Time and Reaction

I got sick Monday.

My kids had it prior.  Hit me hard and I was unable to go to work on Tuesday.

All of the family’s ballots were in by Election Day.  I love the tweets I read that said things like.

My 18 year old daughter voted for the first time and I’m so proud she got to vote for the first woman President!

I saw these tweets often.

I felt like tweeting the following, but I held it for here.

My children voted in their first General Election and I’m so proud that I have no fucking idea who they voted for.  It’s a personal decision.

If I pestered my children to find out who they voted for, then I’m really just imposing my will upon them.  They may have voted for Trump for all I know.  Or Gary Johnson.  Or, even worse, wrote in Ted Cruz.

I’m not going to ask.

There is the classic photo of Donald Trump looking over Melania’s shoulder to see who she voted for.  Funny.


Control freak?

Anyway.  I was sick.  I mean, really sick.

I fell asleep around 6:00 pm local time.  So many states left to decide.  I was surprised at how close many of the states were.  And which ones Trump won early.

I woke around a quarter to midnight.  Mind going, I pick up my phone and look quickly.  I said to my wife, “That orange fucker did it.”

Very little energy yesterday.

Today I was a little better.  Moving quicker.  Less tired.  Less weak.

Many of the people I work with are Mexican.  They are the delivery drivers.  I have no issue with this.

There is one white guy.  They call him “El Gringo” and he is absolutely the worst driver that delivers.  He is always late.  He is always missing appointments.  He always has an excuse.

Phone died, alarm didn’t work, flat tire, car won’t start, on and on and on.

So the election results are in.

My boss sends out an email.  Do not talk about politics at work.

Talk about a control freak.

But I have a problem with backing down from a conversation.

I do well yesterday.

And then today.  One of the Mexican drivers says this to me, and this is the entire point of my blog post today.

Now that the new President is Donald because of your vote, I guess we’re all going to have to go back to Mexico.  Then what are you going to do?

I tell him we will have a full group of delivery drivers like “El Gringo” and deal with it.  All deliveries will be late.

He laughs.  Looks over my shoulder at one of my workers and says, “You can go to Mexico with us.”

He’s talking to my lead.

I reply, he can, but not me?

He says, you can go, but not your boss.

Nobody likes my boss.

Suddenly there’s an irony in this whole thing.  As if, these people think they’ll just go back to Mexico and build a wall.

As if, go ahead and kick us out.  Good luck.

Not that anybody wants their lives turned upside down.  Not that anybody wants to fear for deportation.  Nobody wants that.

People come to America to make their lives better.  They look for that bit of hope.

But fear and hatred is not better.  If that is what they see as future, it’s not better.

I read that in the week prior to the election, Americans looking for jobs in Canada increased by 58%.  I haven’t seen the numbers since.  Remember, that week before everybody assumed Clinton would win and they were still trying to leave.

There’s a lot to digest.

It’ll take time.

Good luck America.


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