When we first got this dog early last year, the major challenge was getting him to go outside.  He’s a pretty smart dog, so it didn’t take him long to figure out that is what he was supposed to do.

Communicating it to us was the next step.

So he would sit down facing the door and look back at us with his (literally) puppy dog eyes.  It was up to us to notice this message he was sending.

If we didn’t notice, he found a corner.  So I tried hard to notice.

He then moved into this tactic of getting our attention first.  He would get in my face or stand on my chest and start licking me in order to get my attention.  He would then go to the ottoman, sit down, and look back at me.

He would also do this while I was sleeping.  He would stand on my chest and lick me.  Wait for me to wake up.  And then go sit on the bed facing the door and look back at me.  I tried not to get mad, but this guy was waking me up.

I rarely get enough sleep.

I am positive I got frustrated more than once.

He would wake me up even if my wife was awake and watching television in the living room.

So, a few weeks ago, he took on a new tactic.

I generally sleep on my side, so this guy started coming up behind me and resting his head on my neck.  That’s it.  And he would leave it there until he knew I was awake.  He’s done this every night for weeks.

And then go to the end of the bed, face the door, and look back toward me.

My point?




Except I found it a cute story.

And this dog is considerately smart.

And it ties to this song I currently have on heavy rotation.

Be good.


Repeal, Replace, and Profit?

I stumbled across this today.

It’s timely as the Trump Administration insists that it is closer to a new health care plan with which to replace the ACA.

Here’s the link.  But I’m going to go ahead and drop the table listed in this opensecrets.org table.  It lists lobbyist spending for the first quarter of 2017.

Organization 2016 Quarter 1 2017Quarter 1 Percent Change
US Chamber of Commerce $22,925,000.00 $24,765,000.00 8.03%
National Assn of Realtors $11,999,165.00 $10,187,567.00 -15.10%
PhRMA $5,982,500.00 $8,068,750.00 34.87%
American Medical Assn $6,810,000.00 $7,040,000.00 3.38%
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $6,304,994.00 $6,270,000.00 -0.56%
American Hospital Assn $5,665,214.00 $5,598,210.00 -1.18%
Dow Chemical $4,840,982.00 $5,290,000.00 9.28%
AT&T Inc $4,480,000.00 $4,580,000.00 2.23%
Northrop Grumman $4,740,000.00 $4,300,000.00 -9.28%
Novartis $3,174,116.00 $4,037,954.00 27.22%

Source: https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2017/04/phrma-shows-biggest-spike-in-lobbying-spending-in-first-quarter-of-president-trump/

We always say to follow the money, but we never really seem to put two and two together.  So let’s watch in the upcoming days how this new health plan shakes out.  I refuse to call it a healthcare plan because I don’t think the plan will include any aspect of the term “care” in it.

These pharmaceutical companies are not donating to the government for no reason.  They fully expect a return on their investment.

Tell me what the rest of the lobbyists are expecting from the candidate who “self-financed” and was beholden to nobody.  He sure seems to take a lot of money from lobbyists and taxpayers for a person as independent as he claims.

Also, seems that internet service providers, who get to sell your information for profit now, sure seemed to spend some money this quarter.

I’m sure everything will be fine.

The Y-Axis Amendment

As I wrote in my last post, the intention of the Constitution, when written, was to design a system in which only two parties could control the entirety of thought in America.  The intention was so that revolution couldn’t easily come from within the system.

Considering that the Constitution came on the heels of a revolution, those people were trying to write a system that sounded good even if it wasn’t.  They were trying to avoid future revolutions.  To be real, too many people have put their hands into it.  The Constitution has been taken apart and analyzed and given so many meanings that I’m not sure anybody is really all that fair to it.

The largest problem, if we wish to evolve as a society, is that America is not a democracy.  Even if we wish to say it is a representative democracy, it doesn’t represent all that many people.  Today, after being bastardized, this democracy really only represents the elite and corporations.  I’ll argue that it’s being true to its intentions even if not true to the wonderful words we memorize in school.

I put an x-axis up on my last post.  This is how we are forced to look at thought in today’s society.  We have tagged ideologies as either “left” or “right” from center.  We have even labeled people as “moderates” or “centrists” or “extremists” in order to determine degrees from the center they are.  But it’s not really fair to pin people down on how they think and how they are represented in this government.  That’s not democracy.  That’s team sports.


The above graph is the same graph I used to isolate the x-axis before.  Even if not measurable, people don’t think on the same line from one another.  There should be a way to think above or below the line and still be represented.

