Our Important Rights

I just read this on Twitter.

And I realize that anybody can be anybody and say anything on Twitter.  But I do believe that if somebody says something, they likely mean it and others do as well.

Twitter is a way for people not to be identified for the hate… it seems.

A person said that 32 thousand deaths a year is not worth losing our important rights.

This in reaction to a celebrity who wishes for gun regulations.  At least some.  The celebrity came back with, I lost my mom and my sister to guns, which member of your family are you willing to lose?

I haven’t lost anybody to gun death.  I guess I’m fortunate.

Something like 3,500 people died in one instance years ago and we were willing to give up certain rights far more important than gun rights.  We gave up levels of our freedom of speech.  We gave the President more power than he had ever had.  We started wars.

Let’s be realistic, the Patriot Act was a horrible piece of legislation which used fear tactics in order to turn over American’s rights to free speech.  It’s embarrassing.


Fear of losing your loved one to terrorist attacks.

How is the right to have a gun greater than the right to free speech?

How is it we justify deaths so easily?  As long as it’s not televised.

Fear tactics.

I’m actually scared of some people.  Because some people should not ever have the right to carry a weapon like a gun.  Some people do not need their gun on them all the time.

There is a mentality that is very scary when it comes to gun rights.

And I want to say for the millionth time, nobody wants to take away your guns.  If you are sane and legally purchased your non automatic weapon, you can have it.  Elk hunting season is around the corner.  Or maybe having that gun under your pillow gives you some much needed confidence that Viagra seems to miss.  I don’t care.

Have your gun.  With rules.

We throw around the word “rights” too much.  Sometimes I feel like these are privileges.  Or maybe that’s how the right wing feels.  People are trying to turn rights into privileges?

But they are.  They are a privilege of the United States.  These AR15 guns are not guaranteed.  Guns are.  Defense is.

I’m guessing there is no right to fire off x amount of rounds per second.

I see it like this.  You have a right to own a car.  If you pass a test and get a license, you have a right to drive a car.  You do not have a right to drive your car over the posted speed limit.  You might get away with doing this, but it is not a right.  There are laws, and these laws were not designed only for revenue, they were designed to minimize deaths on the road.

So I ask, why do we restrict car usage but not gun usage.

If you can pass a test and a background check and a mental health test, you can have a gun.  It’s your right.  And your privilege.

Register your gun.

Do not buy a gun which shoots more rounds per minute than the posted law allows.

Do not use your gun recklessly.

Do not allow those who are not licensed to use your gun.

This shit is simple.

Thirty two thousand gun deaths each year in America.

How many people die from traffic accidents?  Thirty three thousand.  That’s what google told me.

And we have so many traffic regulations.

So many.

Those regulations were put in place to limit deaths.  Seriously.

Shouldn’t we put in at least some gun ownership regulations?  Why accept so many deaths like it’s okay?

Let’s face it.  Who in your family are you willing to lose to gun death?


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