Are We That Numb to Bullying Tactics?

I’ll start this post by saying that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  I believe she will say anything to get elected and become the first female president of the United States.  I would absolutely support any candidate who pushes a progressive agenda whether that person be male or female.  I’m not interested in appearances.  I’m interested in integrity.

I do not think war is the answer as much as Clinton does.

I do believe that people deserve a living wage if they are willing to work.

I do believe that if corporations are going to peddle goods that are not good for Americans, then America should provide health care.  Do not tax cigarettes, tax the makers.  Do not tax fast food, tax the McDonald’s.  I realize where the money would come from, but at least tax bad corporations over poor life choices.

I do believe that our tax dollars should go to help those in need and not the wealthy.

I do believe that corporations should not have more influence on our political system than the average person.  This is starting to look like an oligarchy and less like a democracy.

I do believe we need to move toward clean energy because it’s getting hot.  Do not, rednecks, ask me if it’s hot enough for me or point out the random cold day in the winter.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton agrees on any one of those points above.

Brings me to this week.

I’m watching convention “highlights” today and all the Republicans want to discuss is what a horrible person Hillary Clinton is.  They are selling atrocious buttons.  I saw them on the television.

You can see some examples throughout this post.

Are we this numb as people?

As Americans?

The right wing cannot argue policy, just insult appearances?

I started to think.  I realize that I’ve heard late night talk show hosts make fun of both Bill Clinton and Chris Christie for being fat.  Hardly fair and really not funny.  But that’s late night talk show hosts.  Their entire existence revolves around taking cheap shots and filling time on a nightly basis.

I also remember a meme which compared George W. Bush’s facial expressions with those of a monkey.  Fair?  Probably not.  But that’s what went around.

I do, however, really struggle with the sexual comments regarding a woman who is in her late 60’s.  It’s not appropriate.  It’s not right.

I now think back to how Michelle Obama was criticized for wearing no sleeves.

Is any of this fair?

One of the delegates for Trump went onto the radio and suggested Hillary Clinton be put on a firing line and shot.

I know that I suggested George W. Bush and Dick Cheney be tried for war crimes.  I still believe they lied to the nation.  I do, but I also believe that nothing will ever happen.

I commented often on how much time Bush spent clearing brush.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart compared Dick Cheney to Darth Vader.

I think we’ve lost the line of what is acceptable.

I’ve seen repeatedly an anti-bullying campaign that suggests we should not make fun of people for their appearance.  I think it’s a good campaign.  I think we need to teach our children better.

So why is it okay to make fun of Clinton sexually?

Why is it okay to make fun of her appearance?

We need to make better examples for our children.  Especially the “party of values”.  I think they should set the bar.   They should not just preach, they should have actual moral actions.

I’m glad my children are all grown up, because trying to explain to them what this harassment means when they were younger would have been extremely difficult.  But I would have explained it as that.

If anybody ever treats you the way the Republicans have treated Hillary Clinton, let me know.  We will file a harassment lawsuit.  I will squash those bullies.

It’s that simple.  My daughters deserve to know they can enter the world and not be judged by their appearance, but rather by the work they do.

Listen up, GOP, if you want to win this presidential race, don’t alienate over half the voting population.

If you want to get Trump into the Oval Office, try getting him to act like women are for more than looking at.  It’s unbecoming.  I realize that Trump’s ego is driven by objectifying women, but that’s a bad image for the general population.

I mean, really, if you’re trying to overcompensate for your tiny hands, don’t make it America’s problem

If you want to retain close to half the spots in Congress, try arguing your position and not resort to bully tactics.

By the way, what is your position?  I mean after building a wall and banning Muslims.  I really don’t know.  Free orange spray tan for everybody?

Republicans, please understand the difference of the comment above and making fun of a woman’s breast size.  If you don’t, maybe you’re just as an ass hole.

By the way, Hillary, what is your position on anything?  I mean, now that Bernie’s out of the picture.  I’m actually interested in knowing, but I guess your a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.


One thought on “Are We That Numb to Bullying Tactics?

  1. So, it’s wrong or more wrong to that to a female than it is to a man? After all, you mentioned Bush but ignored what they do with Trump’s “hair.”

    And full disclosure – I will vote for anyone who’s against the progressives’ agenda. Anyone. Then I’m a straight White man who makes a fair amount of money so your agenda is not in my or my family’s best interests.


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