But if you try to introduce a third party into the system, we are simply putting together a party that cannot compete at any level so it gets dismissed.  The two parties which run the country and are financed by the biggest of corporations hold unlimited power and are not really beholden to the people they are supposed to represent.

The entire y-axis is being ignored.

I don’t believe much should change at the local level.  Or even to the House.  But the rest of the system is broken.  I do believe, in order to allow for the y-axis of thought, all races should change to highest score wins.  At the very least, the threshold needs to be moved down so that people are not afraid to vote outside the powers that control.

Gerrymandering needs to go.  The local representatives need to represent their neighbors.

First, election day should be a national holiday.  People should be encouraged to vote and should be automatically registered when they turn 18.  Why would we discourage people from voting by making them jump hoops or try to find time from their jobs when people are working more hours and more off shifts are common?  I realize that the people in power don’t actually want everybody to vote.  I realize.  But it’s not consistent with the term “democracy” at all.

Second, get rid of the Electoral College.  It doesn’t even make sense anymore.  Maybe it made sense when the distribution of the population over 13 small states was fairly even it kind of made sense.  The Electoral College alienates voters and encourages many voters to not even participate in general elections.  My home state, for instance, generally votes Democrat even though there are large pockets which are very Republican leaning.  These people are discouraged from voting with the current system because they have little influence on the overall outcome of the Presidential race.  Which means they may not participate at the local level at all.

Even if we believe that representation should happen at all levels, then let the states be proportionally allocated.  You get a proportion of the college from each state.  It’s okay.

Next, if we are supposed to be a representative democracy, then why is the Senate winner take all seats?  This is where I believe the biggest change needs to happen.

There are 100 Senate seats.  The people should vote each year and allocate so many seats to each party.  This would actually be a representative democracy.  It really does not make sense for Delaware to have as many Senate seats as California or New York.  The representation at that level is not distributed appropriately.

Let’s say four parties are running.  For simplicity’s sake, let’s call them parties A, B, C, and D.  Each voter would select a party for whom to vote and then rank choice the preference for who should lead that party at the Senate level.

If Party D only gets 2% of the vote, they only get two seats in the Senate, but they will get to represent a proper amount of the population.  If Party A pulls in 41% of the vote, that’s how many seats they get to fill.  Not a majority, but at least they will have to work with the other parties to pass legislation and confirmations- because those should always stay at a majority.

We need to get rid of Citizens United in order for this to work.

The wealthy already get more advantages in this world than the rest of us.  Why should they get a larger say in the political process?

A major problem with the system today is that parties are not only financed at a high level, but they are also driven from the national level.  Top-down politics has taken away from true representation in our system.  Representation should be bottom-up.  Grass roots politics has never really existed in our system.

This shouldn’t be important:


We shouldn’t be worried about labels.  We should be worried about ideas.  We should take concern with what the big picture of the candidate.  With the petty two party system that exists today, we get caught up in simple ideas.

What should matter is that our representatives should reach back into the community, and be required to do this, in order to properly represent the region from which they came.

Our senators should, in our ever shrinking world, be required to hold online meetings in order to truly represent those who voted that person into office.

What should be required is that we should be involved and not discouraged.

Even if you find politics petty and boring, it should be accessible.

I remember back in fifth grade as we sat around learning about the people who decided to break away from England because they wanted to form a more perfect system.  I remember the words they used to charge up their base.

Taxation without representation.

Why do those words mean even less now?

Because I am a middle aged man who has never felt represented.  If you want to tell me those words were hollow, I’ll believe you.  Because they didn’t believe that all men were created equal.  They didn’t believe in the words “We the people…” and they certainly didn’t write on behalf of the poor or women or slaves.

But it doesn’t mean we cannot demand a better democracy.

In fact, I believe we should take those words above all else and demand a form of government which represents the people more often and more fairly than ever.

Our taxes deserve a stroll up and down the y-axis.

A Tale of Two Parties

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  People were the richest they had ever been.  People were as poor as they ever been.  It was the most diverse of times.  It was the most intolerant of worlds.

And I’m tired of my own cliche already, but it’s valid.  It just is.

In The United States, we believe there are only two ways of thinking.  Or, rather, we want to limit thought to only two ways.  Anything outside of that is considered extreme.  How the two parties have considered thought outside of the accepted party lines has been different.

Let me start with the Republican Party.

