Capitalism Addicts

I was struck by a graphic I saw the other day.  A graphic that showed that 17 Cabinet members for Trump own more wealth than the bottom 43% of The United States.

For years I’ve heard the idea that we should run the government like a business.

At least businesses know how to make money, people would argue.

I look at the CEO of Exxon as a potential Secretary of State and feel that his only benefit from this position is to create diplomacy where the oil is.  Something we’ve been doing for years.  Really.

We didn’t care about Russia attacking the Ukraine until Russia hacked our elections.  There is no oil in Ukraine.  We weren’t looking for the toppling of governments in Indonesia or North Korea.  We weren’t ever looking at the horrific actions in many African nations.  Ever.

Trump knows so much about hacking and so much more than the average person.

This is my thesis.  Of this excrement.

Excremental thesis.

Businesses and corporations make decisions to extract money from your wallet.  Governments are supposed to make decisions which benefit the people.

If one were to make a Venn Diagram of decisions that businesses make which actually help the people, I’m guessing it would be a sliver of the two circles.

What Reagan started in the 80’s and what W nearly perfected over a decade ago is what Trump wishes to expose blatantly today.

Trickle down economics was a failure.  It created a bubble that the Baby Boomers felt pretty good about.  The views of the prior generations combined with the credit everything attitude of the Reagan years created a nice little pocket of income which benefited that entire generation.

What happened afterward was awful.  The Clintons created a bubble by incarcerating poor people.  The War on Drugs was great for the economy.  Driving low income workers into prison and forcing once middle wage workers into low income jobs by deporting the economy with NAFTA was genius.

Just like a business would do.

And they probably did.  They probably paid for that change.

Privatized prisons and hospitals run by Multi-Care instead of the government.

Who’s looking out for you?

Now we just need a war.  We just need a reason to reward oil and defense companies.  No bid contracts.

Hey, and let’s allow Wall Street to make their own rules on loans.  Who is going to tell us no?

So let’s now give the wealthy folks more power.  Let’s run this country like a business.  They know how to make money.

If you want to make money, deport jobs.  Keep minimum wage low.  Create a higher demand for low income jobs.  Raise the cost of products by facilitating a higher cost in oil which springs a higher cost in moving goods.

Let’s keep the lower class low.  Let’s eliminate the middle class.  Let’s exaggerate the wealthy and offer them tax payer dollars.  Which keeps the lower class low.

Our government has been run like a business for over 30 years.  That’s what it is when decisions are based on how to move wealth up instead of to the people doing the work.

That’s what it is when decision are made based on your advertiser’s (donor’s) needs instead of the employees (workers).

I’m going to keep this short because I want to write on a fairly similar topic tomorrow.

Trump is an easy target.  He’s a blatant ass hole who has words which do not support his actions.  He’s just another person who has conned his way into making more money for his benefit.

Because, like any addict, one never knows when they’ve had enough.  One never knows when to say no.  One can’t help the chance to get and make more.

Trump is an addict.  And he is appointing capitalism addicts to his Cabinet.

What do you get for your vote?

Likely nothing.

But you got a cute little orange guy in exchange for your entertainment addiction.


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