A Little Bit of Math

Inaugural balls are interesting for a man who said “grab ’em by the pussy.”

We are getting stupider in this country at this time.  And I’m not sure that we will ever fix it.  Interesting thing is that we have allowed the corporations to run the country and they don’t want the population to be smarter.

If I was running a country, I’d want people to be as smart as possible, and I’d be financing the future of my country.

This country has decided that good education is only for the wealthy so that they continue to dominate the wealth and opportunities.  I would want the smartest and most educated country one could buy.

Thomas Jefferson told the world that a Democracy should require an intelligent voting class.  At least an educated one.  We’ve dumbed the voters down for over 200 years.

I did a quick search.  Education receives 3% of the federal tax dollars.

Charter schools and private schools are better, but they are designed to keep affluent children at an advantage.

If the minimum wage is under a level in which people can live almost comfortably,  then they cannot afford an education that actually works better.  The lack of spending is designed only to keep poor people at a disadvantage.

Math is important.

Why do we spend so much on defense and not on education?

I missed the inauguration today.  I have what would be considered a middle class job.  It happens during both election day and inauguration day.  I think most of society has to work on these days.

Which might contribute to the fact that nearly 50% of the country did not vote in the General Election this cycle.

People have to work.  And their options were not good.  So they went home and had an alcoholic beverage.

Michael Moore was interviewed by Chris Hayes.  I’m watching this trying to get information about what happened today.  I’m disappointed.  In the whole broadcast.

Michael Moore.  I may be liberal.  Very liberal.  But I rarely agree with Michael Moore.

He did a rant in which he told Chris Hayes that Trump won with 46% of the vote but his approval rating is 38%.  Something like that.

Moore said, where did 8% of his support go?

Here’s the thing.  Half of the country did not vote!  I already said this.  So half of the country did not fucking approve of the political process nor believe that America’s democracy is legitimate.

Again, you did this.

Trump’s approval rating was low.

Clinton’s approval rating was low.

Both of them had high disapproval ratings.

Simple math.

You cannot compare the voting percentage to support percentage.  I don’t feel like drawing a Venn Diagram right now, but 46% of 50% is not a good number.

Apathy actually won the election and I think Apathy has a low approval rating.

Oh, and anybody who wants to talk about being from Michigan all the time and wear a 49ers cap.  Go away.

Also, I’m pretty sure 90% of the population thought Kellyanne Conway’s outfit today was ridiculous.

Then I read this.

One thing we’ve learned. We have by far the highest IQ of any cabinet ever assembled.

Trump said this.  He may have been joking.  I don’t think so.

Because then 100% of his tweets are a joke.

IQ is a horrible metric.  I’ve read that Trump has a 150 IQ.  I think he was just given a small loan of one million and then an inheritance that allowed him to not have to truly work again.

This money from day one also gave Trump the opportunity to never have to interact with common people.

None of this is IQ.  It’s simply opportunity.

IQ would have to include poor people, because being born poor does not mean a person is dumb or is not capable.  It means that person was born without opportunity.  So the cabinet with the highest IQ will never happen because many don’t get the call when they send in their resume.  Only the wealthy get this chance.

IQ is also a poor measure.  As if intelligence is really measurable.  As if it is really a Normal Curve.

Intelligence is not normal.  Neither is emotion.

Unless you assume your audience is ignorant.

Then include a ten minute prayer.

Tell people you will rid them of radical Islamist terrorism.

Pretend you care about the people.

Use catch phrases.

Because, and here’s my last number, if you are not willing to spend money to educate people, there is a really good chance they will make a poor choice.

I’m going to say with 100% certainty that ignorance and disinformation are paramount to the situation we’ve put ourselves in.


Six years of schooling for lower middle class wages?

And now there aren’t enough text books to go around?

And college tuition has increased by 180%?

But the football team looks good.

And, let’s face it, 100% of the population seems to care more about winning a championship of some level than educating the the people.

We are a species, like it or not.  Understand it or not.  We are a species which should rely on and understand math.

We have big brains.

Use them.


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