Of Course I Handled It With Class

Want to dissect a crazy year of politics and the hatred that exists?

Here it is.  In a nutshell.

Nutshell, by the way, was a great Alice In Chains song.

My cousin texted me last night that she might be a Libertarian.  This comes on the heels of me watching Chuck Todd talk only about how young people have been looking to Gary Johnson and “others” as alternatives to the very distrusted candidates that the country we call America has chosen as their representatives.

Of course I handled this text with nothing but class.

I believe my immediate response was “No.  No.  No.”

I followed that rather quickly with a text which simply said, “I will judge you.”

Nothing but class.

But I guess I wonder why Chuck Todd and 60 Minutes decided that Gary Johnson is worth talking about and giving national attention.

My theory is that Jill Stein aligns more closely with Bernie Sanders.  If young people learn that little piece of information, then “vote for Hillary or else Trump happens” loses its strength.  It’s not a good argument.

Never let people know there are alternatives.  They may actually take you up on them.

Trickiest thing ever.  Allowing people to know they have choices in regard to what they’ve been told to expect.  Completely why I taught my children the basic ideology for every major religion when they were young.  Seriously one of my proudest moves.

It’s so much easier to sell good vs. bad.
Right vs. Wrong.
Heaven vs. Hell.
Trump vs. Clinton.
Batman vs. Superman.
Protestants vs. Catholics.
Christian vs. Muslim.
Democrat vs. Republican.

America vs. The World.

But Libertarians only care about themselves.  I’ve met so many of them.  They start by saying, I’m an economic conservative but a social liberal.  Money always wins.  They will never make decisions based on social ideology.

I texted my cousin a follow-up this morning.  I told her about the Koch Brother who ran as VP on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1980 only to lose to Reagan and Bush.  So the Koch Brothers launched a plan to buy the Republican Party from the inside with money made from oil.  Not much different than the Saudis.  Not much different at all.

Libertarians do not care about people.  But Gary Johnson sells this idea that people are all afforded rights and the War on Drugs should end and we should cut down on defense spending because why do we have a big, giant government fighting wars and abortion is okay and on and on and on.

I argued that the Koch Brothers have basically made the Republicans an arm of the Libertarian movement and Gary Johnson was once a Republican governor.  So what’s the difference?

I argued that the most Bush supporters I ever met were Libertarian in their arguments.  And Bush screwed this country over by causing wars that did not need to happen in order to supplement large corporations with tax funded welfare.

Libertarians are the most selfish of all parties I have read about in America.

But here is where we are in our social discourse.  Libertarians don’t seem like ass holes.

Because the two candidates who are running for office are ass holes.

They get the coverage.  They both have pay to play plans.

They are both wealthy.

They are both corrupt.

Which evil will you choose?

My cousin has not responded to me today.  She did not appreciate the response I gave her.  But greedy politicians are a dime a dozen.  They just are.

Why go full on  greedy?

Why make that plunge?

Life is hard enough.

So I just aim to be classy in my discourse.

Now, here’s that song.  Because it is good.  Very good.


And, please, look at Jill Stein.


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