago.

Stop pushing religion.  That is the actual opposite of thinking for yourself.  See Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Corporately Modified Information needs to stop.  These people tell each and every person what to think and it works.

Start building our education system back up.  Intelligence is not cheap.  We need to be willing if we want to be leaders of though.  I realize that education is a Socialist idea and that’s why half the country is against it, but that takes me to…

Life is not black and white.  Be willing to listen and try to understand where others are coming from.  It won’t kill you.

America needs to be willing to accept its mistakes.  We’ve made some.

Dissent is healthy.

Nationalism is not a good strategy.  It’s always short term.  Always.  People cannot help where they are born.

Basically, give people the tools they need to succeed.

Living Wage

I read a tweet the other day by a Hillary Clinton supporter.  The argument against Bernie was that he is holding the party hostage over a few measly dollars.

Clinton supports a $12 minimum wage and Bernie supports a $15.

A few measly dollars.

I’ve been digging to try and find a quote by Kurt Vonnegut.  I haven’t found it.  I may edit this post.  The quote was regarding jobs in America.  See, he felt that there should be an amendment to the Constitution that anybody who was willing to work should get work.  And everybody should receive a living wage.

I agree.

Why do we have unemployment benefits?

We should have an Employment Office.

We should put people to work.

I’ve been on unemployment once, and I would have preferred to work.  I would have preferred to get up and go to work each day.  To earn my wages.

I also believe that the minimum wage should be a living wage.  The flaw in our economy is that products keep increasing in price, but wages don’t.

America first created the need for a two person family income, which created a vacuum in how we raise our children, and then the consumers bought into credit.

Spend money you don’t have because the two of you don’t make enough money to afford the things we tell you that you need.

What is a living wage?  It’s not $12.

See, $12 means $480 per week before taxes.  Count on $80 going to taxes.  At least- depending on what a person claims.  $400 take home is easy math.  $20, 800 per year.

I’m pretty sure Donald Trump spends $20,000 on that lousy haircut.

Many companies have overtime, but thanks to Bill Clinton, your overtime gets taxed at a higher rate.  You don’t get much of that hard earned money.

Regardless, one would need rent under $500 per month to live on those wages.

What does $15 per hour mean?  It means $600 per week.  Take out taxes and a person would make $5000 more per year, but I don’t believe that $25,000 is a living wage.

We want the country to buy new cars and iPhones and cable television, but we are not willing to pay a wage that would afford those things.  Not without credit.

And here’s my issue.  None of the two corporate party nominees are discussing an economic plan which would make America better.  It’s as if they are simply tossing dice at a random number.

Our political leaders should have an agenda to get people working and provide a wage that allows people to truly live.  If we are stuck in a two economy system, then we need to do the math which allows for two economies to live without fear of losing everything.

And to those who argue that small businesses will lose out if the minimum wage goes up, I’m not buying it.  If the economy is such that people need credit to afford things, then the people who provide things should be able to afford to pay a wage so that their things can be bought.

In other words, CEOs are making too much money.  They are pricing small business out.

We need to change the landscape of the economy in order to make things better.

But we won’t do it.

Millions are being poured into this election cycle.  Millions are being spent on who determines the next four years.

If you are so naive to suggest that there is no gain for millionaires financing millionaires to elected office, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

As to Trump claiming he hasn’t made that much money from donors, he was given a free pass by the Corporate Media.  There was an agenda there.  They put him on every single time he spoke.  He claims he doesn’t need money, so corporate media paid him in airtime.

I’m asking anybody who reads this to consider there is so much to this election.  Vonnegut wasn’t talking yesterday.  He’s been dead for a  decade.  The problems of the 70’s turned into worse problems of the 90’s which turned into the huge discrepancy in wages we have today.

I’m arguing today that when Hillary Clinton argues the $12 per hour is  a reasonable increase and that it can actually get done, that $12 is the maximum corporations are willing to increase.  She’s not negotiating for laborers, she is negotiating for corporations.  And this is important to understand.

I believe that everybody has a right to work if they want to.

I believe that everybody should be paid a wage that will afford an honest life.

I believe that we should pay people enough that their kids are not being raised by a stranger.

Only one candidate truly supports this economic shift and that is Jill Stein.

