DNC Day 1- My Take

Today is Monday and i get that day off now.  It’s nice.

This growing puppy wakes me around 6 am and I take him out.  After that he sleeps on my for a couple of hours while I watch the news.  By 10 I’ve got enough energy and he’s awake enough that we are off to the dog park.

Meanwhile, DWS has been booed off the stage while talking to her Florida delegates.  When will America learn?  Don’t choose people from Florida.  Crazy stuff happens there.

She then decided against participating in the DNC at any public level.

Sanders was booed for mentioning that his supporters should stand behind Clinton.

Discussions with my mom all day.

I view Clinton like I viewed Tom Brady.  Maybe you could’ve won anyway, but you were caught deflating the footballs.  New England Patriots supporters (and Giselle supporters) will defend you no matter what.  Beoing found guilty of deflating the footballs without really get in trouble or receive a penalty seems to justify the end.

But you still cheated and that does not change the perception in anybody’s eyes.

And today has been about unity.  Some religious singing and prayer and the Pledge and all the things that the Republicans do too.  All pandering.

This guy kept speaking in Spanish.

They marched out people of all backgrounds and ethnicities and orientations to speak about how Clinton has defended them throughout her life.  Each and every speaker says the DNC adopted the most progressive platform ever.  I don’t think there’s a true measurement for progressiveness and I wish I could get behind it all, but I just don’t believe any of it is all that true.

Clinton supported DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)
Clinton supports the death penalty
Clinton supports fracking
Clinton supports deregulating Wall Street
Clinton chose a moderate running mate.

Clinton has changed her mind way too often and has way too much of a history to show how she has changed her mind.

The chaos at the DNC is not because Sanders has been so powerful.  The chaos is because people actually believe in something and don’t believe that Clinton believes in anything but getting elected.

The chaos at the DNC is what happens when you find out that all the time you invested never meant a thing.

I know, I know.  Vote Clinton or else… Trump.

The trump card of all trump cards.

America is not doing better.  It’s not.  It’s seen the agenda move to the right for 30 years.  Clinton is standing in the middle and the middle isn’t as far left as it once was.  She shifts with it carefully trying to get the most votes possible.

FOXNews and Bush and Limbaugh and all these people have done a really good job moving the agenda.  Taking away what was once thought as mainstream.  It’s not.

The entitlement generation.

After watching the middle class diminish throughout the last few decades, I think people are tired of settling.

That’s what I’m seeing today.

Because if you were going to win anyway, why cheat?

Tom Brady.

The dog sleeps at my feet while I type this.  I likely cannot stay up for Warren or Michelle Obama.

I wish Clinton would’ve got Urkel to speak as a counter to the Republicans bringing on Chachi.

Did I do that?

It’s all so disappointing.


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