DNC Day 1- My Take

Today is Monday and i get that day off now.  It’s nice.

This growing puppy wakes me around 6 am and I take him out.  After that he sleeps on my for a couple of hours while I watch the news.  By 10 I’ve got enough energy and he’s awake enough that we are off to the dog park.

Meanwhile, DWS has been booed off the stage while talking to her Florida delegates.  When will America learn?  Don’t choose people from Florida.  Crazy stuff happens there.

She then decided against participating in the DNC at any public level.

Sanders was booed for mentioning that his supporters should stand behind Clinton.

Discussions with my mom all day.

I view Clinton like I viewed Tom Brady.  Maybe you could’ve won anyway, but you were caught deflating the footballs.  New England Patriots supporters (and Giselle supporters) will defend you no matter what.  Beoing found guilty of deflating the footballs without really get in trouble or receive a penalty seems to justify the end.

But you still cheated and that does not change the perception in anybody’s eyes.

And today has been about unity.  Some religious singing and prayer and the Pledge and all the things that the Republicans do too.  All pandering.

This guy kept speaking in Spanish.

They marched out people of all backgrounds and ethnicities and orientations to speak about how Clinton has defended them throughout her life.  Each and every speaker says the DNC adopted the most progressive platform ever.  I don’t think there’s a true measurement for progressiveness and I wish I could get behind it all, but I just don’t believe any of it is all that true.

Clinton supported DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)
Clinton supports the death penalty
Clinton supports fracking
Clinton supports deregulating Wall Street
Clinton chose a moderate running mate.

Clinton has changed her mind way too often and has way too much of a history to show how she has changed her mind.

The chaos at the DNC is not because Sanders has been so powerful.  The chaos is because people actually believe in something and don’t believe that Clinton believes in anything but getting elected.

The chaos at the DNC is what happens when you find out that all the time you invested never meant a thing.

I know, I know.  Vote Clinton or else… Trump.

The trump card of all trump cards.

America is not doing better.  It’s not.  It’s seen the agenda move to the right for 30 years.  Clinton is standing in the middle and the middle isn’t as far left as it once was.  She shifts with it carefully trying to get the most votes possible.

FOXNews and Bush and Limbaugh and all these people have done a really good job moving the agenda.  Taking away what was once thought as mainstream.  It’s not.

The entitlement generation.

After watching the middle class diminish throughout the last few decades, I think people are tired of settling.

That’s what I’m seeing today.

Because if you were going to win anyway, why cheat?

Tom Brady.

The dog sleeps at my feet while I type this.  I likely cannot stay up for Warren or Michelle Obama.

I wish Clinton would’ve got Urkel to speak as a counter to the Republicans bringing on Chachi.

Did I do that?

It’s all so disappointing.


I Hate to Seem Bitter

What a busy weekend.  I almost wrote about WikiLeaks releasing the DNC emails on Friday.  But I thought I would wait.  At the time, the only thing to do was to pour over the email by searching.

Somebody would do it for me.

But, really, all the searching had been done in the first few hours.  Not much new has even come out of it.

So many moving parts.

First, somebody did illegally hack into the email server of the DNC.  This is a crime.  Somebody compared it to Watergate.  But with Watergate, the actual campaign snuck into a hotel room to steal secrets so that their campaign would know how to run against their opponent.  The world would still be mad if a football team stole the playbook from their opponent before the Super Bowl.  In fact, that’s all the news would talk about.

Why Nixon had to tell America and the world he was not a crook.

Which brings me to next.

Second, the Clinton campaign is suggesting that the hackers were Russian and had ties to Putin so, therefore, are trying to help Trump get elected because Putin and Trump are brothers from another mother.

If that were true, the crime seems worse.

Fact is, and this brings me to next, we tend to overlook the crime because the hackers have actually exposed the corruption and collusion of the Democratic Party.

In fact, the hackers should have made us think about every Primary and every General Election as long as we’ve been alive.  We all know the fix was in during the 2000 election.  The Supreme Court decided the winner?

I hate to seem bitter about that.  But I am.  I will suggest Gore would not have gotten us into quite the same situation that we’ve been in.

But we can’t help but question everything now.  Maybe in the elections of older generations it played out more like a Mad Men scene with men smoking and drinking and rattling off every way they will fuck over their opponent.

Next, people donated to a candidate who had no chance of winning because the entire primary was fixed.

In a way, the DNC stole from everyday people.  Maybe they should have come out over a year ago and told people to not donate $27 because it was a waste of money.  Do not make a campaign contribution to a person who the DNC will not allow to win.

How does the Clinton Campaign even feel slightly okay about this?

Sanders and his campaign took in millions of dollars from normal, everyday citizens.  No PACs.  No donations from banks or cable networks or actors (George Clooney).

