Pay So Dearly For It

There’s been quite a bit of violence lately.  Crazy people in trucks, police shooting unarmed men, and people with very strong guns shooting police.  It truly feels as if a day or two can’t go by without a major shooting death happening.

Amazing how many minor shooting deaths we don’t talk about.  People get shot down every single day.  Too many people.

We reach out to the world in very few ways.  We have Twitter and Facebook and other social networking platforms.  I guess we can now add PokemonGO to how people interact.  I’m amazed at how often my oldest gets out of the house ever since that app was released.

Anyway, since Twitter is the only social networking I use consistently, I see all the time.

#PrayFor *insert latest victim’s name here*

I’ve seen this tag trend so often lately that my mind reacts the way my mind reacts.  Songs penetrate my brain.

I’ve had Gaza City Blues by Everlast in my head for a week.

Every time I tried to walk away
And every line I wish that I could say
Every single night and every single day

I pay so dearly for it (x2)

All this suffering’s got to be unreal
So much suffering it’s hard for me to feel
Souls go cold as ice, hearts turn into steel

We pay so dearly for it (x4)

What’s mine is yours, what’s yours used to be mine
Empty promises, broken border lines
You just turn your head and pray it works out fine

You pay so dearly for it (x4)

Every time I tried to walk away
And every line I wish that I could say
Every single night and every single day

I pay so dearly for it
And we’ll pay so dearly for it
And you’ll pay so dearly for it

It’s a very good song, but I don’t want it in my head every day, so I do what I do.  I exorcise the song out of my head by writing.

I thought about how that song may be about the Middle East or something specific, but I could definitely turn it in to what America is doing right now with all the violence.  I could use most of those lyrics.

You just turn your head and pray it works out fine.

This is the line I cannot stop repeating in my head.

Our country is in a state of denial.  It will not do anything about violence.  Congratulations to the Republicans for deciding that pornography is a public health crisis.  You have your priorities straight for sure.

But we can all demand others pray in a hashtag.  I hope your prayers work this time.

No.  Hashtags do not really incite change.  Hashtags are for awareness.  Hashtags are because everybody wants to be part of something trending.  Platitudes.

When I see political leaders make a tweet followed by #PrayForBatonRouge I want to get sick.  How about you pass reasonable gun legislation.  Stop taking bribes from the NRA and do something.  Or else we’ll pay so dearly for it.

When I see folks who are part of the daily media coverage do the same, I think to myself, you are actually in a position to deliver something real.  But you never will.  A hashtag and endless coverage of the carnage.

Today the RNC begins.  The prime time speakers are Melania Trump, a guy from Duck Dynasty, Rick Perry, and Chachi.

But the real story is that Governor John Kasich is too busy eating breakfast to grant the police union’s request to temporary ban open carry in Cleveland this week.  I’m not going to say that something will happen, but what if something does?

You’ll pay so dearly for it.

All the cameras will be there.  Everybody will have their phones ready and charged.  Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope… they’ll all be buzzing and hoping for something crazy to happen.  Just in case the media misses it.

It won’t matter.  MSNBC and CNN are not above carrying Periscope footage.

We pay so dearly for it.

So much suffering it’s hard for me to feel.  Souls go cold as ice, hearts turn into steel.

We’ve come to a point where we have simply accepted death and violence as part of living in this society.  As part of having great rights.

I feel as if America is truly becoming more and more numb.  We accept the death of innocent people as an exchange for having guns.  We accept it as if this is really okay.  We don’t feel any need to make change.  To care.

Until it hits home.


We need to do something more than pray.  If prayer worked none of these things would have happened.  There would be no violence in the Middle East.  There would be far less bigotry and racism.

We need to do more than hashtag.  Hashtags are kinda like social network prayers.  Praying somebody reads my tweet today.

I guess we need to send a message this November.  People always say contact your representatives, but I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz does not care what you think.  Call his office.  He’ll probably go cook more bacon with his gun and eat it while watching Duck Dynasty.

I felt bad about taking a song called Gaza City Blues and reinterpreting it to what I’m thinking about.

And then I found this quote.

This song for me is about a karmic responsibility we all share for each other. Whether it be in Gaza or young girls being kidnapped in Nigeria or young men being gunned down or beaten to death by police here in the good old USA we are all responsible for each other and if we don’t start acting like it we will all ‘Pay so dearly for it ‘.
– Everlast

So I guess it was okay for me to reinterpret the lyrics to what was bothering me this week.  It was meant to be used that way.  Although I’m not sure if I agree with karmic responsibility.  I feel as if none of these religions ever actually exercise the Golden Rule.  It’s just a good talking point.

I need to go to the store, so I’m done writing.  I will play this song one more time.  Maybe it will be a theme song for this year for me.

We all have a soundtrack.

Of course, if you want to hear this great song…

Damn, now I have White Trash Beautiful in my head.  Perfect for the RNC…


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