Tell Me If I’m Full Of Shit

I’ve probably written on this story before.  I don’t think it matters.

I’m reminded of it after watching a segment on CNN.  They told me that Trump has fired many people who did not agree with him 100%.

And then I watched a segment on MSNBC.  Similar story.

I’ve talked of a manager I had early on in my life who was the first to promote me.  I was around 24.  He said, “The reason I’m promoting you is because you are the only person here who will tell me if I’m full of shit.”

He continued, “You can’t tell me this all of the time.  I know what I’m doing.  But if you see something blatantly wrong, call me on it.”

I’ve spent my entire career telling people the same thing.  Promoting people with the same line.  Trying to get people to help me succeed.

I can’t see everything.  I know processes.  I know how to work toward metrics.  I know.
But, as I tell everybody who has been promoted under me, let me know if I’m missing something.  I tell them I want them to succeed.  I tell them I take care of those who take care of me.  I tell them I believe in empowering people.

I don’t like failing.  I don’t like letting people down.

I’ve had bosses on the other end of the spectrum.  Keep me away from those people.  I cannot believe in anybody who thinks every thought they ever had was the only correct thought.  It’s not.

I watch the news today.


The news reports Trump’s hypocrisy.  Trump calls it fake news.  The news reports that they are not fake news.

You are being duped.  All of you.


And now the “fake news” is reporting on how Trump won’t accept anybody who does not agree with him.

Small hands needs to be big enough to accept a person who tells him he is full of shit.

And so does Clinton and the Democratic failure that is looming.  Wait.  That has already happened.  Accept that you are full of shit.  Accept you are barking up the wrong tree.
Just because you have all the money does not make you right.  It actually makes you elitist.  It actually makes you the enemy.  Not the press.

Inherited wealth is not brilliance.

A career politician is not brilliance.

Super PACs do not make you smarter. Or my trustworthy.

All of you need to accept that you are wrong sometimes.

Full of shit.

Maybe out of touch.

And now I’m thinking of more lyrics.

We’re all equal
Except for you
‘Cause you’re an asshole with an ugly point of view
And your insecurities
Can’t you tell, they’re driving me insane
Maybe in one day
They will conquer all
But in the mean time, you can try to build your walls
Our generation
We’re taking over
Hope we don’t die with that
Chip on your shoulder
Maybe in one day

I agree with the generation point.  Because, regardless of party, the younger generation is more progressive than previous generations.  We all know somebody.  We’ve all met people.

I’ve raised my children on a couple rules.  They are not original thoughts, but I’ve accepted them.

Question everything.

Think for yourself.

So I expect they will succeed with a boss who is willing to be questioned.

I welcome it.

And the flaw I see in the current world is that it is not accepted.  It’s frowned upon.  We have a leader who will not accept challenge.  In fact, each challenge prompts him to question the question.  It’s really a horrible scheme.  It’s really a horrible flaw in a leader.

In my opinion.

Listen, Cheeto head, if you won’t accept criticism, you’re not fit for the job.

I don’t think you’re fit for the job you’ve been doing the last 40 years.  You’ve been a failure who has merely used the system and inherited wealth to feed your ego.  Bankruptcy is real.  You fucking failed four times.  And then there is the USFL.  And the marriages.  Maybe you needed somebody to tell you that you were wrong or going the wrong direction.  But you refused to listen or accept criticism.

So you bullshit your way through life and then you bullshit people with red hats and orange skin.

Fuck you.

I’ll do it.  I’ll let you know.

You’re full of shit.

I got this job back in May.  I worked six days a week for a few months not taking a day off until I determined who was in my crew I could trust and who might actually question me.  I made the right choice.

He tells me I’m missing something if I really am.

I’m good with this.  I’m not always right and I don’t pretend to be perfect.

I’m human.

I’m saying if I was President of the United States….

I would only hire people if I’m convinced they they would tell me if they think I’m completely full of shit.

But if I were President, you couldn’t tell me I’m full of shit all the time.

>If I won convincingly.


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