Uh, I Really Like Elizabeth Warren, But…

She’s at it again.  Another twitter tirade against Donald Trump.  Calling him out on his plans.

It was cute for a while, but now it simply feels like Warren is trying to out Trump Trump.

The real problem is that Warren really isn’t all that accurate.

Reminder, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump.  Not at all.  But if you’re going to make claims and statements, you better be making the right claims.  Or you better be able to show how your side doesn’t do the same things.


There’s most of the tirade.  At 140 characters or less per jab, Elizabeth Warren took to trying to make Donald Trump’s nose bleed.  Please enlighten me, Senator Warren, how is Clinton’s plan going to be different?

The Clintons have been in power at the national level for nearly a quarter of a century.  While Hillary Clinton does not get economic advice from Bear Stearns, it seems she has been bankrolled by Goldman Sachs.

Clinton claimed to have gone down to Wall Street and told them to “cut it out” but I’m not sure that happened.  If it did, they didn’t listen.  The reports I’ve read claim that Clinton went to Wall Street to collect more campaign donations that day.  They screwed over the American people under your watch, Hillary Clinton, and you did nothing to support the hard working American people.  It seems like, instead, Wall Street helped make the Clintons more wealthy.

Corporate insiders own just about every politician in America.  This isn’t new, Senator Warren.  Corporate insiders have been setting our interest rates and lobbying our Congress for as long as I’ve been alive.  Don’t pretend like this is a surprising atrocity or that it’s anything new.

“Cheating customers & gaming the system” is actually how America works.  And we sit back and accept it.

The most blatant abuse is in the health care system.  The system has changed into a privatized monopoly on our health in which several actors colluded to raise our insurance rates so that the doctors could charge triple for a simple procedure or a band aid.  The only loser in this system is the consumer.  Everybody else has gotten very rich.  And the Affordable Care Act has done little to help solve anything.

I think it’s nice that insurance is now accessible for many more millions of Americans than before, but it’s nearly useless insurance and to place a financial penalty (tax) on people who cannot afford it is outrageous.

Gaming the system was done under the Bush presidency when the banks allowed prime loans and the government turned their heads because of the large amount of donations which were given.

Gaming the system was done under Clinton as he signed NAFTA so that our jobs could be exported.  You think middle class America drafted that agreement?

Gaming the system has been happening for years which is why labor unions are powerless.  They do owe quite a bit of their loss of power to their own corruption.

Gaming the system is how oil companies pull in huge profits.

Gaming the system is when the DNC decides Hillary Clinton will be the next nominee regardless of what the people want.

This is not the time to be talking about gaming the system.

In fact, I would venture to say that the American people are not dumb.  They know what has happened to us.  They probably feel there is nothing they can do, so it continues to happen.

Wait, Warren’s next tweet.


The system has been rigged for as long as I’ve been alive.

I used to think Elizabeth Warren was different.  She spoke above the fray.  She spoke out for people’s rights.  I would have respected her more had she taken a stand against the same old stuff instead of joining it, because if there’s one person who could have truly made a difference this past election cycle, it was Elizabeth Warren.

Instead, she sat on the sidelines until the game was all but over and then decided to make a play.

Middle class America needs help.  They need positive change.  They need to see a plan which will benefit somebody besides the wealthy for a change.

But here we go.  More negativity.  More distractions.  More of the same.


3 thoughts on “Uh, I Really Like Elizabeth Warren, But…

  1. My guess is that it’s an intentional tactic, to leave out bait where Trump always goes (Twitter) because sooner or later he can’t resist counter-punching. That keeps him off-message and distracted, and uses up his energy. It’s like how the Resistance worked in WW2. Instead of engaging well-armed troops where you might get killed, you do things like yank apart the railroad switch points, so the enemy has to take time away from fighting to make repairs.


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