Speaking of cable networks… the news.  That’s next.  Implicated in the collusion through email was that Chuck Todd of MSNBC was taking orders from the DNC.  He was being told what to talk about.

And Debbie Wasserman Schultz (I hate typing all that, so from now on simply DWS) has decided to step down as chair after the convention this week.  She may even get to speak.

She is taking the fall.

But, in a statement by the Clinton Campaign shortly after the announcement that DWS would step down after the Convention, DWS was named honorary chair of the Clinton Campaign.

The statement says that DWS, “will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign….”

I hate to be bitter, but you just admitted she was a surrogate for the Clinton Campaign all along?  The the five debates on non-watchable dates and times was really planned?  That voter suppression was planned?  That Sanders never really had a chance?

I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I guess America deserves what it gets at this point.

Clinton’s argument is, but Trump!

Trump’s argument is, the world is ending and everybody sucks.  Trump’s argument is that we are all a bunch of losers and all we do is lose and it sucks to lose.

I feel like maybe they all suck.  That this crime is okay because it exposed politicians for who they really are.

I was watching CNN today and one of the pundits said, people forget that politics is a business…

Maybe it shouldn’t be?  Maybe there shouldn’t be so much money in politics.  Maybe all these politicians shouldn’t be putting themselves on their own payroll.  Maybe corporations and millionaires shouldn’t have the say in policy they do?

Maybe there’s truly a cost to the destructive path we’ve gone down.

Let’s face it, neither of our two choices deserve to win.

The amount of money being driven into these campaigns could feed the impoverished for a very long time, but neither will do anything as President to help the poor.

I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I think that we’ve been given illegal proof that the entire system is rigged and for show.  That nobody cares what we think.  That all that matters is headlines and tax breaks for the wealthy.

So here’s a theory.  Russians hacked the DNC email server to expose Clinton for all the corruption she has done.  They will later expose Trump for the hypocrite he is.

That anonymous hackers will carry more power than all the late night show hosts combined.

There are not ties to Putin.  Russia is just corrupt enough to allow hackers to walk freely in the streets.

And Russia does not even know they have citizens with nothing better to do but expose America’s political system as anything but Democratic.

The Cold War is over.

I hate to sound bitter, but I am.  I wasted two hours caucusing several months ago and I should’ve stayed home.

The fix was in the whole time.

And now I’m bitter.

Our Important Rights

I just read this on Twitter.

And I realize that anybody can be anybody and say anything on Twitter.  But I do believe that if somebody says something, they likely mean it and others do as well.

Twitter is a way for people not to be identified for the hate… it seems.

A person said that 32 thousand deaths a year is not worth losing our important rights.

This in reaction to a celebrity who wishes for gun regulations.  At least some.  The celebrity came back with, I lost my mom and my sister to guns, which member of your family are you willing to lose?

I haven’t lost anybody to gun death.  I guess I’m fortunate.

Something like 3,500 people died in one instance years ago and we were willing to give up certain rights far more important than gun rights.  We gave up levels of our freedom of speech.  We gave the President more power than he had ever had.  We started wars.

Let’s be realistic, the Patriot Act was a horrible piece of legislation which used fear tactics in order to turn over American’s rights to free speech.  It’s embarrassing.


Fear of losing your loved one to terrorist attacks.

How is the right to have a gun greater than the right to free speech?

How is it we justify deaths so easily?  As long as it’s not televised.

Fear tactics.

I’m actually scared of some people.  Because some people should not ever have the right to carry a weapon like a gun.  Some people do not need their gun on them all the time.

There is a mentality that is very scary when it comes to gun rights.

And I want to say for the millionth time, nobody wants to take away your guns.  If you are sane and legally purchased your non automatic weapon, you can have it.  Elk hunting season is around the corner.  Or maybe having that gun under your pillow gives you some much needed confidence that Viagra seems to miss.  I don’t care.

Have your gun.  With rules.

We throw around the word “rights” too much.  Sometimes I feel like these are privileges.  Or maybe that’s how the right wing feels.  People are trying to turn rights into privileges?

But they are.  They are a privilege of the United States.  These AR15 guns are not guaranteed.  Guns are.  Defense is.

I’m guessing there is no right to fire off x amount of rounds per second.

I see it like this.  You have a right to own a car.  If you pass a test and get a license, you have a right to drive a car.  You do not have a right to drive your car over the posted speed limit.  You might get away with doing this, but it is not a right.  There are laws, and these laws were not designed only for revenue, they were designed to minimize deaths on the road.

So I ask, why do we restrict car usage but not gun usage.

If you can pass a test and a background check and a mental health test, you can have a gun.  It’s your right.  And your privilege.

