Inflammatory and Ridiculous

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the new President of the United States made his name and living by being inflammatory.  Even ridiculous.  He had a catch phrase and was not much more than a reality TV star.

Somebody I work with was asking me questions about the new president and his wife the day after his inauguration.

Yes, she did pose nude.

Yes, he did cheat on his first wife with his second wife and he cheated on his second wife with his third wife.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about cheating on his wife.

How times have changed.

Bill Clinton also said he didn’t inhale.  I feel like today’s world would expect a different answer.  Marijuana is becoming acceptable.

So, Bill Maher is on Jimmy Kimmel the other day.  My wife records these episodes and was watching this one.

I cannot stand Bill Maher.  He is really no different than Donald Trump.  Bill Maher, and I’ve said this in the past, is a misogynist.  He runs the same show each week, and tries to get a rise out of people with inflammatory comments on the state of the world.

John Oliver is not different.  I actually cannot stand John Oliver more.  He is always saying, it is literally like fucking a kitten….

No, nothing he thinks is literally like is really literal.  He is a piece of shit ass hole trying to get a rise out of people.

And I don’t have a problem with that.  But I don’t want to watch it.

Because your president handled himself in this exact same way.  Is that what we’ve become?  A nation of ridiculous but excusable comments?

We need to treat each other better.

And we need to expect more.

And we need to expect a better dialogue.  We need to insist on real journalists.

We need something more from what passes as news.

Because I can see the path we are headed down.

Greed and deception and hyperbole.

Tune in and tune out your brain.  Because these people will tell you what to think and create a dialogue so divisive that you will never think for yourself again.

Please, demand a little more.

And stop putting money in these people’s bank accounts.

Alarming is not thoughtful.

Thoughtful is what we need.

We need real journalism.

Not reality television.

New rule: stop giving attention to hyperbolic heads who don’t really know what’s good and what not.  They are all simply trying to make themselves rich.

I’m looking at you Bill Maher.  You misogynist ass hole.  Constantly demeaning women and talking down to the world instead of opening for discussion is counterproductive.

And it’s working.

Let them all go.

Because the result is the President you have.

And he’s not a good answer.

But I’d vote for this guy…




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