I keep hearing people say this one thing.

Can’t wait for this to be over.

They say this is the nastiest and most despicable thing they’ve ever witnessed that wasn’t only aired online.  Or on a Tosh.0 episode.

Can’t wait for this to be over.

Here’s the problem.  Once it’s over, we’ve done it.  We’ve “elected” one of the most unpopular candidates in history.  No way around it.  Unless we come to our senses.

For all the talk.  For all the discussion.

I mean, most people in power have been known for their rapier wit.  Obama definitely.

This year the discussion revolves around who is rapeyer.  Not the same thing.  And not even a word according to the squiggly red line.  It’s so much not a word that I honestly did not know how to spell it, but I swear that the presidential candidates have tried to discuss who rapes the most.

That’s what we’ve become.

Rapier wit, by the way, is defined as ability to deliver witty and cutting remarks.

There is no rapier wit in this election cycle.

In fact, democracy seems to have been raped.  It’s not real.

Eighteen months ago I might have told you that this would be another Clinton vs. Bush election.  Sanders surged.  Trump beat up on Bush like an elementary school bully.  Rubio seemed like a decent choice, but he was picked on and dismantled.

Hackers got into the DNC email and found that the Clinton campaign wanted to prop up Trump, Carson, or Cruz as Republican nominees.  The media obliged.  They all had their day while moderates were picked on and marginalized.

I don’t know if Trump was in on this.

I don’t know what really happened.  I’m just some guy who actually still uses a desktop computer.

I do know that I almost don’t want this to end.

We were tricked from day one.  And we allowed it to happen.

I envision Hillary Clinton’s picture on our credit cards in 15 years.  A symbol of big banking.

Side note.  Several months back, we were told my conservative leaders, and Ted Cruz, that transgender people using the restroom they identify with would be a travesty because little girls would be raped constantly by horny transgender people who just didn’t know how to control themselves.  It was all a trick.

Back to the rapey culture.

Bill Cosby is a rapist.

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton may be rapists.

Transgender people?  No proof.  No evidence.  Made up garbage.

But the apologists?  Those who think it’s not a big deal?  Those who defend Trump?  Same people who said they didn’t want their two daughters (Cruz) being in a bathroom with a transgender person.

Again, don’t leave your little daughters to use public restrooms alone.

And stop vilifying things just because you don’t understand.  That’s the big takeaway.  If you don’t understand somebody, maybe you should try.

So back to the main point.  It’s almost over.  Nothing we can do.  It will end in a couple weeks.

And I’m ending this abruptly.  Nothing more to say.  I really want to move on but I can’t.

This will simply end soon.

And what have we done?

We did what they told us.

Are you proud of that?


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