Do some homework and vote your conscience America.

I Need to Close Some Tabs

What I do right before bed time is read.  I open up links in their own tabs, and if I think they are interesting I’ll leave them open.  Thing is that I have all these tabs open.  Gotta close some.

Some of these tabs might be worthy of their own blog post, but I get tired.  When I get tired, nothing should be written.

Lying Crooked Hillary.

This orange dusted buffoon has decided to create an actual web site now.  It has a mocking image of Clinton and a form to get spammed.  I have written about this.

Closed.  We need less orange monsters.  And less bullshit.


This can’t be real.  Can it?

Yes, you can “Buy a gun, give a gun to an American in an at-risk neighborhood.”

Simple.  Choose a premium gun.  Choose a crime ridden city from the map, and “a suitable gun will be given to someone in need.”

Who is in fucking need of a gun?

And why would we arm the inner city of Chicago further?  This is absolutely insane and unnecessary.

Background checks are being blocked by the NRA and they want to open up a chute straight to Detroit with free guns.

I also love the banner pictures showing all the African Americans.  Classy.

Fuck.  The.  NRA.

Closed for good.


This didn’t get much coverage, but I had a few tabs open as I was reading how the DNC servers were hacked.

Most of the noise was revolving around the corruption and collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

For Sanders supporters, the leaked documents affirm the bias and favoritism exercised by the Democratic National Committeechaired by Clinton’s 2008 campaign co-chairDebbie Wasserman Schultz.

This isn’t shocking or surprising to me.  The corruption has been there since day one.  But you have to vote for Clinton or, you know, Trump happens.

Internal memos, dated May 2015—long before the first state voted in the Democratic primary—referred to Hillary Clinton as though she was already the Democratic presidential nominee. The documents leaked by Guccifer 2.0 not only illuminate the DNC’s efforts to ensure Clinton’s coronation but also reveal the strategies used to shield her from criticism on ethics, transparency and campaign finance reform

I’m not discussing this any further.  I don’t watch Corporately Modified Information anymore and I’ve read every piece of evidence that Clinton rigged the Democratic election.  Doesn’t change a thing.  People believe the lies they like.


Effects of Spanking

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan used data on more than 150,000 children over a 50-year period to come up with a fairly damning conclusion: Spanking is linked to aggression, antisocial behavior, mental health problems, cognitive difficulties, low self-esteem, and a whole host of other negative outcomes. As for the upsides, there were absolutely zero  — the practice revealed no redeeming effects but consistently strong links to 13 bad ones.

Turns out spanking is a bad thing.  Who knew?

I did.

And this practice of publicly shaming a person by spanking a child in front of others has to be even worse.

How many times have I heard a person from a generation or two before me suggest that, “they just won’t let us smack our kids anymore?”

For good reason.

Schools should have never allowed for the principal or teachers to beat children.

It’s poor ethics and I believe it goes back to that great Christian nation we argue for.  We don’t teach anything.  We only teach consequences.

Get caught, you’re going to hell.

Yet Christians argue that atheists have no morals.  I believe we teach morals and not consequences.


Why Clinton’s Claim of Having 3 Million More Votes is a Lie

Caucuses don’t count toward the number.

That is why.

Only primaries.


Christy Sheats

What was up with this woman?

If there was ever a time when gun control needed a boost, it was now.  Because Senators don’t seem to care about 50 people being shot dead in a night club.

So this woman, Christy Sheats posted Second Amendment posts on Facebook nonstop.  She argued that she deserved to have a gun.  One meme went something like, I own ten guns and Obama wants to take 8 of them away.  How many guns do I own?  Ten!

And then she killed her two daughters.  With a gun.

Police killed her.

I know Texas tried to secede from the nation, but it didn’t happen.  Texas doesn’t get its own rules.  Killing your daughters is a horrible thing and maybe she shouldn’t have had those guns.  Maybe she shouldn’t have had children.  Unthinkable.

Because doesn’t that make you sad for a couple of people who could still be teen girls right now?


Donald Trump’s Craziest Quotes

I’m done with these.

He’ll say something crazy tomorrow.

It’s what he does.

Just wait for that Geico commercial.


