Can We Get a Fifth Grade Grammar Teacher?

I read once that Dizzy Dean horrified and upset grammar teachers all over St. Louis when he became the radio broadcaster for the Cardinals baseball team.  They were upset because kids were listening and wasn’t very well spoken.

Fast forward some years later, and it’s absolutely the norm that sports announcers speak poorly.  The analysts tend to be ex-jocks and are hired because they can be loud and crazy.  It’s about viewership.  Education is not for broadcasts.

Apparently education is not that important if you want to be taken seriously for President.

George W. Bush was the guy that everybody “wanted to have a beer with” except he had stopped drinking and using cocaine by then.

Bush did, however, speak poorly.  He made a mockery of the English language.  He made up words and we all laughed at him.

But I guess he was a ground breaker as well.  He broke down the barrier that being well spoken and sounding educated was important.  He made Idiocracy seem like it told the future.

We countered Bush’s horrible speech and errors with Obama.  Obama is extremely well spoken and presents his words very well.  I thought this was the opposite of Bush.

So let’s introduce the world to reality television sensation Donald Trump.

Trump is the Dizzy Dean of Presidential Candidates.  He is entertaining, but he does not sound very bright.  At least Dizzy Dean knew a thing or two about baseball.  I’m not sure Trump knows anything.  Unless it’s about polls and viewership.

Real tweet by Trump.

Hillary Clinton should not be given national security briefings in that she is a lose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts.

 I absolutely hate when we lose cannons.  I mean, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  And even on my computer, “insticts” has a squiggly red line under it.  Did he really override autocorrect on his phone?
That tweet says he wrote it in Denver, CO around 7:00 local time.
He often says “bigly” which is not a real word.
He constructs sentences like an eight year old.
What I’m afraid of, is that Trump will make not knowing proper English acceptable.  What I’m afraid of, is that all future presidents will speak as poorly.
What I’m afraid of is that we are moving into an era where we are simply looking for entertainment value.
It’s about ratings.  It’s about polls.  It’s about winning.
Nielson Media Research final numbers on ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: TRUMP 32.2 MILLION. CLINTON 27.8 MILLION. Thank you!
I’m not even sure why that is important.  He is focused on the wrong things, and if he were writing why he should be president as an essay, he would fail by not having any structure or information.
People like me is not information.
I do believe is that we need to get a fifth grade grammar teacher to tear a Trump speech apart.  How come CNN hasn’t done that yet?
Oh, because half their reporters and correspondents aren’t much better.
I wasn’t that interested in Dizzy Dean and how he changed the way sports broadcasters tell the games.  It is, after all, a sport.  Nobody expects their sports heroes to be great speakers.  In fact, we act like it’s really impressive when they are.
Our expectations have really dropped.
Because now presidential candidates are allowed to be shallow and poor speakers.

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