The Republican Party was challenged in the last decade by what was considered The Tea Party for a long time.  Now it’s called the Freedom Caucus.  Basically branching off of the Republican platform, The Tea Party decided to work from within the Republican Party.  This is a departure from the Libertarian Party of years past.  The Koch Brothers learned their lesson from a failed run at national office in 1980.  Why work against the two party system when you can take over a portion of it?

The idea, at least from my perspective, is if The Tea Party was able to take over even 10% of the party, they would have influence.  And here we are today, the Freedom Caucus can take the party from a majority in both the House and Senate to a minority quickly.  That makes them extremely powerful for such a small percent of the party.

But the Republicans allowed this power grab by embracing the ideology as acceptable even though they enjoyed their neo-conservative grip on the party during the G.W. Bush years.  They allowed it because they were willing to do anything to block Obama from accomplishing anything.  They allowed it because they were willing to accept the extreme in order to get a majority.

And Obama was blocked from doing virtually anything.  And then called the most divisive president in history.  Repeatedly.

The Democrats have been met with challengers more than once as well.  The Green Party sprouted as a challenge to the neo-liberal thought process that gripped the Democratic Party.  Both Republican and Democrat challenges were presented after eight years of party control.  The Green Party grew because those left of Bill Clinton felt that he did not do enough to advance the agenda of the people and didn’t resist war.

The Republicans were challenged after eight years of Bush and their disappointment of the endless wars and increasing debt.

The Democrats were once again challenged after eight years of Obama.  This time the battle came from within the party.  Much like the Freedom Caucus took power years ago.  The Democrats handled much differently.  Refusing to give up any power to the challengers who felt they were not doing enough, the neo-liberals and corporate Democrats fought back marginalizing Sanders and his supporters.  I documented this often.  Not understanding the success of the Republican Party before them, the Democrats shot themselves in the foot by telling populist voters to get on board or get left behind.

I’m not feeling like I’m saying anything I haven’t covered or you don’t already know.  Background is important.

The Republicans, although divided, have at least been joined in bringing down anything to the left of them.  It also helps that the far right has had regular access to media outlets pushing an agenda through radio, television, and internet.  Let’s face it, Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck, and now disgraced Bill O’Reilly all pushed a far right agenda which helped promote nationalism, lower taxes, war, denying climate change, and this idea that white people were losing rights somehow.  They also controlled media outlets while attacking media outlets as left and liberal.  Shrewd.

The Democrats were unwilling to join in this way, and as a result, moved further to the right by adopting many Republican policies as their own.  The media outlets pushed the neo-liberal agenda as common sense and helped the results we have.  Let’s face it, much of where we are is because the Democrats refused to hold their ground.

Today’s world finds the Democrats demonizing people who are both to the left and right of them as a result of the last election.  They attack those who they marginalized last year for not simply getting in line and allowing their choice to win the election.

Now that I’ve said all that, let’s dismiss the idea that a two party system even makes sense.  Let’s dismiss the idea of left and right.  These are made up ideas to get you to take sides.  These are made up labels.

Democracy should provide democratic choices.  It shouldn’t be team spirit.  The problem is that America doesn’t have a true ground up democracy which allows for people to truly be involved.  Especially with the passing of Citizens United years ago.  The agenda is dictated from the top and the people are then tasked with choosing sides.

Marches and rallies will not accomplish anything.  The House and Senate only report to those who pay for them to have the jobs they have.  And if anybody loses their job in Congress, they can turn that into a lucrative career as a lobbyist.

I know, I know, anybody can complain.  Anybody can point out problems.  Pointing out problems is not the point of this writing.  In order to outline a solution, the problem must be clearly explained.

Here’s the problem:


We’ve been conditioned to think of the world as two opposing forces.  A constant battle of us vs. them.  You are either with us or against us.  It makes it more fun, but it’s not a very good way to represent thought.  Not by any stretch.  And I can understand that maybe the point is so that dangerous policies and points of view don’t take over the system.

Somebody would be in a position to remind me that Hitler was elected.  He was elected because people were desperate.  If a good system is working, people are not desperate.  They are not starving.  They have jobs.  People are not taking radical chances.  But all people need to be represented.  So forcing people to be starving without any opportunity to get out of poverty is a poor system.

People also have this innate desire to label one another.  It’s a far easier task if there are only two possibilities.  When we start looking at more than two sides, it’s way more difficult to demonize.