Christopher Hitchens Quotes

Other end of the spectrum from The Donald.

Philosophy begins where religion ends, just as by analogy chemistry begins where alchemy runs out, and astronomy takes the place of astrology.


Faith is the surrender of the mind, it’s the surrender of reason, it’s the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other animals. It’s our need to believe and to surrender our skepticism and our reason, our yearning to discard that and put all our trust or faith in someone or something, that is the sinister thing to me. … Out of all the virtues, all the supposed virtues, faith must be the most overrated

Not closing this one.  Yet.

And here’s a video.

Eleanor Goldfield entertains me.  Her band, Rooftop Revolutionaries put out an okay album a few years back.  She’s part of Occupy.

Now she spends her time as an activist filming Act Out! which airs on Free Speech TV.

She starts every show with some spoken word.  I actually don’t appreciate it like others might, but I’m not going to judge.


And I’m caught up.  Only a couple of tabs left.


It Doesn’t Really Matter

I have spent 12 of the last 14 months not working.  The job I had was too much driving with little future.  I quit.  I made a conscientious decision to better my life.  To roll the dice.  Gamble.

I have argued that is all life is.  A series of dice rolls.  Gambling with each and every decision we make.  If we are smart, we make bets that are low risk, but if we only take those low risks, we may not ever truly be happy.

I’ve taken a few high risk gambles in my life.  I took one that felt low risk until I got into it.  We never truly know until the die stops rolling.

There is no plan.

Everything doesn’t happen for a reason.

We can find reasons for things.  We can justify events.  We can pretend like there’s some master plan.  But I’m convinced that shit just happens.

After what seems like 200 interviews, I was finally offered a position.  It isn’t great.  The company does seem like a good company and my boss isn’t an ass hole.  I haven’t been able to say that for a while.  The pay is only okay.  I’ve made more every year I’ve worked for over a decade.  Another gamble.

I was training in another state when Ted Cruz and John Kasich quit running for president on consecutive days.  They opened the door for that extraordinary douche to take the nomination.  The manager where I was training mentioned it and decided it would be a good idea to ask me where I stood on politics.  Who does that?

One of my flaws is that I don’t back down from too many conversations.  So I told him.

His response was that he doesn’t really pay attention because all politicians are corrupt.  He said, “It doesn’t really matter.”

The only other person in the room was a guy who seemed just as disengaged with the system as anybody I’ve ever known.

I sit here almost a month later with my dog sleeping on my lap tapping out characters underneath my fingers to say that he may be right.

It doesn’t really matter.

The system was designed to make us feel that way.  The system works in exactly that way.

It doesn’t really matter.

And there’s nothing you and I are ever going to do about it.

We won’t.

Because the last month has been exhausting for me.  I realize that is partly because I haven’t worked much over the last year plus, but I am exhausted.  I’m not sure that will end soon.

This weekend is my first two day weekend since starting this job and that’s only because the holiday has shut the place down.

I woke with my legs not feeling fatigued for the first time in a month.

Yes, I’m the boss, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do any physical work.

My head rested this morning, I put this dog on a leash, (bluetooth) plugged in some music, and went to the dog park for the first time in a few weeks.  I thought about how the system works.

This was an incredible year to not work.  I sat in my chair day after day watching the complete horseshit that existed day to day.  Watching Donald Trump’s twitter feed wondering what goes on in his head.  Watching how all these politicians on the right tried to become more and more absurd each day.  I saw it all.

The carnival of carnivals.  And it’s not over.

I read stories of corruption by the Clinton campaign.  Watched how she strategically created environments which made her look good.  Small speeches instead of rallies.  Only supporters are let in.  Few and far between.  Watching the poll numbers to see if a change needed to be made.  Read of voter suppression.

She was spotted a huge lead in the first quarter and played it safe.  Played not to lose.  It appears it will work.  I’ve seen teams crumble when they have a big lead and implement this strategy.

But now I’m working.  All the time.  I don’t want to watch the news.  I don’t want to see how mainstream media spins this or that.  I don’t have the patience.

Who does?

Society is exhausted.  Regularly.  Why the media tells us what to think.  Why they take the guess work out of it.  Pick a station with a slant and they will tell you how to feel about events and which politicians to vote for and why certain things are happening.

