Thoughts On The Presentation Of History

Today is January 19, 2017.

Tomorrow, January, 20, 2017, Donald Trump becomes president.

You did this to yourself, America.

This is less about that, and more about how history will present that.

Remember the dates, because that’s what the history books will ask for.

On which date did Trump ban all Muslims?

On which date did Trump sign into law that Mexicans are not eligible for entitlements?

On which date did Trump decide orange is not brown and therefore his skin color would be the darkest allowed by immigration?

Name the date when Trump tweeted something ridiculous (all dates are acceptable answers).

On which date was Trump impeached?

On what date did Mike Pence get sworn into office?

On what date did Mike Pence reverse Roe v. Wade?

When did Pence sign into law Christian Law?

This post isn’t about Trump or what I think Trump will do.  It really isn’t.  It’s about how we present history to the future.  We do it poorly.

I was always annoyed with history class because it meant memorizing every stupid fucking thing that happened.  It never meant understanding why it happened.  And that is exactly what we should be discussing with our youth.  But that leaves children too informed and and jaded.

Take the Soviet Revolution of 1917.  Do you think that most text books did much more than discuss what happened and most teachers did more than make you memorize dates and numbers?

One would learn more from Animal Farm than from the school system.  And this should bother you.

And that leads me to what I really want to write about.  The presentation of ideas.

Who controls the past now controls the future
Who controls the present now controls the past
Who controls the past now controls the future
Who controls the present now?

This was an election about change.  I’ve repeated that the left didn’t listen.  They decided to go against the will of the people.  And they will pay for it.

Do not ask me to memorize dates.

Do not ask me to memorize numbers.

This happened because the politicians decided that money was more important that people.  That corporations would make them rich.  That they didn’t care if this was a democracy.

This election happened because of over 30 years of trickle down.  And now we have a primary beneficiary of trickle down taking office.

What history should be teaching us is that when we repress the working class, they eventually rise up.

Let’s talk about Russia prior to 1917.

Let’s talk about working conditions in the United States prior to unions.

Let’s talk about the French Revolution.

We are where we are because of Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives living next door to each other on the political spectrum and divisively being exactly the same to the working class.

Hiring a rich megalomaniac to the highest position in America.  That doesn’t solve anything.  Supporting a guy who has not paid taxes in decades with tax payer money is the funniest joke I have ever heard had it not become true.  And, I know, he is not accepting the Presidential wage, but we spend more than his wage on security every single day.

Besides, as an example of how one can screw over the working class, the guy who is not paying taxes has taken a job in the service sector supported by tax money to further make money in his private life.

For change, you have all succumbed to the biggest lie in the history of Western Civilization.

You didn’t even fall for it.  48% of the population simply stayed home.

The fall of the Roman Empire may have started this way.

Apathy and complacency.

Why history should be taught properly.

Because people who have once created great societies for themselves always destroy it.

And people who take advantage of societies generally get destroyed.

But they don’t care, because, let’s be real, the human brain is too large for our petty emotions.  We rarely do what’s right.  We, generally, do what will get us a better life today.

So memorize tomorrow’s date.

There will be more dates to memorize.

There will probably be a few laws that Trump will pass before he is impeached.

The fact is that the result of this has to be beneficial.  Remember how we got here.  Remember why.

Remember how corporations have been systematically taking control for so long and that is why your life is worse today than it should have been.

Stop excusing the guilty.

You did this to yourself, America.  And I’m afraid you’re not done.

Write your history better.  Accurately.

Warn your children.  Don’t bore them.

Be good to the future, and use history as the tool.


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