News of the World

My dog, Robbie, does this little thing after he does what I affectionately call “dropping a Cruz.”  Because Cruz is a piece of shit.

I’m going to say it until it sticks and all those who are not blind to his hateful garbage start using it for all their pets.  Dropping a Cruz can be used for cats as well.  No harm in leaving little Cruzes in litter boxes.

Anyway, when Robbie drops a Cruz, he starts to walk away and then swipes his back paws across the ground as if he’s covering it up.  I don’t know why.  He never looks back to ensure that he covered it up.  He could be on sand, dirt, grass, concrete, it really doesn’t matter.

But he does it nearly every single time.

Covering none of the shit he leaves behind.

I feel it a solid metaphor for today’s political climate.  Just is.

Doesn’t matter how feebly anybody swipes their rear paws over the shit that was left behind, they never check to see if it was covered.  And they don’t care.

All of Trump’s missteps have done him no harm.

Perfect example would be how he handled when he said of Carly Fiorina, look at that face, who would ever vote for that face?

Or when he made fun of the journalist who is handicapped.

Or, recently, when he tweeted that a rude comment he said was sarcasm.

He’s more than willing to allow his shit to sit there for all the world to see.  He’s actually seemingly proud of his shit.

But if somebody else doesn’t like his shit.  If somebody else thinks it stinks.  If anybody wants to comment on how awful his shit is.

Well, he just swipes his metaphorical back paws and keeps moving.

Clinton doesn’t get in trouble no matter what either.  She’s made some missteps which would bring down most candidates.  Major missteps.

I got tired of hearing about the headers in the emails last week.  Basically, if you received no classified email, you were not deemed trustworthy.  Maybe I’m not fully understanding what all her issues are really about, but I think I do.

And they both do as good of a job at covering the shit as my dog Robbie.  Who is just a puppy still.

This goes for how Clinton handles accusations that she received very healthy donations from very rich people who have a very big agenda.

*swipe swipe*

Show me how money ever changed my vote.

I don’t know.  How would you have voted had you never gotten the money and only had your conscience as your guide?

So how about them transcripts?

*swipe swipe*

Where are Donald Trump’s tax returns?

Okay, okay.  I’m not going to say that all these candidates have to be completely transparent.  But if you’re going to advertise it, you should probably at least make the appearance that this could happen.

Transparency?  But Trump is vague and won’t tell us how he would approach any real world problems outside of immigration.

I understand, Trump is a horrible option for president, but stop swiping and address your own shit that is still laying on the ground as you walk away from it.

Clinton was filmed nearly passing out and having to get into a van with much help.

*swipe swipe*


I’m not saying I wish Hillary Clinton ill, but why has she been walking around with pneumonia?  Why did she embrace that little girl on the street yesterday knowing she had pneumonia?

And why was it first the heat?  In September?  When it wasn’t that warm?

Eric Trump posted a picture which he claimed was Pensacola, FL the night before, but it was really Dallas, TX at a very big event months ago.

*swipe swipe*

And even that was a response to Clinton’s statement that Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables.  How does one alienate voters that way?

The media acts as the rear paws of society.

If society were as cute as my dog.

Top local story today?  The local National Football League team won their game, but who stood and who knelt during the National Anthem?  Especially on this holiest of nationalist days- 9/11.

Those are the blades of grass the media uses to distract from any relevant information you may want to know.

DAPL is going as planned.  They are using attack dogs and pepper spray to push back any protesters.  They are issuing warrants for arrests.  This is something that should actually be news on any station which considers itself a news entity.

But can you believe that Arian Foster did not stand for the National Anthem?

All week, the main question is what will each team do during the Anthem?

By the way, there has been so much made about how these two candidates are the most disliked in modern history, but we have yet to comment on how the candidates’ supporters are the most hateful ever.

The discourse is awful.

If we can even call it discourse.

I’m about ready to take Robbie out for his morning walk.  Only way I get sleep at night is by making him run and run and run.

We will get around the corner and he will squat and drop a Cruz as he does every single time.  He will take those two steps followed by the swiping of his back paws along the ground.  All his shit will still be exposed, and if I leave it, the flies will arrive in no time making that shit seem like it’s the best shit ever.

I’m not going to say it’s any better if I pick it up in a transparent bag, but at least I will have addressed it.  At least I will have kept the flies from worshiping his shit.



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