Radical Political Thought

So, this will be quick.  I didn’t write about what I wanted to write about.  I’ll get there.

Instead, I was wandering through Amazon wondering where my light bulbs are when Amazon suggest that I buy a book with Noam Chomsky as the author.  Well, Chomsky and two others.

I click.  Why not?  I have several of his books.  Manufacturing Consent is genius.



Radical Political Thought.

This is the flaw of the American system right now.

The use of “radical” before “political thought” to describe something very real.

It’s how Bernie Sanders was brought down by the media.  I argue he wasn’t brought down.  I argue Clinton lost twice.

I argue that this book may actually speak truth and not be radical.

Chomsky was once invited onto media programs to discuss events.  He is a genius.  He has been marginalized.  There was a point where he was no longer invited.  His opinion was dismissed.  They called him radical.

When Ted Cruz argues that the “lamestream media blah blah blah cheese chin my daughters hate me and I have a foot fetish…”

He is really distracting from the truth.  His party owns the media.

But taking a man who speaks, ultimately, the truth and reducing him to “radical political thought” takes away from what many people are feeling.

Chomsky saying that there is a requiem (ceremony for the death of) the American Dream is not radical.  It has happened.  Like him or hate him, your president elect announced the death of the American Dream last year.

He won because people want change.  But not Chomsky’s vision of change.  People have bought into change which rewards billionaires.


Consent has been manufactured.  Watch the video.  Read the book.  Manufacturing Consent is so relevant.

What is so radical about pointing out the American Dream has died?

What is so radical about having an opinion?

By pointing out the blatant and obvious to a people who drool over The Kardashians and The Bachelor and The Apprentice that the American Dream is dead should not be radical.

The Kardashians, Donald Trump, and the American obsession with beauty and wealth has killed what was once attainable.  It all started with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Shutting down health care is radical.  Limiting access to voting booths is radical.  Holding a living wage hostage is radical.  Killing the American Dream with Citizens United is radical.

Pointing out the flaws in all those ideas is not radical.

We’ve moved too far right.

Enjoy your wall, America.  Because Trump now wants Congress to pay for it.  Not Mexicans.  And Mexico can’t wait.


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