I think the system was probably reasonable- outside of slavery and women not being able to vote and only home owners could vote and on and on- back when it was written, but I think anything decent should evolve.  Anything decent should be looked at.  And remember that list above before telling me what the Founding Fathers intention was.  I think we know.

Solution next….

Our (Not So) Secret Addiction

It’s time to take a good look in the mirror.

Because this addiction may be destroying us.  All of us.

More people than we ever expected are afflicted by it.

Nearly the rest are complicit.  Even encouraging further abuse.

We revel in the addiction that will soon bring this entire society down if we are not careful.  I believe we are that close.

There is no 12 step program.  There is no support group.

We either remove the addiction from all of our lives or we let it destroy us.

I first learned of this epidemic when I was a young child.

I then saw it celebrated and often.

I saw how crippling it could be when I was a young adult.  It usually only cripples the decision making skills of the addicted.  The decisions cripple others.

It gets passed down from generation to generation.

Fathers to offspring.  To their offspring.  An endless cycle.

And they have taken extraordinary steps to ensure there is no cure.  In fact, we have given this addiction, this epidemic, this mental virus more power over all of us.

Every President I can remember has this problem.

Most of the rest of the government.  People on the streets.  People even dream of becoming powerless to it.  Owned by it.

And just like every other addiction in the world, the problem exists in the fact that those who suffer from excessive greed don’t know when to stop.  They don’t know when they’ve had enough and refuse to admit even if they do see.  They are useless to recognize when they are harming others and society.  They make excuses.  They cover it up.  They lie.

Or, like many other addictions, they simply don’t care what you think about their problem.

When I was very young, my dad would tell me that somebody couldn’t be rich unless they were smart or successful.  Even at a young age this didn’t seem right.  There’s a lot of talented and smart people out there who were not wealthy.

In fact, didn’t my dad see the hypocrisy of his own statement on the matter?  He wasn’t, by any stretch, stupid.

Every adult dreamed of coming up with that one good idea like the Pet Rock.  Hardly an idea.  More like a con.

But that’s the American Dream, right?  I never really thought of it as being able to purchase a house or be able to live a life debt free and take vacations and raise children to have hope.  Because that’s hardly our generation.  It’s definitely not my children’s generation.

The disease has gone too far.

By the time I was a teenager, there was the constant yelling about Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  This was a thing.  We worshiped their addiction so much that we watched it on television.  And that hasn’t ended.  Every reality show is just pampering to the addicted.  These people can’t get enough until we take it away.

How crazy is it that we encourage them to flaunt their addiction?  Because all they wanted to do after that was impress everybody more.  Look at this.  Look how I own this.  Even though I don’t need it.

It became an epidemic.  People would soon be harming themselves with this disease.  People would run lines of credit and further empower the haves.  But they had to.  They wanted everything they saw on television.

It’s as if they were helpless.  Powerless.  Willing to sacrifice everything just to be seen in others’ eyes as something more than they are.  The addiction grew to proportions never once though could be possible.

Full of ego and greed, people set out to destroy everything.

Just for another fix.

Just for a little more.

One more hit of cash.  Even if it’s only on paper.

Ruin others’ lives if you have to.  What do they matter?

See Enron.

Goldman Sachs.

Prime loans.

War after war.

Citizens United.

How are we any different from a totalitarian state at this point?  A totalitarian state controls the news.  With Citizens United, corporations own the media and are now considered people who can control the government.  Modus ponens says that we are a totalitarian state since corporations control the state and the media.

The media praises war because war allows the wealthy to make more money off the people.  The wealthy pay the salaries of the media.  Not mine.

Our dependency on oil will never go away because of this addiction.  If ever a greater example of addiction to money and greed, go not further than the Koch Brothers and other big oil elite.  They are so deep in it that they give away money to get others addicted.

And once you’re hooked.  Tell me about the integrity of all those politicians.  They are nothing but junkies hoping for another fix.

Take a good look in the mirror, America.

What you’ll see is an orange money junkie who will lie, cheat, and steal in order to get another fix.

You built and encouraged this shameful version of ourselves by not stopping this addiction sooner.  You encouraged it.  You always dreamed of being it.

You haven’t really looked at the mirror in a long time have you?

You haven’t seen how bad you have become?  You missed all those steps and waited until we were just about to hit bottom.

Shaking and trembling with each and every fix, you forgot to check yourself.

Those shiny lights of a Hollywood “star” got you all worked up and you told yourself you could control it.  Everything was so exciting and you all went out to max out your credit cards.  It was so exciting.

