Focus on the Good Things

Today is Sunday.  I get Sunday and Monday off.  Just about every week.

The other five days of the week my alarm starts making noise at 3:09 AM.  That’s what time I chose.  It was 3:22 when I first started, but now I’m going in earlier.

Even though I’m the boss, my job is physically demanding.  I get tired by the time Saturday comes.

I’m not looking for any sympathy, that’s just the way it is.

I keep up on the world when I can during the week.  But find I don’t care as much when I’m tired or when I’ve had a tough day.

My wake up time makes it very difficult to watch much more than the first inning or so of the local Major League Baseball games.  I do enjoy baseball.

I wake up in the morning and check the scores.  If my wife is still awake, and sometimes she is or the alarm wakes her, she tells me about the previous night’s game.

We watch any (and there are not many) prime time shows we are interested in a day or more later.  Not a big deal to me, and I often don’t care anyway so I convince my wife to watch them on her time.

I used to watch The Daily Show, but it’s not that interesting right now.

Sunday is catch up day.  My dog chills with me almost the entire two days I have off.  He knows.  We sit down and watch the news and watch anything only I might be interested in.  I catch up on any social media trends and see what’s going on in the world.

I generally try to write something.

I don’t care about the Olympics.  Haven’t for years.

The fact is that it took me a year to get a job.  I’m not sure why.  I’ve thought about analyzing what it is that caused people to pass me over, but I’m not sure there’s anything a middle aged man can change.

But when I was not working, I was caught up on everything every day.  I watched all the political coverage and took in the news and on and on.

But now I’m tired.

And I’m not just tired because of the job, I’m tired because of the climate we are living in.

I stumbled upon this story on the world leader in news, The Onion, called, I Can’t Do This Anymore Think 320 Million Americans Quietly Going About Their Day.

My original thinking was they couldn’t care about two disingenuous politicians running for more control over America.  I was intrigued.

The piece was not funny at all.  Somebody was seriously just having a tough day.  We all do.  I had a few of those last week.  The article was about how mundane life can be.  It ended like this.

At press time, reports indicated every single person in the country had gritted their teeth and forced their mouth into a resigned smile before moving on with their day.

Because that’s what humans do.

And that’s what life is.

Life is suffering.  We were taught this from Siddhartha.

I continue to flip through the channels.  Jill Stein was on ABC.  Clinton sent Mook on just about every show.  Trump sent his campaign manager of the month around to talk about how Trump is different.  Again.

I was just waiting for a baseball game to come on.

As my dog slept on my lap.  He’s letting me know he likes when I’m home and I appreciate this.

I read all the tweets on how bad the other candidate is.

I read about the horrible devastation in Louisiana.

I read about the bombing at a wedding in Turkey.

I see this article about an LGBT rights activist in Iran who was raped and torched to death.  She was 23.

I read about how Clinton says she will stop taking corporate and foreign money if we merely elect her president.

And Trump says, what the hell have you got to lose?

This whole thing about Lochte.

What’s next?

So I sit here and tap this out because I’m so ready to tap out.  It’s exhausting.

And I don’t mean from life.

I write this and feed my dog chips.  He loves them.  He should.  They are good.

For the love of potato chips

I sit on a chair which has no cover anymore.  At least not much of one.  This guy tore the it off.  Piece by piece.

That’s it, we are going to the park.  I’m pushing some music deep into my sound holes.

I get another day off tomorrow.

By Tuesday, I’m going to be good.


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