We Love Your Beloved Apathy

I have two interactions with two different people I want to tie together as the premise for this post.

During the DNC, and I watched the first two days of it, a friend of mine texted me.  She said two things that really kind of angered me.

“All politicians are liars.”


“Everybody thinks they are right.”

Here’s the thing, I know for a fact this 45 year old American has never voted.  Ever.  She has not only lost the battle, but decided that it’s not even worth fighting.

Apathy gets you nowhere.

Another friend.  She lives near Philadelphia.  I asked her to tell me what’s going on during the DNC.  She never did.  Not once.  I was hoping she was close enough to give me some intel that was not being reported by the major media outlets.

Because there was so much going on.

Last week she texted me, Are you still following your beloved politics?


I hardly love politics.  I hardly love politicians.

Politics are the control of power and money.

We, the common citizen of the United States, has seen it slip away the last four decades.  We have stood idly by and watched as it has been taken from us.

In fact, we allowed it and voted for it.  Time and time again.

Lesser of two evils.

So here’s my deal today, and here’s how I’m tying them together.

I hardly consider politics to be beloved to me.  I find our system to be a horrible way to run a country and to govern people.

I also refuse to be apathetic.  I hate apathy.  Know your enemy.

Here’s what I’m apathetic toward:  The NFL.  It has no influence on my life.

Here’s another thing:  Pop music.  Who cares who is number one this week?

And one more:  Celebrities.  I don’t care what they think.

But politics?  Who is in control of you and who makes the decisions that affect your life?  I’m not apathetic toward.

Maybe the blanket statement that all politicians are liars and are crooked and on and on is true.  So fucking change it!  Vote.  And stop voting for the same scam artists that held office before.

If the next one turns out to be crooked, vote that motherfucker out.

And continue.

But apathy cannot be the answer.

Draw a Venn Diagram of voters.

Donald Trump made a run based on drawing out the previously apathetic.  Bernie Sanders tapped into a different cross section of apathetic voter.

That circle in the Venn Diagram is how change can be made, but they have to stop with the generalizations.  They have to care about something.

I don’t love politics.  She had it all wrong.  I believe it’s vile and disgusting.  Especially what we’ve seen from this past year of campaigning.  World record hatred and rhetoric.

I’m also not apathetic like my other friend.  I believe if we give up trying to influence change, we will never have the lives we deserve.

This country is already a democracy of the wealthy for the wealthy by the wealthy.

That needs to change.

I view this  year’s election as pivotal.  We cannot continue to take the same cowardly steps in the wrong direction.

But we probably will.


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