Repeal, Replace, and Profit?

I stumbled across this today.

It’s timely as the Trump Administration insists that it is closer to a new health care plan with which to replace the ACA.

Here’s the link.  But I’m going to go ahead and drop the table listed in this table.  It lists lobbyist spending for the first quarter of 2017.

Organization 2016 Quarter 1 2017Quarter 1 Percent Change
US Chamber of Commerce $22,925,000.00 $24,765,000.00 8.03%
National Assn of Realtors $11,999,165.00 $10,187,567.00 -15.10%
PhRMA $5,982,500.00 $8,068,750.00 34.87%
American Medical Assn $6,810,000.00 $7,040,000.00 3.38%
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $6,304,994.00 $6,270,000.00 -0.56%
American Hospital Assn $5,665,214.00 $5,598,210.00 -1.18%
Dow Chemical $4,840,982.00 $5,290,000.00 9.28%
AT&T Inc $4,480,000.00 $4,580,000.00 2.23%
Northrop Grumman $4,740,000.00 $4,300,000.00 -9.28%
Novartis $3,174,116.00 $4,037,954.00 27.22%


We always say to follow the money, but we never really seem to put two and two together.  So let’s watch in the upcoming days how this new health plan shakes out.  I refuse to call it a healthcare plan because I don’t think the plan will include any aspect of the term “care” in it.

These pharmaceutical companies are not donating to the government for no reason.  They fully expect a return on their investment.

Tell me what the rest of the lobbyists are expecting from the candidate who “self-financed” and was beholden to nobody.  He sure seems to take a lot of money from lobbyists and taxpayers for a person as independent as he claims.

Also, seems that internet service providers, who get to sell your information for profit now, sure seemed to spend some money this quarter.

I’m sure everything will be fine.


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