I’m Calling for an Immediate Ban…

I’m calling for an immediate, but temporary, ban on all billionaires in this country.  They are our biggest threat to the American Way today.

I’ve decided that the arbitrary number of $610 million is enough for anybody to live on.  I’ve decided that if somebody cannot live on that amount of money for the rest of their life, they are not smart enough to be American.

I’ve decided that the worst Presidents we have had over the years were only who they were because of inherited wealth.  So inherited wealth is a threat to our very being and how we operate.  Inherited wealth is a bigger threat to society than any religion.

Although religions are pretty unhealthy too.

I’ve decided that if you need more than the arbitrary value I chose above, that you’re just collecting dollars and using the American system as a game in which collecting dollars determines the winner.  If you collect and don’t spend, you are not contributing to the health of the country.  Ultimately if people have lots of money they are taking that money out of the economy.

I’ve decided that in today’s climate, if you have more than my arbitrary value listed above, that you are more likely to try and buy politicians and negatively influence our bullshit democracy.  If it’s already bullshit and you’re trying to make it more bullshit, then you are a threat to our nation.

I’m trying to make America great again.  Over the last 40 years the greatest threat is the wealthy elite.  They undermine our laws and rig the system so that you and I cannot get a fair shake in this world.

They have decided they will never have enough and will never know what enough is.  They have decided it is okay to hold you down and keep you poor and in debt in order to make their collective ego larger.

They have decided that there are certain things that are only for the wealthy.  Good luck getting them.  Oh, you thought you should have higher education?  You think you should get a vacation?

Are you still waiting for your trickle?

Are you still waiting for it to stop landing in the pockets of those who already own everything?

Are you seeing deregulation as a method to help the wealthy get wealthier?

Are you asking yourself how the media can be the opposition party when they are owned by the wealthy elite?

So, stand with me.  Let’s abolish elitism.  Let’s abolish the ultra-wealthy class.  You will never be represented when these very wealthy people have so much control.

And isn’t that what this country was founded on?  Weren’t those the original protests?

Taxation without Representation.

Why the tea was thrown into the harbor.

So let’s fix this nation.

I’m fine with people being wealthy.

I’m not fine with being overly influential.  It’s damaging our entire system.

One more time.

I’m calling for the immediate ban on billionaires in the United States.  They are a threat to your very livelihood.



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