Who’s Buying?

I discussed lyrics yesterday and how some songs can really resonate with me lyrically.  For other (most) songs I can be completely dismissive of the lyrics.

I’m driving home today and the song Peace Sells comes on.  Pseudo randomly chosen from the library of songs which live on my phone.  I don’t have many Megadeth  songs on my phone.

My senior thesis was on pseudo random number generation.

Peace Sells was released 30 years ago.  September 19, 1986.  I’m old.

The bass line was used as the intro to Headbanger’s Ball.  What?  You don’t remember that show?  I’m very old.

The lyrics to the song Peace Sells are not great.  In fact, I’m guessing, Mustaine looks back on writing that song with a little disappointment.  He had a golden opportunity.

He missed it.

But the message.  The ending.  What we get out of it is solid.

Can you put a price on peace?

Peace sells, but who’s buying?

Compare the messages of the major corporate parties and what they are trying to accomplish.

Napoleon said, “a leader is a dealer in hope.”

So a politician can take it from one of two angles.  A politician can either peddle optimism and hope and try to inspire the people or a politician can peddle fear.

Both result in hope if you spin it right.

Both offer hope in a glass half full/empty sort of way.

2016 is a whole lot of fear.

2016 is a whole lot of selling war.

2016 is what is wrong with everything.

Neither of the corporate candidates are pitching a great idea or vision.  Both are basically saying vote for me or the other person wins.

Both are advertising starting more war.

Both are telling us how bad things are.

Peace sells, but who’s buying?

I’m thinking of the candidates who actually put a pitch for peace out there.  Sanders, O’Malley, Stein, and even Rand Paul.

The response has been disappointing.  We all dream of peace, but nobody is willing to take steps forward.

Several times this week, Donald J. Trump has tweeted about our inner cities imploding.  He then tells the world in under 140 characters that he is the only one who can fix it.


Use your words.  Learn some words.

If there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line
But it better work this time

Mustaine never said what he would do if it didn’t work.  He just said it better work.

And then he got old.

And then he found a god.

And now his shit sucks.

True story.

So here is where I pivot to another song from around the same time.  This time by Corrosion of Conformity.  Pepper Keenan’s first song that he wrote and performed with the band was called Vote with a Bullet.  And this song really pissed off Vice President Dan Potatoe Quayle.

He felt it was offensive.  Boy, Quayle wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s twitter climate.

I mean, using metaphors in songs.

And, yes, voting with a bullet is a metaphor.  I don’t want Trump to tweet out that ISIS and all their Muslim followers vote with a bullet all the time and he’s the only one who can fix it.

That’s not voting.

Guns don’t vote.

Voting is voting.

And voting with a bullet is trying to rid the country of poor office holders.

Tim Canova is running for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ seat.  It honestly feels as if voting for Canova is voting with a bullet.  She doesn’t deserve her job.

I think more people should take action votes.  Vote out people who have made horrible decisions or who don’t do their job.

Did Obama have the right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice?  Yes.  Vote with a bullet.  Vote out all those fuckers who made it so he could not do the job he was elected to do.

Did any Canadian born Cuban senators truly have the right to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood?  Nope.  Vote with a bullet.  The Cat in the Hat would vote with a bullet.  Believe me.

Do those who are Super Delegates have the right to vote against their states and cancel out the time and votes of thousands who spent time to vote?  No.  Vote with a bullet against all those who basically screwed you out of your time and hard work.

I’m voting with a bullet this year.

Patty Murray- I’m voting against you.  You voted against your constituents.  You are just another corporate candidate who I don’t need legislating for me.  You are the antithesis of representative democracy.

Bottom line is this.  Peace sells records.  It makes money for iTunes and it made money for Columbia Records.  How many songs promoting peace can you name?

If Peace Train is the only one that comes to mind, you’re not digging.

Only country singers sing about the glories of war, and I’m not being a smart ass.  Iraq I Roll comes to mind.

We have a long history of singing for peace.  We have a long history of wishing we could buy the world a Coke too.

But peace doesn’t sell on the Senate floor.  It doesn’t buy donors.  It doesn’t get the Halliburton or Exxon or Koch Brothers to support your campaign.

Hillary Clinton campaigns on a platform of war.

Donald J. Trump campaigns on a platform (if he has one) of war.

These people know who are cutting them checks and who is supporting them.

It’s much easier to peddle fear and war than to tell the country their Second Amendment rights will become less necessary because we are going to push toward a path of peace.

Cock your guns ladies and gentlemen, you’ll need them when ISIS comes after your children.

Peace, like the Pet Rock, has limited appeal.  It won’t last long even if people start to buy in.  Really, it seems as if America is infatuated with having a bloated military.  So bloated it’s as if it eats at McDonald’s every single day.

Can I super size your military for you?

And don’t you dare not stand for the singing of the national anthem.

Personally, I hate “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch.  It’s wrong on too many levels, but people are too afraid to stop.

Let me sum this up.

If peace doesn’t sell because people aren’t interested then I’m going to vote with a bullet.

A message needs to be sent.


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