Corporately Modified Information.

It’s designed to wear us down.

I walked this dog back from the dog park thinking about this.  Comparing and contrasting how I feel when I have the time to actually investigate and think for myself.  I realized that the rest of the world probably doesn’t have the “luxury” I had.

It doesn’t really matter.

The Libertarian Party nominated Gary Johnson yesterday.  He will run for president again.

It doesn’t really matter.

The Libertarian Party is the where the Tea Party sprouted from.  These are the most selfish people in our society.  They stand for only their own needs and greed.  Not even they can get their message to the people.

Jill Stein from the Green Party impresses me when she talks.

It doesn’t really matter.

She will be dismissed as an outsider.  As irrelevant.

Just like David Koch was when he was on the ticket in 1980 for the Libertarian Party.

Now the Koch Brothers dictate how the conservative party thinks and feels and talks.  What a difference.

It’s actually amazing.

Because since 1980 most of the country kept telling themselves that it doesn’t really  matter.  All the politicians are corrupt.  They are all crooked.  So a little power and money went a long way.

George W. Bush used the 9/11 attacks to start two wars which helped Dick Cheney’s former company Halliburton make millions off tax payer money.  Bush also used the attacks to push the Patriot Act through.  A horrible, horrible piece of legislation.

But it doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t.

The conversation has moved so far to the right that the for sure nominee for the Democratic party holds (or has recently held) opinions which have been right wing stances for years and nobody seems to be bothered.

Because it doesn’t really matter.

It actually should be alarming that people are bothered by all this.  That they are mobilized when usually they would be complacent.

Buckle up kids.  The engine is just getting revved up.

I’m back at it tomorrow.  Up at 3:30 am.  If my entire crew shows up to work maybe I can think more than I do the physical work.  Maybe I can give my legs a break.

I’ve also my eye on the future and bills that I need to pay.  Just like every other middle class citizen.  Just like anybody else who simply wants a distraction from all the difficult things in life.

I get a few hours each day to relax.  Dinner.  Time with my kids if I see them (unlikely).  My dog on my lap.

I take time to watch some baseball if there’s a game on.

Watch a show to numb the mind if I have something recorded.

We are defined by our jobs.  By how we feel about our situation at work.  Talk to anybody.  They will likely tell you about what happened at work quickly.

And at length.

Maybe traffic.

We are stressed by our financial system.  This is a conversation for another day.  Hopefully soon.

Out there in the rest of the world, well, people think it will all happen.  There’s a plan.  We can pay attention and try to affect it, but there’s no use.

Because they are all corrupt.  They are all wasting time and making money and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  Nothing.

Because it doesn’t really matter.

Ted Cruz is a Piece of Shit

I’m not home.  I don’t have my DVR.  I can’t rewind.  I yelled at the small fuzzy television as he spoke tonight.

Ted Cruz- there is a reason you lost.  There is a reason you didn’t stand a chance.  Had Donald Trump not been running this year, I’m not sorry, Ted, but you wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Ted Cruz wouldn’t have made it further than Lindsey Graham.

Ted, you got caught up in a year of weird.

He just said, “The path has been foreclosed.”  To which I yelled at my fuzzy television, just like the millions of homes you foreclosed upon with your campaign and your work with Goldman Sachs and work with the campaign of George W. Bush.

Yes.  Ted Cruz should be tied to Goldman Sachs and the crash of 2008.

He just talked about some little kids who handed him change in an envelope from a lemonade stand begging him to continue his campaign.  He told the world during his concession speech that is what his campaign was built upon.

I’m not sure what annoyed me more at the end of the speech.  Brian Williams’ voice or the country music that played as Cruz walked off the stage.  It was the country music, of course, but Brian Williams is annoying in his own right.  I can only assume that Brian Williams has pictures of Comcast executives fucking horses at this point because he is a horrible reporter.

Oh, wait, there’s Rachel Maddow.  Shoot.  I don’t have my DVR so I can’t rewind and the sound is down because country music makes me angry.  I’m positive she’s talking about how awesome Hillary Clinton is right now.  I’m positive.

Hold on.  I need to find a baseball game to watch….

Anything really.  Why am I watching MSNBC?

