March of the Orange King

Quick note- I started this a few days ago.  I felt I should finish it.

It seems that being President of these here United States for 100 days is a big deal.  It has to be.  The media has been counting down to 100 days for 101 days now.

I would agree that it would be a big deal if it were similar to a 90 day probationary period.  I mean, I just signed an offer letter for a job which made it very clear that my first 90 days were exactly that.  If I don’t do a good job, they’ll kick me to the curb.

Of course the very next paragraph outlined that my employment is “at will” and I can be excused from the position at any point for no reason.

Yes, let’s discuss the 100 days if we get to take it back.  Go get a new fish.  Probationary period is over, Mr. President, and you’re fired.  See, we didn’t hire you to simply sign executive orders and play golf.

But that’s not how it operates.

And as the television is humming along yesterday, they focus on the latest of these seemingly weekly stream of marches that takes place.  This week was climate change.

There’s been a woman’s march, a science march, an LGBTQ march, and many others.

Song in my head as I write this… March of the Black Queen by Queen.

It is exciting to see people get so active and take a vested interest in the well being of our world.  It would feel like democracy in action if half the country didn’t stay home last November.

There have been so many marches covering every topic and group and whatever else they could drum up.  And I wonder why.  What are they going to accomplish?

The reporter talked to a protester yesterday while the television served as background noise.  She asked what he hopes to accomplish with this protest.

He told the reporter that he hoped to get the President to take note that people care about climate change and he will change his direction on this issue.

Really kind of silly.


Trump does not care what people think.  He will do what he wants.

I mean, it’s been a maddeningly head spinning week.  This guy desperate for the approval of anybody first said he thought that the 100 day mark was made up and then started forcing ideas and executive orders so that he could tell the media they are wrong.

Look how productive we’ve been.  I’ve signed 30 laws.

The only march which seems to matter is not the one that the people put together, but rather the march to undo progress.

Executive order to allow the protected lands from Monuments be available for drilling if the state wishes.  Utah sleaze Mike Lee and Orin Hatch were on hand for this signing.  They will start the unbeutification of Bear’s Ears.

Executive order to allow off shore drilling.

Executive order to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood.

A tax plan that gives Donald Trump and his family a huge tax break at the corporate level and allows for money to come back into the country at a one time low cost.

A health plan which will take away the preexisting condition protections if the states decide.

And the first president to speak to the NRA directly since Ronald Reagan.

Please, I ask you to take a stab at who some of Trump’s largest financial contributors were.

Most notably, I want you to look at the tax plan.  Because trickle down does not work.  If it did, we’d be reaping the benefits of 35 years of trickle down growth and expansion.  But we are not.  Businesses are.  The most wealthy in our country are getting wealthier because trickle down does not convince people to spend.  They put it in their pocket.

And Trump is wealthy.

He wants his kids to be wealthier.

You know what works?  Paying people a living wage so they can afford to go out and buy shit at a pace which will require businesses to hire people and grow.  A different post a different time.

But this week we may see the worst of all executive orders.  Trump has invited many faith leaders to the White House for the signing of a Religious Freedom Executive Order.

Anytime somebody puts the words religious and freedom together, they are generally pitching the exact opposite.

This is to take place on May 4th.  Also the National Day of Prayer.  Also Star Wars day.  I’m not interested in any of those.

This executive order is supposed to make it so that private corporations can discriminate against people if they do not think their lifestyle is in line with the corporation’s religious affiliation.  LGBT and Q will be frowned upon.  Premarital sex.  Do not invite any of your friends to follow you on Facebook or Instagram.  They may rat you out.

I have a disease.  I do not back down from conversations.  I better start.  Religious freedom could cover way more than I think.

I also believe that anybody who pitches religious freedom forgets that I have the right to freedom from religion.

So what do I see today?


That’s the answer?

Another march?

Trump does not care.  One bit.  He has little interest in you.  He has no interest in what people want.  This executive order, if he does sign it, will be a bone to Mike Pence.

Tolerance is not a strength of this administration.

And neither is listening to the population.

So I expect many more marches to take place.  In fact, I’ve already seen people discuss future events.  To be clear, I’m not suggesting people don’t try to get their voice heard.  Furthest thing from my mind.

But this president does not care.

He is doing only what he wants.

So call your representatives.  Write them.  Email them.  Take that stand.

Contact the ACLU.

I’m pretty sure a federal judge will strike down any religious freedom executive order and it won’t take long.  It’s a clear violation of everything this nation is supposed to stand for.

But be very clear that Trump doesn’t care what anybody outside of his immediate circle thinks.

Keep marching.  At least you’re getting out of the house.


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