There was the young charismatic leader who built for profit prisons and created a temporary boom that would make you all feel good about yourselves even though he was exporting your jobs to other countries.  You didn’t care.  It all felt so good.

Hollywood and charismatic was followed by inherited wealth and war.  Many wars.  And home lending corruption.  We thought it couldn’t get any worse.  Unless we follow up another young charismatic Hollywood type with a greater example of inherited wealth.

So what are you going to do?

Sink into the oblivion with your pennies and excite at the life of those who destroyed everything that was once good?

Or change everything.

I say we stop enabling.  Stop excusing.  Stop denying.

First step is to look in the mirror and admit there is a problem.

Leadership- Yesterday vs. Today

When I was a kid, there was probably little I wanted to do more than play football.  I fully enjoyed the sport.

We didn’t have much money as a family, so I waited until I was entering Junior High School and was ready.

I remember my dad took me for the required physical.  The doctor had to sign off on my health and didn’t really want to.  He told me I was healthy, but I was small.  He suggested I wrestle instead so I could play with kids my own size.

I have never been interested in wearing a unitard which fails to cover one’s nipples.

I insisted that I wanted to play football.  Basketball in the winter.  Baseball in the spring.

The doctor tried one more time and signed what he needed to sign and my dad signed the waiver and I was ready to play.

One thing I knew was that I was fast.  I wanted to play receiver and defensive back.  We all went out on that first season and ran and ran.  For two solid weeks.  The amount of kids who were running around the football field probably dropped in half after ten workouts.

It was real work.

The people on the television make it look easy.

But I won the job of starting receiver and safety that season.

It was in my second season that I really started to learn about myself.  I was upset that I showed up on that first day of practice and was somehow not the starting receiver.  But I worked for it, got the attention of the coach, and earned the job.

The coach of that team ran the ball almost exclusively.  In fact, I remember him attempting only one pass and he had only one passing play in the playbook.  Similarly, he put seven people on the defensive line.  He was taking advantage of the fact that we were all too young to really throw the ball effectively.  This coach was in his 60’s and this was back in the mid-80’s.  I’ve always understood that he came from another generation.

He wasn’t of the high flying San Diego philosophy of the time.

So much had changed in the time that television started broadcasting football.

So I had to take a position on the defensive line.  Something I wasn’t all that interested in.  Yes, I wanted to play, but I wasn’t all that big, as discussed above, and wasn’t interested in the struggle at the line.

Here’s where I’m pretty much ready to shift.

We were practicing one afternoon.  I was on the defensive line.  The coach told the offense to go on one.  As the ball was snapped, I felt his foot hit my ass.

He didn’t know who Red Foreman would be, but apparently that was his thinking

I got the point.  Get off the line faster.  I think he could have delivered that message better.  But this is back when teachers beat children rather regularly.

In a different point I may make another time, I didn’t finish a third season.  That’s financial and I believe it’s a timely discussion.

Fast forward to about a month ago.  I’m watching a Spring Training baseball game.

I’ve written often how much I enjoy baseball and how much the beginning of the season means to me.  This is also how long I’ve been thinking of writing on this topic.

The announcers were discussing the stark contrast of the current management and the managers from when they played 20 plus years ago.

Baseball managers have long been known for having a temper.  There’s videos of many managers red faced, kicking dirt, throwing bases, and on and on.  Such great comedy.  These old school managers were foot in your ass managers.

The announcers were saying that the current management was more interested in staying calm, analyzing statistics and trends, and creating a comfortable atmosphere for the players.

The announcer continued, with the amount of money these players make, if a manager pushes players too hard, they’ll just go somewhere else.

Over 600 words.  I want to get to my point.

I’ve had many different kinds of bosses.  People learn from those whom they responded best.  Some people like to get kicked in the ass.  There’s a whole bunch of people who enlist into the military.

The military was never for me.  Neither was getting kicked in the ass.

I’ve been a leader for many years.  I believe in analysis.  I believe in measurements and metrics.  I believe that people need to go to work, be on time, and do their part to achieve the goals of the group.  Can’t start a game late.

But, much like the announcers on the game were saying, I’ve always believed if I treat those who report to me well, they will perform better for me and come back.

Unlike the argument about baseball players making so much money they can just refuse to play, wages are so low in this world that there is simply too much competition at the minimum wage level.

The minimum wage in my state is $11/hour.  One may be able to get up to $12.50 or $13 someplace.   While an extra couple of dollars can be a couple months’ rent and certainly helped with bills, there’s another job around and it’s not worth getting your ass kicked on a daily basis.  The young change jobs so often.  This wasn’t always the case.

