Words Matter

I have maybe three or four posts which I’ve started but not finished.  Maybe more.  In the corner of my screen it says 15.

I do much of my writing in my head before I ever place my fingers over my keyboard.  Sometimes I wake up with the words to the start of a post.  Maybe I come up with lines I like while walking or listening to music or on a drive.

But even what I have posted lately hasn’t been what was in my head earlier that day or as I woke in the morning or on and on.

Must be age.  My memory is not quite right these days.

All that said, I don’t write anything and say it unless I’m exact with my words.  Saying stuff exactly as I intend them is important.  Why I rarely force myself to write.

And I’m nobody.

Nobody at all.

If I were somebody important, I’d be very careful with my words.  It’s necessary.

Because words matter.

Let’s get to somebody who has many many great words.  The best words.  He knows all the great words.  Such an unbelievable vocabulary.

I watched on Saturday night in that not quite jam packed tiny arena just outside of Philadelphia.  He took on the media.  He said he broke records for the amount of people in that arena.  He said it was hard to do without holding a guitar.

He booked the Philadelphia Farm Show Complex and Expo Center.  Capacity for this expo center is 7,600.  Trump told the people that there were many people waiting outside trying to get in, but there just wasn’t enough room.

empty-seats-at-harrisburg-rally-via-twitter-410x220Here’s the problem.  This event center is not that big.  It’s not that impressive of a feat.  And everybody has a camera.  It’s easy to show that the event center was not sold out and there was nobody waiting outside.

He spent much of this rally accusing the media of being so unfair to him.  And many people believe that the media has been.

By reporting the words he actually says.

Donald Trump is crying that a vast majority of the coverage he has received has been negative.  I believe he said something like 89% of the reporting on him has been negative. The only reporting that should matter is the reporting where they report his words.

His tweets.

His interviews.

His rallies.

The place was not sold out.

I live in a very small town.  Many of them are Trump supporters.  I saw the signs.  This arena which held Trump’s rally could just about hold my tiny town.

And then there’s this.

I mean, had Andrew Jackson been a little later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War.  He was a very tough person but he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw with regard to the Civil War, he said ‘There’s no reason for this.'”

People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?

Great questions my kids probably asked me when they were five.  And why didn’t the ghost of Andrew Jackson stop it?  I’m sure Jackson, a slave owner, would have negotiated us right out of a war which pitted brother against brother.

Seriously, Donald Trump, families fought against each other with guns.  They knew their enemy well.

But it was still important enough to kill each other over.

This isn’t what got me to put the fingers on the keys today.

John Dickerson, who I think is one of the few who is good at interviews and one of the only shows I watch on Sunday morning, interviewed Trump this past weekend.  Trump sat down with him.

Trump made sure to throw his very clever joke about how he calls Dickerson’s show “Deface the Nation” and we’ve all heard that one before.

Great one.

Toward the end, Dickerson pressed Trump on his wiretapping claims.  Dickerson wanted Trump to say it.

Because Dickerson wanted to report exactly what Trump wanted him to report.  Trump kept telling him that many people know about this and told Dickerson to make up his own mind.

And then walked off.

Apparently Trump is less of a coward with his phone on twitter.

So here’s the point.  Don’t buy into the negativity garbage.  Don’t.

Dickerson gave Trump every chance to get the reporting exactly as he wanted it but he chose to walk off.

People are reporting Trump’s actual words.  They are quoting him.  They are showing how he says one thing during the campaign and something completely different as president.  They are playing real video and audio clips.

But Trump takes that reporting and tells the media, you’re so unfair.

The media is not Trump’s enemy.  They created him from orange dust and really long ties.  They gave him more free press than anybody else.  He stepped on his own words more than anybody could every expect while still succeeding.

And all of it was reported on so much that Trump owned the media cycles constantly.

Clinton couldn’t even be bothered to hold a press conference or to try and demand air time.

The media has not been unfair to Trump.  He is an attention whore and the media paid him in spades.

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy.  He is unfair to himself by not thinking about the words he says before he says them.

Or tweets them.

I see 10 minutes ago, Trump tweeted out that Jackson was dead before the Civil War, but saw it coming and could’ve stopped it had he been alive.

Just let it go.

Think about your words.

I think about mine.

And I’m just a lowly blogger who writes for kicks.

But at least I know words matter.


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