Health “Care”

I’ve written something similar to this before.  But it’s relevant again.  And it’s also still upsetting.

When Obama rolled out his health care plan, he admitted it had many flaws.  My wife and I discussed the flaws at length- probably until she became nauseous.

The biggest problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it was written by the insurance companies.  Their fingerprints are all over this thing.  That’s why change is necessary.

It is very similar, in my opinion, to the automobile insurance plans.  So you’re telling me I have to get insurance?  And there are limited options?  And when I sign up they can raise my rates regardless of whether or not I’ve been a bad driver?

Sign that fucking bill.

Health insurance is even more deviant.  Your options are even more limited.

There is one hospital nearby.  It’s become for profit since my children were born in it.  It’s become ridiculous.  There is no way they are charging a fair price.  No way.

But what are my choices?  And they know this.

They are taking advantage of the fact they have a monopoly.  For profit is never better.  Never.  Especially when people’s lives are stake.

Enter the word “care,” because this is the key to everything.

Obamacare has a mandate that you get insurance.  The insurance companies get compensated through the government.  Your taxes are paying the insurance companies.

Your taxes are not providing “care” and I don’t ever think that was the intention the way it was written.

So we need to repeal and replace it.  With something so much better.

In an odd twist of events, let’s look at the following equation.

Trump + Care = WTF?

Seriously.  He only cares about himself and getting high ratings.

Repeal and replace that hair for fuck’s sake.

Anyway, where this new plan seems to be “better” than the old plan is that it is written specifically to compensate the insurance companies and health care providers even more.  It gives them tax breaks and, wait for it, welfare so that they might be willing to help people.

Opposite of care.  It just is.

care (kâr)

  • n.
    A burdened state of mind, as that arising from heavy responsibilities; worry.

This definition is in no way close to what any health care act tries to accomplish.  Unless you feel a burden toward the entitled and wealthy health care industry.

So here’s my opinion.

America is in desperate need of health care reform.  The people who provide this reform actually need to “care” and this is important.  The government is supposed to work for the people.  Not for the corporations.

Corporations are NOT people.  Please fix this.

Health care costs need to be driven down.  We should not be profiting so much from illness.  Illness and injury should not be opportunity.

Can our government make any decisions which benefit people?

Not until there is election reform is my guess.

And after election reform, maybe we can reform health care.

America is so drunk on corporate power that an intervention is really necessary.

Put down the wallet.

And start to care.


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