The Trump and CMI

Corporately Modified Information.

That’s what CMI stands for when I write about it.  And it’s very clear that the media owners modify what we digest on a daily basis.  I’ve explained as similar to GMO, but for the brain.  They change the makeup of what we take in and we accept it as okay.

Was it okay for the cast of Hamilton to talk to the Vice President elect after the show when he went to see Hamilton the other day?

That’s what we are talking about.  That dominated the cycle over the weekend.

Good shit.  So powerful and hard hitting.

Was it an acceptable thing for them to do?

Let’s take the rules the Republicans (and Democrats) have made up that corporations are people.  That businesses have a say.  Maybe the ruling is that the only First Amendment rights that corporations have are by spreading their wealth to those they want to return favors to their corporations.  But the First Amendment is about speech, so when a group of people have a platform to get their message across, I guess they should use it.

Only the Koch Brothers get to benefit?

Donald Trump didn’t become the President elect because he is a genius.  He won the position because he is a reality star and played the media perfectly.  Maybe you think that makes him genius.

If Donald Trump gets to use his fame to send a message, so should the cast of Hamilton.

We can all be pretty guaranteed that Mike Pence did not listen, did not care, and will continue to try and make laws that humiliate the middle and lower classes.  Like Geico, it’s what he does.

But the media covering it is what bothers me.  Social media created the buzz on the little speech.  They started the speech by asking people to get out their cameras and spread their message on social media.

Not corporate media.

Please stop calling it mainstream media.  It’s corporate.  They prop and sell what they want.

Donald Trump tweets that Saturday Night Live is horrible and unfair.  That Hamilton is overrated.  The media discusses this.

George W. Bush spent the last several months of his presidency trying to change his legacy.  He discussed it often.  His legacy is the greatest attack on American soil, two wars, corporate handouts, The Patriot Act which allowed for the invasion of privacy, and a failed economy which crashed right before he left office forcing him to give more corporate handouts.  No talking in the world is going to change that.  And no amount of skewing the media coverage is going to change it.

Bill Clinton’s legacy will be Monica Lewinksi, The Crime Act, NAFTA, and a strong economy which had an expiration date.

What will Obama’s legacy be?

The Affordable Care Act.  Given.  And Trump has promised to repeal it, so it may not last as his legacy.

Deporting 2.5 million undocumented Mexicans?  Quietly as the media looked away.  I mean, Trump wants to deport 3 million.  Seems an easy exercise.

How about the Dakota Access Pipeline?  May be Obama’s legacy.  As they turned water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets toward the peaceful protesters last night in below freezing temperatures, we truly saw the power of a bank and oil industry merge in America.

The coverage has been awful, and the only people who would not only allow this to happen, but also make the orders, would be those without a single bit of conscience.  That might be part of Obama’s legacy.

The media sits idly by and discusses Mitt Romney as he meets with Donald Trump.  Rudy Giuliani.  Chris Christie.  And what is Tulsi Gabbard doing meeting with Donald Trump?

Trump parades these people across the cameras unlike any other incoming President in history.  Tweeting that only he knows who the finalists are.  He sees his entire election and campaign as one big reality television show and we are eating it up.

I watched this morning hoping to hear something of significance on the hundreds who were injured last night unnecessarily.  Those who support the Dakota Access Pipeline may have also supported the Bundy standoff over the government taking their land.  Seems senseless.

But look, Trump just made another tweet about Hamilton.  Let’s talk about that.

Trump has spent 17 months dominating the news cycle and consistently coming up with trivial shit to get people to talk about him.

And now he continues to throw little media grenades which will get the press going in the direction he wants while he creates a white supremacist cabinet.

Hillary Clinton had no message.  She had no plan.  She borrowed nothing from her very popular populist opponent from the primary.  She paid for the media and thought that was enough.  She spent her time attacking Trump instead of trying to build a message that resonated.  You may disagree, but she never discussed the economy or minimum wage or bringing jobs back.  Never.  She simply argued that Trump was unfit.

The media worries that Trump avoiding them is the demise of their ability to truly cover his presidency.  And it may be.  He has not given a press conference.  He has not given a direction.  He just parades people through his property like it’s a pageant.  Shakes hands, takes pictures, and that’s all he’s giving us.

The media needs to own this.

Journalists they are not.

Selective reporters they are.

Every single time Trump throws out another distraction, they bite.  They go for it.  Because it’s what sells commercial time.

I actually think that Jake Tapper doesn’t suck, but all those Koch Industry commercials which air between him talking are discouraging.

There is no question that the media owes this country a huge apology.  Let me provide that last statement Trump style.

Media let the country down.  Played like a fiddle.  Trump is not a suitable president.  Apologize!

I want to finish this.

The media is doing everything wrong.  They are not protecting the First Amendment.  They are cowering to it.  They are reporting on what Citizen’s United has granted them to report on.  And that’s the flaw.  Money will always step on freedom of speech if you allow it.

And we’ve allowed it.  In spades.

There are news stories which should be simply dominating the headlines right now, but they aren’t.  It’s surreal.

And we asked for it.

Don’t squeeze the Charmin.


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