Living Wage

I read a tweet the other day by a Hillary Clinton supporter.  The argument against Bernie was that he is holding the party hostage over a few measly dollars.

Clinton supports a $12 minimum wage and Bernie supports a $15.

A few measly dollars.

I’ve been digging to try and find a quote by Kurt Vonnegut.  I haven’t found it.  I may edit this post.  The quote was regarding jobs in America.  See, he felt that there should be an amendment to the Constitution that anybody who was willing to work should get work.  And everybody should receive a living wage.

I agree.

Why do we have unemployment benefits?

We should have an Employment Office.

We should put people to work.

I’ve been on unemployment once, and I would have preferred to work.  I would have preferred to get up and go to work each day.  To earn my wages.

I also believe that the minimum wage should be a living wage.  The flaw in our economy is that products keep increasing in price, but wages don’t.

America first created the need for a two person family income, which created a vacuum in how we raise our children, and then the consumers bought into credit.

Spend money you don’t have because the two of you don’t make enough money to afford the things we tell you that you need.

What is a living wage?  It’s not $12.

See, $12 means $480 per week before taxes.  Count on $80 going to taxes.  At least- depending on what a person claims.  $400 take home is easy math.  $20, 800 per year.

I’m pretty sure Donald Trump spends $20,000 on that lousy haircut.

Many companies have overtime, but thanks to Bill Clinton, your overtime gets taxed at a higher rate.  You don’t get much of that hard earned money.

Regardless, one would need rent under $500 per month to live on those wages.

What does $15 per hour mean?  It means $600 per week.  Take out taxes and a person would make $5000 more per year, but I don’t believe that $25,000 is a living wage.

We want the country to buy new cars and iPhones and cable television, but we are not willing to pay a wage that would afford those things.  Not without credit.

And here’s my issue.  None of the two corporate party nominees are discussing an economic plan which would make America better.  It’s as if they are simply tossing dice at a random number.

Our political leaders should have an agenda to get people working and provide a wage that allows people to truly live.  If we are stuck in a two economy system, then we need to do the math which allows for two economies to live without fear of losing everything.

And to those who argue that small businesses will lose out if the minimum wage goes up, I’m not buying it.  If the economy is such that people need credit to afford things, then the people who provide things should be able to afford to pay a wage so that their things can be bought.

In other words, CEOs are making too much money.  They are pricing small business out.

We need to change the landscape of the economy in order to make things better.

But we won’t do it.

Millions are being poured into this election cycle.  Millions are being spent on who determines the next four years.

If you are so naive to suggest that there is no gain for millionaires financing millionaires to elected office, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

As to Trump claiming he hasn’t made that much money from donors, he was given a free pass by the Corporate Media.  There was an agenda there.  They put him on every single time he spoke.  He claims he doesn’t need money, so corporate media paid him in airtime.

I’m asking anybody who reads this to consider there is so much to this election.  Vonnegut wasn’t talking yesterday.  He’s been dead for a  decade.  The problems of the 70’s turned into worse problems of the 90’s which turned into the huge discrepancy in wages we have today.

I’m arguing today that when Hillary Clinton argues the $12 per hour is  a reasonable increase and that it can actually get done, that $12 is the maximum corporations are willing to increase.  She’s not negotiating for laborers, she is negotiating for corporations.  And this is important to understand.

I believe that everybody has a right to work if they want to.

I believe that everybody should be paid a wage that will afford an honest life.

I believe that we should pay people enough that their kids are not being raised by a stranger.

Only one candidate truly supports this economic shift and that is Jill Stein.

Do some homework and vote your conscience America.


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