Trump and the Smell of Success

This will be short.

Chris Hayes just retweeted something from 2013.  I had to.


And I ask, where is the fragrance “Bankruptcy” or “Inheritance”?

Because that is what has allowed “Success” to last so long.

Donald Trump tweets like a child.

I’m so glad my children are smarter on social media that 70 year old Trump.

I present to you your next President of the United States.

End of story.

Until the new fragrance “Disaster” is unveiled.

Or the dark fragrance “One of Two Evils.”

How about “Orange Julius?”

These will all sell like hotcakes.

The fragrance of “White Supremacy”

How about the fragrance called “Legacy?”

Fuck you  They all stink.  And they last way too long.

The smell of “Success” was pulled out of his dad’s ass.  Period.


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