Ducks… Swimming to Keep Their Home from Freezing Over

I’m starting with a picture.

Because it is what I saw as I took my dog out to use the earth as a bathroom.

No toilet paper.


The pond behind my house has frozen over.  Except for a circle created by the ducks swimming in a frantic circle.  They have to do this every year.  They swim and swim in order to keep their entire home from being destroyed.  They pin themselves to a small piece of what they know and understand in the summer, spring, and fall.

But they struggle to not lose their homes and their habitat and their livelihood.

What made this picture worth trying to take is because it has been snowing all day.  Snowing enough to cover the ice that has been taking over these ducks home for the past month.  The snow served as a black light.

Let’s get all metaphorical.  Why not?  It’s what really made me take the picture.

I feel like one of these ducks.  Swimming in circles trying to simply stay warm.

You likely feel like one of those ducks too.

Picture the ice as the status quo.  Consider it the already wealthy.  The affluent.  The government.  The neo cons.  The neo libs.  The center.  Where Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton meet on the political chart.

The truth is all these groups are trying to push the ducks into a smaller circle.

Spin in circles little ducks.  Do not try to force progress.  Accept your position in life.

The ice will push further and further into your domesticated areas.

I hear Obama last night deliver a very well presented speech that was not only emotional but also inspiring.  It was a very good speech.

Just as he presented at the 2004 Democratic Convention.  Just as he campaigned in both 2008 and 2012.

He is great at speeches.  And ideas.  And getting people to vote.

And he sounded much more progressive, again, that he did when the election was actually happening.  He sounded much more Bernie than Hillary.  He has presented so many ideas over the years that simply didn’t happen.  He is great at speeches.

Swim in circles little duckies.

And simply decide on the opposite in order to allow the ice to encroach further into your lives.  You know it won’t keep the ice from getting closer.  You know it’s a bad decision.

But you make it anyway.  You make it because all you are doing is swimming in circles.  You’re too afraid to decide to go any other direction but in circles.  Because that’s all you know and you’re tired of it.

This is the way it goes.  When the ice starts to come and creeps upon your world, swim in circles.

Just hope it doesn’t take more of your world.



Go in circles.

And don’t change a fucking thing.

Trump does a press conference, but he already knows you’ve been swimming in circles and dissatisfied with your progress.  Worried about all your little ducklings.  He tells you crazy shit.

Over and over and over.  He’s been doing it for enough winters that you accept it as okay.

Actually, you buy it all.  All of it.

Meanwhile he’s making backroom deals and getting you to stop swimming in circles all together.

He’s taking more of your pond because you’re so goddamn taken aback by his craziness that you literally stop swimming.

Keep swimming ducks.  Keep flipping your webbed feet.


Because if you give up any more of the damn pond…

Did you know that before Reagan was controlling the weather, the ducks had half this fucking pond?

Sure there were some cold days, but the pond was more open.  The ducks could swim in more of it.

Disgruntled at your own decisions not to swim, the ducks have allowed themselves only a small portion.

And I don’t see it getting any better.  Distraction is king

So keep arguing on twitter.  Let’s see where that gets you.



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