Benevolent Dictator- Bait and Switch

I promise this will come together, so bear with the pieces of information in the beginning.

We are the product of everything that has happened to us.  This is the truth.  I refuse to believe anything else because I’ve witnessed this over and over.  It starts with the genes that were given to us, it moves on to how we were raised, it’s influenced by the people and events we’ve witnessed and interacted with, and it ends with death.

There are random events between genes and death which will influence us all with some coefficient.  Yes, I believe it’s math.

When I write, I often find inspiration from those in which I can have honest discussions.

I have a problem:  I cannot back down from any conversations regardless of topic.

It’s a flaw I’ve learned to live with.

I currently have a boss who goes to great lengths to restrict honest discussion regarding anything.  I received an email once.

Years ago I had weekly interactions with a person from the other side of this country.  He picked up product every Tuesday.  That was it.  And he would come in to my office and wait for his paperwork.

He hated Obama.  Told me that Obama would take away all our guns.  He told me that he lived in Illinois and knew best what Obama really wanted to do.

I wish Joe was alive now for me to show him how many guns everybody has.

Joe also discussed with me one night that what the United States really needs is a benevolent dictator.  He thought we needed a person who would step in, do what’s right for everybody, and things would just fix itself.

Because, let’s face it, the reason we can’t have good things is because Congress is too easily influenced to do the wrong thing.  At all cost.

Greed ruins everything.

We’ve all seen it repeatedly.

But I don’t think Joe was alone, because while half the country sat at home on election night, the rest voted for a man who they seemingly thought could be that benevolent dictator.

The key was that the country needs to move away from politics as usual.  Step away from the normal that we’ve experienced over the last forty years.

I think if Joe were alive today, we’d revisit this benevolent dictator discussion from eight years ago.  We’d revisit whether or not the man who ran to be the benevolent dictator has changed adjectives.  Spoiler alert:  Trump is not benevolent.  At least not to the average person.

He’s really just dictator.

No, corporate dictator.

Were he to be a benevolent dictator, his executive orders would be very different.

His cabinet would be completely different.

I recently read that the word “very” should never be used because there is a better word to describe what you are saying.  I’m not sure I have one for very different, but I’m going to think on that.

A benevolent dictator would not ban people from a certain region.

A benevolent dictator would not hire only men to decide what women would be legally allowed to do regarding their bodies.

A benevolent dictator would not sign only billionaires on to help run the government as if it was a fraternity of the wealthy.  One cannot really run the government like a business.

A benevolent dictator would never use religion.

A benevolent dictator would not deregulate.

A benevolent dictator would not be so upset about his daughter losing business with Nordstrom’s.  Or Macy’s.  Or Ross.

So I have some executive orders that a benevolent dictator may sign.  Because, let’s face it, a benevolent dictator is making rules to help people.  Not business.  If people have money, then business will do well.

Those were the laws of the past.

We have conned people into thinking that businesses need continued growth on our backs.  We have convinced the people that they need less than they’ve ever had before so that the Trump family can have more each and every year.

And so that the Koch Brother finally feel like people because of Citizen’s United.

It’s like what happened to Pinocchio.

So here are a few executive orders I would sign.  Things that would really help people.

  1.  I’m calling this the Vonnegut Amendment- Every person who wants a job deserves to get a job at a living wage.  Basically, we need to encourage the growth of this country not through golf courses and credit and Wall Street, but through middle class growth.  We need to get people in a position where they can spend money readily and stimulate the economy.  We need to help people raise families.
  2. No corporation is human.  They just aren’t.  They have people who work for them.  They cannot donate anymore than they could the lowest earning human.  They cannot spend company money influencing the government.  Stop giving more influence to the wealthy.  It does nobody any good.
  3. Churches start paying taxes.  If a barista is responsible for paying taxes on her tips, then a pastor should have to pay taxes on his tips.  When I see churches larger and better built than the neighborhoods they live near, we have an issue.  You may say this is ultimate socialism.  I say the wealth of a church should exist only in the words that are said.
  4. On top of that, a clear separation of church and state.  It needs to happen.  There should not be a PAC for every major religion so that they get to influence politicians.  There should not be anybody who tells me what his or her religion says in regards to a certain law.  I call this the Reason Amendment.
  5. A Fighting Chance Amendment- All people have a right to education, health care, and time off work.  We need to rebuild the family and the mental state of those within the family.  We should privatize education nor health care.  We shouldn’t profit off those wanting to do better for themselves.  We need to develop a country to be prosperous, and the best way to achieve that is to guarantee all people have a chance and opportunity.  I find it laughable that wealthy, corporate Republicans talk about family while unwilling to help even the poorest earning families.
  6. Congress can only give themselves raises if the people get more money each year.  I’m not looking at median wages.  I’m talking minimum wage.  If the demand for the average employee raises 3%, Congress can take a 3% raise.  Congress only gets health care for life if they offer people health care for life.  There needs to be a fair representation of the people in Congress.

There’s my benevolent dictator orders for day one.

Maybe I’ll come back with day two soon.

Regardless, we need to build up the working class again.


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