When we first got this dog early last year, the major challenge was getting him to go outside.  He’s a pretty smart dog, so it didn’t take him long to figure out that is what he was supposed to do.

Communicating it to us was the next step.

So he would sit down facing the door and look back at us with his (literally) puppy dog eyes.  It was up to us to notice this message he was sending.

If we didn’t notice, he found a corner.  So I tried hard to notice.

He then moved into this tactic of getting our attention first.  He would get in my face or stand on my chest and start licking me in order to get my attention.  He would then go to the ottoman, sit down, and look back at me.

He would also do this while I was sleeping.  He would stand on my chest and lick me.  Wait for me to wake up.  And then go sit on the bed facing the door and look back at me.  I tried not to get mad, but this guy was waking me up.

I rarely get enough sleep.

I am positive I got frustrated more than once.

He would wake me up even if my wife was awake and watching television in the living room.

So, a few weeks ago, he took on a new tactic.

I generally sleep on my side, so this guy started coming up behind me and resting his head on my neck.  That’s it.  And he would leave it there until he knew I was awake.  He’s done this every night for weeks.

And then go to the end of the bed, face the door, and look back toward me.

My point?




Except I found it a cute story.

And this dog is considerately smart.

And it ties to this song I currently have on heavy rotation.

Be good.


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