Remember When Obama Tried To Take Away Your Guns?

This one may take a minute to develop.

Kinda like the old shacks in the parking lots at Lucky’s Grocery.  You pulled up, gave them your roll of film, and came back another day for your pictures.

Did I just show my age?

Eight years ago, all I heard was that Obama is going to take away everybody’s guns.  That was the number one reason to not elect a person who otherwise seemed very sane and presented himself very well.  Yes, Obama was a refreshing change after G.W. Bush made  up words and started crazy wars for eight years.

I remember arguing with a truck driver from Illinois.  He knew Obama way better than I ever would because Obama was the Illinois Senator.

He was after all of our guns.

This truck driver died last year on the road in an accident.  Cars kill so many people.  Nobody is trying to take away your cars either, but we also want to ensure that sane people who pass a test and can see and are licensed and their cars are licensed and on and on and on are the only ones driving on the road.

If you or your car are not licensed, you get a stiff penalty.

You also have to have insurance in case of any accidents.

The number is like 50,000 dead per year in traffic accidents.  I’m not looking up any statistics on this.  Don’t feel like it.  I’m going to spew this like Trump.

The point is that here we are eight years later and nobody tried to take away your guns.  Nobody.  The rhetoric regarding this was merely that.

In fact, in some states, it’s okay to carry your guns out in the open.  Still.  In spite of all that Obama really never tried to do.

Yes, open carry states are all the rage.

Donald J. Trump suggests that it is the only way to go.  That if everybody had guns then we would see action movies in real life and bullets would be going both ways and the bad guys would be the only ones hit.

Donald J. Trump is a fucking idiot.

And so is Ted Cruz.  He cooks bacon with his weapon.  Impressive.

North Carolina is an open carry state.

Apparently it’s only open carry in some of these states if one is from European descent.  Because the whole world has now seen the video footage of a man being killed in front of his wife.  The police said he had a gun in his car.  They later provided proof he had rolled and smoked an entire marijuana joint.

Because nothing makes a man want to go crazy and commit violent acts than marijuana.

If they are going to go after him for having a gun in an open carry state, then they need to go after everybody for having a gun.  Or cease with this open carry nonsense.  Nobody is comfortable around you if you’re openly carrying a deadly weapon.


I guess that’s the point.  Power.

Some people need it to be like that.

This is where I announce that I have no need for guns and have never even touched one.

I’m disinterested.

This is where I pull out a post a relative of mine put on social media.  It was relayed to me.  Because somebody thought it would be of interest to me.

I surrender.  Hillary wins.  I’m fricked (yes, he said that word).  I need to figure out where to bury my 170 firearms.

And then something about how he has one more and it’s an AR-15 because somebody owed him some money.


Unfortunately, and I know this because I met him before.  My relative only has two hands.  Not 170.

So, in his world, swearing is worse than having deadly weapons laying around.

In his world, he is more powerful when he has way more guns than he could ever use.

In his world, he thinks Hillary Clinton will accomplish what Obama could not.

Yes, every Democrat is coming after your guns.  They will be outlawed.  Republicans are going to all have to learn karate.

Open carry will not exist anymore.

When the apocalypse comes, you will have to first find your shovel, dig out your guns, and you’ll then be safe.  That’s if the zombies don’t eat your brains first.

Doesn’t matter, if you shoot them after having your brains eaten, at least you still have your guns!!!

But if you stub your toe while getting your shovel out of the shed, you better fucking say “frick” because otherwise you’ll be struck down by your god for fuck’s sake.

I’m going to finish this up.  Because the baseball game is on and it’s almost playoffs.

Why is it so difficult to swear and so easy to carry a deadly weapon?

Why can’t we pass the same common sense legislation toward gun use as we do toward driving cars?  Let’s be realistic.  Cars are designed for transportation purposes.  Guns are designed to remove people from their lives.

Don’t get too upset.  I know, guns are also used to remove other animals from the living as well.

Eight years ago, Obama was going to take away everybody’s guns.

There was also a period when he was trying to kill your grandma with his health care plan.

Today Clinton is.  She will take your guns and kill your grandma and she also practices witchcraft.

Can you imagine voting Clinton into office just days after Halloween?

Wait, Trump is orange like a pumpkin.  Witches and Trump-O-Lanterns.

The fact is Obama did nothing toward the made up goal.  Clinton won’t either.

Because nobody is setting out to destroy the Second Amendment.  Nobody.

But fear is pretty cool.

Ain’t it?

Golly gee willickers.


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