‘Twas a Political Storm

‘Twas the night before Christmas and at the White House
They are preparing for a very crazy orange louse.

In just 30 days he’ll be moved in sans wife
Instead his daughter moves in- the love of his life.

I remember recently on Election Day
That orange fucker did it, that I did say

Prepare yourself for an unpredictable ride
Your future is in doubt if you’re not on his side

His message is clear as to what he intends
No taxes for his family, nor his very rich friends

His orange skin, small hands, tweets, and his hair
Distractions, it seems, is what got him there

On Twitter you haters, you losers, and turds
He’ll use exclamation points and make up some words

Let’s build a wall, the Mexicans will pay
The first words of hatred the orange man did say

Grab ’em by the pussy, words this guy really said
I guess it takes misogyny to get a guy elected

A Muslim ban is in this guy’s plans
Also, he is against abortion, the gay, and trans

What is the moral of this little tale?
People are easy.  Now we wait to fail.

Reality television and social networking
Pretty soon we will be lead by a Kardashian.

Hashtag and retweet, never the matter
As the Koch Brother wallets look to get fatter

Greed is winning and hatred is trending
As orange man has litigation that is pending


‘Twas the night before Christmas and I will end this with one phrase
Only two words, otherwise it would take me some days

When the history books are written to describe this year
They could talk about the power of intolerance and fear

But the fact that it worked is more than enough
We need only describe the orange man as anything but tough

So here are two words you could put on a shirt or mug
How we were taken down by a con and a thug.

“So Sad!”


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