I Hate to Seem Bitter

What a busy weekend.  I almost wrote about WikiLeaks releasing the DNC emails on Friday.  But I thought I would wait.  At the time, the only thing to do was to pour over the email by searching.

Somebody would do it for me.

But, really, all the searching had been done in the first few hours.  Not much new has even come out of it.

So many moving parts.

First, somebody did illegally hack into the email server of the DNC.  This is a crime.  Somebody compared it to Watergate.  But with Watergate, the actual campaign snuck into a hotel room to steal secrets so that their campaign would know how to run against their opponent.  The world would still be mad if a football team stole the playbook from their opponent before the Super Bowl.  In fact, that’s all the news would talk about.

Why Nixon had to tell America and the world he was not a crook.

Which brings me to next.

Second, the Clinton campaign is suggesting that the hackers were Russian and had ties to Putin so, therefore, are trying to help Trump get elected because Putin and Trump are brothers from another mother.

If that were true, the crime seems worse.

Fact is, and this brings me to next, we tend to overlook the crime because the hackers have actually exposed the corruption and collusion of the Democratic Party.

In fact, the hackers should have made us think about every Primary and every General Election as long as we’ve been alive.  We all know the fix was in during the 2000 election.  The Supreme Court decided the winner?

I hate to seem bitter about that.  But I am.  I will suggest Gore would not have gotten us into quite the same situation that we’ve been in.

But we can’t help but question everything now.  Maybe in the elections of older generations it played out more like a Mad Men scene with men smoking and drinking and rattling off every way they will fuck over their opponent.

Next, people donated to a candidate who had no chance of winning because the entire primary was fixed.

In a way, the DNC stole from everyday people.  Maybe they should have come out over a year ago and told people to not donate $27 because it was a waste of money.  Do not make a campaign contribution to a person who the DNC will not allow to win.

How does the Clinton Campaign even feel slightly okay about this?

Sanders and his campaign took in millions of dollars from normal, everyday citizens.  No PACs.  No donations from banks or cable networks or actors (George Clooney).

Speaking of cable networks… the news.  That’s next.  Implicated in the collusion through email was that Chuck Todd of MSNBC was taking orders from the DNC.  He was being told what to talk about.

And Debbie Wasserman Schultz (I hate typing all that, so from now on simply DWS) has decided to step down as chair after the convention this week.  She may even get to speak.

She is taking the fall.

But, in a statement by the Clinton Campaign shortly after the announcement that DWS would step down after the Convention, DWS was named honorary chair of the Clinton Campaign.

The statement says that DWS, “will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign….”

I hate to be bitter, but you just admitted she was a surrogate for the Clinton Campaign all along?  The the five debates on non-watchable dates and times was really planned?  That voter suppression was planned?  That Sanders never really had a chance?

I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I guess America deserves what it gets at this point.

Clinton’s argument is, but Trump!

Trump’s argument is, the world is ending and everybody sucks.  Trump’s argument is that we are all a bunch of losers and all we do is lose and it sucks to lose.

I feel like maybe they all suck.  That this crime is okay because it exposed politicians for who they really are.

I was watching CNN today and one of the pundits said, people forget that politics is a business…

Maybe it shouldn’t be?  Maybe there shouldn’t be so much money in politics.  Maybe all these politicians shouldn’t be putting themselves on their own payroll.  Maybe corporations and millionaires shouldn’t have the say in policy they do?

Maybe there’s truly a cost to the destructive path we’ve gone down.

Let’s face it, neither of our two choices deserve to win.

The amount of money being driven into these campaigns could feed the impoverished for a very long time, but neither will do anything as President to help the poor.

I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I think that we’ve been given illegal proof that the entire system is rigged and for show.  That nobody cares what we think.  That all that matters is headlines and tax breaks for the wealthy.

So here’s a theory.  Russians hacked the DNC email server to expose Clinton for all the corruption she has done.  They will later expose Trump for the hypocrite he is.

That anonymous hackers will carry more power than all the late night show hosts combined.

There are not ties to Putin.  Russia is just corrupt enough to allow hackers to walk freely in the streets.

And Russia does not even know they have citizens with nothing better to do but expose America’s political system as anything but Democratic.

The Cold War is over.

I hate to sound bitter, but I am.  I wasted two hours caucusing several months ago and I should’ve stayed home.

The fix was in the whole time.

And now I’m bitter.


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