Ah, a local news story about a kid who exposed himself during the team football photo.  The story literally includes another football kid saying that if you look at the photo you barely see anything.  The story also says that the kid is subject to 69 (!) counts of indecent exposure.  Jimmy Kimmel should love this story.


Cruz started his speech by saying that the Constitution didn’t come from dictators or the President, it came from God almighty.  Hey, motherfucker, the Constitution was based upon some very liberal people who were trying to break away from tyranny.  It came from some people who were trying to separate from the rich and get taxation with representation.

Dear Ted Cruz, you and Fiorina can say whatever you want, but your god does not belong in politics.  Nobody is staring down from above wishing you to lead this country.

In fact, you are a miserable piece of shit.

I don’t use those words lightly.  I’m not sorry if you are offended, but I just used my First Amendment rights.  They weren’t given to me by your god of faith and suffering.  The First Amendment wasn’t all like, hey, go ahead and say what you want as long as you know Ted Cruz should be President and that all Presidents should be anointed by some god.

The fact is that the very literature, which should be understood by a Constitutional attorney like Ted Cruz, is that we can practice any religion and speak any way we deem fit.  The First Amendment actually offers us protection from those acting as if their religion is the law of the land.

Full disclosure.  I know this isn’t the way it’s practiced.  The First Amendment offers protections to the wealthy these days.  Ted Cruz is wealthy.  He gets extra special personal rights granted to him by the Supreme Court.  I’m guessing, as a matter of fact, that he may have laid the groundwork for these special privileges.

Yes, rich people like Ted Cruz get bigger First Amendment rights because he is wealthy and each one of his dollars is now a part of speech.

Cruz should not pretend that his god wanted him to be President.  Apparently their god spoke to his wife Heidi saying her husband was chosen by their deity.  They should not even talk about kids and a lemonade stand.  The only person who should be talking about lemonade is Beyonce right now.

Cruz has raised $140 million between his campaign and Super PACs.  He is not running on lemonade money.  He is not even running on campaign donations averaging $27 per person.  Ted Cruz has received many million dollar donations.

Ted Cruz is hated.  He is a piece of shit.  He shut down the government and thought that somehow that would never catch up to him.

Ted Cruz has no morals.  He believes that by preaching the word of his religion, he can turn his back on the poor and screw over hard working citizens in order to make a point.  Because Ted Cruz is loves Dr. Seuss more than government employees.

Heidi Cruz works in a high power position for Goldman Sachs.  I can’t wait for her to release the very boring speech transcripts from Hillary Clinton.  And worth every penny I’m sure.

I read yesterday that Chelsea Clinton makes $65,000 per speech.

I think I can make a fairly good speech.  I know I cannot save you tax dollars.  I know I would never pass legislation helping very wealthy companies.  I am very sure I would stop the next recession even if I saw my contributors making it happen.  Even if I had just given them a speech.

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.

But way before I saw him end his campaign today, I watched as a right wing pundit on MSNBC suggested that Hillary Clinton should pander to Republicans because Trump will run to the left of her on foreign affairs.

This pundit suggested that Hillary Clinton was the most like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney as a hawk.  Mother fucking yes!!!

Chris Matthews, in a strange turn of talking points and screaming about socialism, asked if those words didn’t just prove Bernie supporters right.

I watched Bill Maher today.  The theory from the Cruz supporting blonde woman (and doesn’t Maher always have a conservative blonde woman?) was that people who don’t have a college education are mad that they are having such a tough time in America.  Yes, bitch, the problem is that stupid people feel entitled.

People should be able to work and as long as they do the job well, be able to afford a life in the United States.  We are the land of the free.

And that includes freedom from religion.

Nobody’s deity has a say in politics and legislation.  Not sorry.

One cannot claim small donations as the reason to run when millions of dollars of donations, especially from oil companies, have rolled in.  Especially when you are a climate denier.  Especially when your dad worked in oil.

You don’t get to talk about lying when you are a lying piece of shit.

You don’t get to talk about immigration when you’ve repeatedly legislated against it (because both of Ted Cruz’s parents are immigrants).

Let me just finish this.

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.


Good riddance.

Two liars to go.

Vote Green.