Think about that minimum wage.  $440/week.  $1,760/month.  One can’t even find an apartment in this area for less than $1,000/month.  And there will be taxes taken out of that wage.  Gas.  Food.  Life.

Even at the extra $320/month at the high end of the scale, you better not need anything extra in your life.  Better not get sick.  It’s definitely not going to give anybody a great quality of life.

In fact, management really should take into consideration that the people reporting to work these days are already getting their ass kicked in life.

But this about management style.  This is about old school “kick you in the ass” because good luck getting a better job than this one vs I take care of my people and give goals so they will work for me tomorrow.

There’s been too much change over the last forty years.  The distribution of wealth has changed the landscape.  And, furthermore, the need for a more robust working class has changed the landscape of the workplace.  People have to be more sensitive.  They have to take others into account.

Mad Men and All in the Family is the past.

Our leaders should all evolve.


International Fact Check Day


I clearly remember the first April Fool’s Day that was presented to me.  Let’s face it.  One must be exposed to those who think it’s entertaining to fool you in order for you to realize that April Fool’s Day is a a thing.

I was six and my family had moved into the state on April First.  We had to take shelter with my grandparents until a place to live was found.  Until a job was found.

This was before the internet.  Before some list by Craig.

My uncle was only 13 or 14.  I remember him repeatedly pointing to the ground and saying things like, “Look, a snake!”

He may have got me to look once.  I am not even sure one time happened.

I remember being annoyed.

He was young.  Maybe younger than me.

I learn that today has been International Fact Checking Day.  Seems appropriate.

I’ll take part of a quote said to the world this morning on CNN.

Facts, reason, evidence, logic…

All I heard.  Apply to politics.  Apply to religion.  Apply to every single aspect of your life.

Hardly anything that our country has become.  Hardly anything this nation believes in.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day.  It only makes sense the following day be International Fact Check Day.  After we spend a whole day trying to fool each other, we should spend a day checking the facts.

Complete irony.  After spending 99% (and I’m not singling out one day) of our time trying to fool each other, we should spend at least an hour fact checking the bullshit we are sold.


And then I watched this news program featuring John Dickerson.

If your mother says she loves you, check it out.

The fact is that every single day should be fact check day.  It’s our responsibility as Americans to question.  It’s not that there should be no trust, but we should learn who to trust.

The narrative in this country has turned from those who we completely trust as honest news reporters to those who we completely trust to tell me what I want to hear.  There’s a difference.  Because your side isn’t always right.

Your side may, honestly, always be wrong.  And so may the other side.

This isn’t a matter of right and wrong.

It’s a matter of truth and lies.

It’s the fact that news has become opinion spinning lies in order to get people to participate as they like.

I watched a segment on CNN yesterday in which eight Donald Trump supporters were used as a discussion group and asked how well they think the Donald has done so far.  Complete setup.  All but one gave Agent Orange an “A” grade.  The one that did not said he would not give an A.  Ever.

The fact is that the ultimate deal maker has yet to make a deal.  He has signed executive order after executive order.  And played lots of golf.  And wasted tax payer money at a record pace.

Fact check me.

All are things that Trump complained that Obama did.  And often.

We are so interested in taking sides and believing that our side is right, that we refuse to fact check anything that we are sold from the sources we believe to be true.

Fake News is a real thing.  It happens everyday.  Not like Trump pretends that it does, but so much of our media is opinion.  Why Koppel told Hannity he is bad for America.

As Dickerson said, it is easy to believe what we want when there are others who will support our opinion.  Thanks to the internet it is easy to find those with whom we can agree.

But who is checking facts?

I will again remind myself of two phrases I tried so hard to raise my kids on.

Think for yourself.

Question authority.

I still insist that even if Russia did do all that people are claiming, the blame lies on you.  The American people.

Fact check it.  Even if for only one day.

Somehow we were left with two of the most unpopular candidates in history.  And you were told to choose one.  Spinach or brussell sprouts?  Choose now!  Somehow half the nation decided not to choose and, instead, stay home.

Fact check me please.

And stop retweeting every asshole on twitter.  Fact check them.  You don’t even have to comment.  Just question internally.

Because, I’m telling you, even though the President keeps pointing at your feet and yelling snakes,  you might want to fact check that and look at what he’s hiding.

He hasn’t earned an A.

And he can probably point to more skeletons than snakes if you get him to.