Middle Man Economy

Any reasonable drug dealer strives to be worth enough to hire a middle man.  I mean, who wants to look into the eyes of the people’s lives they are ruining with addiction?

Line up the sales.  Make them desperate.  Have somebody else distribute.  Clear and free.

Maybe I’m making a case that drug dealers have a conscience?

Maybe they just want to believe their hands are clean?

The American economy is full of middle men.  Somebody has to make the exchange.

My wife works as a middle man for a major drug dealer.  It’s how we make ends meet anymore.

She slides on a blue smock, stands behind the counter, and exchanges drugs for cash.  Some are required to pay more than others.  Some pay out with more money than my wife makes in an entire week just to keep their hands from shaking each month.  Some are clearly sacrificing more than any human should just to get rid of a little pain.

The pharmaceutical companies do not have a conscience.  I’m not going to pretend they do.  They just need addicts’ neighbors to distribute for them.  To put a face on their company.  To give addicts a person to be angry with.  To make the exchange easier on both sides.

And she stands there behind that counter yesterday with that blue smock on trying to be as pleasant as possible asking people if they are getting ready to watch the local NFL team play.

Because that’s what good middle men do.  They make the exchange easier.

And one by one, she told me, the resident addicts of this redneck town told the middle man that they will not be watching the game.  Something turned this town full of a flag waving, window decal sporting, jersey flaunting, house painting, firework exploding football junkies off.

I don’t like what these players are doing, they would tell the middle man as cash was exchanged for drugs time after time.  They should not be taking a knee.  I’m boycotting the NFL.

In the American economy sandwich the middle man is the meat.  Peanut butter if you’re vegetarian.  The filling has dealers as one slice of bread and addicts as the other.  Corporations are not selling toast.  They are a slice of bread which needs the filling in order to keep consumers attached.

The addicts.

And my wife middle man kept her mouth shut as one by one the addicted helped spread misinformation fed to them by the middle men on television.  Fed to them by the middle man in the White House.  The corporations assigning the middle men to misinform the addicted of what is really happening in this country.

Nobody has been assigned to tell the addicts that racism is real.  Nobody.

Instead they deliver and deal.  They exchange your allegiance for misinformation on infinite repeat.  It’s quite damaging.

2016-10-02-15-21-54.jpgLong lines existed in this legal exchange once again.  Straight back from the “Stay Behind this Sign to Respect Patient’s Privacy” sign back to the middle of the Depends shelf almost to the charcoal.  Impatiently they waited for their turn to get their drugs.  To make snide remarks.  To not see the face of the person who truly made them an addict in the first place.

And, no, it was not the doctor who prescribed the addictive material in the first place.  Doctors, in this economy, are simply another middle man.  They get to be the face you see and you trust them because you go them with all your problems.  Those doctors will take care of you.

Somebody, in another conversation, says to me, I am kind of disgusted by players who make millions taking a knee during the national anthem.

I replied simply, nobody is going to listen to a minimum wage earner.  Nobody.

I guess, in a way, so many of us are trying to become a middle man.

Hugh Hefner is no longer alive.  Suddenly we have a discussion debating what he provided as a service.  All these middle men providing their information to info junkies across the United States.  Information junkies trying to become dealers but they are really just trying to be middle men.

The NFL, NBA, and all other sports are to men what Playboy has been for women.  Sports leagues do nothing but use athletes for their benefit.  Objectification is not the word.  But they use them and dismiss them when their time has gone.  The legends we embrace forever.

And these sports leagues have created a junkie culture.  Addicts hanging on every move and every discussion on every player.  ESPN, sports radio, pregame shows, and fantasy leagues are the middle men of sports keeping the addicts hooked and tuned in.

I saw video of people burning their jerseys and tickets and posters and on and on.  The money has already been made, you patriot junkie.  Addicted to propaganda, these people are at the crossroads of Patriotism Road and Sports Blvd in the city of Addict lead by Mayor Misinformation.  They don’t know which road to follow.  Which direction to go.  So they follow their tour guide named Knee Jerk Reaction.

Knee Jerk Reaction is provided as a middle man to destroy all calm thought.

After every single game in which the local NFL team wins, the local redneck citizens blow off some fireworks.  I heard none last night.  Because these football players “disrespected the flag.”

Probably something their dealer of religion taught them.

Maybe something their dealer corporation said at work.

Maybe the middle man of Twitter and Facebook.

So many avenues to navigate, but in the end all junkies already know where they want to be.  They are simply finding the middle man who will give them the direction they desire.  Land them on the street corner they feel most comfortable.

No fireworks were lit last night.  None.  But I am confident this had more to do with the local NFL team under performing so far in the season.  When your dealer isn’t bringing the good stuff a junkie’s loyalty can be lost.

Because there are so many middle men out there just trying to get you hooked.

Today we are going to be sifting through the middle men exchanging your trust for or against guns and the control of them.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated that today is the day for mourning and not the day for political debates.  Her boss didn’t believe that when he was a candidate and a junkie shot up a concert in Paris last year.

Labeling our junkies is vital.  Helps other junkies know what they are consuming.

So to all the junkies in this world navigating their way through a series of middle men trying to get you hooked, I’m offering one thing I know for sure.

Be very careful when combining medications.  Results may be undesirable.