What Did I Miss?

I get up at 3:00 am.  I have to.  My job requires it if I’m to go to work on time.

When I went to sleep, the last thing I knew was that Melania Trump gave a pretty good (although dispassionate) speech and the hometown Mariners were losing 3-0 as Chris Sale was pitching a gem.

I watched eight innings of that baseball game.

I wake to this.

And I love the Twitter trends.  The copy and paste remarks.  All of it.

And the way the major news networks headline it.


Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarizes Parts of Michelle Obama’s Speech


Some of Melania Trump’s Speech at GOP Convention Very Similar to Michelle Obama’s Speech.

I thought to myself, I wish I would have watched as this news was breaking.  See the reaction.  How fun.

In a way,  this plagiarism is symbolic of the whole campaign.  The campaign will either deny this happened like they always do, or simply fire the writer in dramatic fashion.

Who am I kidding?  They will deny.

They have to, because Melania posted this almost four years ago.  Classic.


Yes!  Speak for yourself.  This is some kind of crazy foreshadowing.  Or this year is some kind of crazy.

And then I saw the Mariners score four runs in the bottom of the ninth to win.  Lind with a three run HR.  And I missed it.

No more sleep.

Because I’m dying to know what’s next in this reality show that will affect all of us.


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