Hey Everybody, the Cold War is Making a Comeback!!

There are all those movies.  Seems a recurring event.

The hero of the movie wonders, if we could just prove the bad guy is doing criminal activity, we can bring him down!!

And the hero goes to some big building with alarms in the middle of the night wearing a black outfit and a mask and sneaks into some office, fumbles through some files, and finds the evidence he or she needs in a hanging file folder.  Then there is either a picture taken or the documents necessary to put the person we all hated is stolen.

And we are okay with this scenario time and time again.  But it only works if it is definitively obvious that somebody is the good guy and somebody is the bad guy.

There’s not a moment when the person who was stolen from gets out of it all by suggesting that the organization who broke into his office was in cahoots with another organization and then we all have to decide who was right or if the horrible act found on the document was “bad enough” or needs to be prosecuted.

Movies require endings which leave the viewer satisfied.

Real life only requires that certain people are satisfied.  There’s no neat packaging.

So I’m struggling with what to think of this.

WikiLeaks obviously does not like Clinton.  There is obviously something personal there.  Seems there is a reason Assange is going after her.  I don’t know what this is.

He may be simply trying to expose America’s holier than though policy making by showing it is just as corrupt as other nations.  That when America gets involved with nation building or when they overthrow a government and institute something that America agrees with more, they probably should be spending time fixing their own system and not worrying so much about others.

Because when Clinton claims that foreign agents are working to try and influence America’s election, I think of all the times that America has directly affected others’ elections or systems.  I think of Obama going to England and making a speech recently.  Specifically telling them who to vote for.

I think of military events and coups that have taken place with America’s fingerprints all over them.

I’m not sure I see any reason Putin would be involved.

Maybe I’m naive?

Or maybe Clinton and her advisers are hoping the nation is naive?

I am not making this about the actual election.  I’m done with that.  I’m thinking something bigger.

The rhetoric from Clinton’s mouth and the way that the media is helping her spin this idea that Russia is trying to directly effect our elections reminds of when Bush wanted to go after Iraq and the media helped turn the discussion to his favor.

I clearly remember telling my wife that is what was happening.

And we did.  We went to war.

All the money and lives (not just American lives) this has cost the world.

We continue with drone attacks to that part of the world.  We will not learn our lesson.  And I see Clinton as the war candidate in this election.  The shift of her discussion has turned to Russia.

Tweets.  Because that’s the election of 2016.  From Hillary Clinton.

“With the election just 8 days away…Trump should immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the Kremlin and its associates.”

“The fear of nuclear war that we had as children, I never thought our children would ever have to deal with that again.”

Whenever I see a candidate running on fear tactics, it bothers me.  We don’t need the Cold War reopened.  We don’t need another war.  We don’t need fear to continue to be the leading factor in people’s decision making.

I’m done with these candidates and the discussion.  It will be done in a week.

My children are voting for the first time in their lives this year.  At least I hope they will be.  It’s sad to think that this is the year of their first participation in our “democracy.”

We went and caucused for three hours only to find out that our time was not meaningful.

We now look and watch as the Department of Fear rears it’s head with dishonest ideas.  On both sides.

Because when fear is used by anybody in political power in order to persuade a culture to do what he or she wants even if it’s not good for that culture, that is a form of terrorism in my opinion.

War is never good.

The Patriot Act was horrible.

Nobody put the guy who broke into that office building and stole files into jail.  Nobody.  In movies, that person is the hero.

I’m going to go listen to music with my dog and make dinner.


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