Register your gun.

Do not buy a gun which shoots more rounds per minute than the posted law allows.

Do not use your gun recklessly.

Do not allow those who are not licensed to use your gun.

This shit is simple.

Thirty two thousand gun deaths each year in America.

How many people die from traffic accidents?  Thirty three thousand.  That’s what google told me.

And we have so many traffic regulations.

So many.

Those regulations were put in place to limit deaths.  Seriously.

Shouldn’t we put in at least some gun ownership regulations?  Why accept so many deaths like it’s okay?

Let’s face it.  Who in your family are you willing to lose to gun death?

Freedom is… What?

Ted Cruz spoke today.  I will not hide the fact that I think Ted Cruz is one of the worst people in America.  He has little respect for people who are not like him and almost as little respect for people who are like him.

He is scared of anything he does not understand.

I will not make fun of his appearance.  That would be in bad taste.  Instead I will post a picture I took of him on my television during his speech tonight.


Today was his day.  His night.  He started by delivering a speech about the deaths of police officers.  What he does best.  Selling fear.

Then he switched and started selling freedom.  Because this is something he has always believed in?  A sudden change in tactic.  Ted Cruz goes positive?

I thought to myself, who do I know who would support Ted Cruz?

My in-laws.

I started to think of all the things that they like about Ted Cruz.  Hardest part of my conversation with myself.  I compared this list with the words he said today.

If there’s one thing I know, there’s often a difference between the words that a person says and the actions that person takes.

There is a better vision for our future: A return to freedom. On education, your freedom to choose your child’s education, even if you aren’t as rich as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Ted Cruz gets Goldman Sachs money.  He’s wealthy.  At least a multi-millionaire.  Maybe not as much as the Clintons, but I’m pretty sure Cruz can do quite a bit for his children with his earnings.  It’s not like his little girls are going to public school.  A quick search suggests he is worth $3.5 million.  I have yet to come close to that in my entire career.

Rich is rich.

Anyway, I thought I would answer some of the Cruz speech thinking like my in-laws.

On taxes, your freedom to provide for your family without the IRS beating down your door. The Internet? Keep it free from taxes, free from regulation. And don’t give it away to Russia and China.

Yes, no taxes.  And free internet.  Oh, except pornography is a public health crisis.  So regulate that.

Freedom means free speech, not politically correct safe spaces.

Yes, freedom of speech.  As long as you love America and shed a tear when seeing the flag.  No dissent.

Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian or Jew, Muslim or atheist.

Uh, this does not compute.  Must be Christian.  Must be Christian.  Must be Christian.  Who is this man?

Gay or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.

Did Ted Cruz just say this?  Does not compute.  Gays are bad.  Kill all homosexuals as per that convention last  year.  Kim Davis for Secretary of Education.  Gay people made a choice.

Hillary Clinton believes government should make virtually every choice in your life.

Yes, this is true.  Government should only decide what religion you follow, what sexual orientation you are, which bathroom you use, and that corporations are people.

We can do this. 47 years ago today, America put a man on the moon. That’s the power of freedom.

That was a government agency.  NASA.  I thought we wanted small government?  NASA feels like taxes.

So.  Confused.  Right.  Now.


Just me, or was Ted Cruz sounding more like a Libertarian today than ever before?  He was toeing the line.  He was trying to separate himself from Donald Trump.

He was initiating his run for President of the United States 2020.  The PAC has likely already been started.

He is gambling that Trump will not defeat Clinton this year.  Cruz did not endorse Trump and is trying to establish himself as the candidate that the GOP should have picked.

Ted Cruz reinvented himself on that stage and was booed off.  He decided to take a huge chance and not support the Republican nominee for president.

Instead he pitched an idea that even atheists have rights.

New for Cruz.

He pitched the idea that homosexuals have rights.

New for Cruz.

He pitched the idea that he once heard a Janis Joplin song.  But he missed the meaning.

And the passion that Janis had.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.  Nothing as long as Cruz wins in 2020.

I texted this to my mom.

Almost punched the television, but it’s not my TV’s fault Ted Cruz is on.

I guess freedom is the right to sell an idea you don’t believe in if people are dumb and ignorant enough to believe it.

Good luck beating Kanye West, Teddy, because I’m guessing the 2020 race will be even more ridiculous.  Especially if you’re in it.

Are We That Numb to Bullying Tactics?

I’ll start this post by saying that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  I believe she will say anything to get elected and become the first female president of the United States.  I would absolutely support any candidate who pushes a progressive agenda whether that person be male or female.  I’m not interested in appearances.  I’m interested in integrity.

I do not think war is the answer as much as Clinton does.

I do believe that people deserve a living wage if they are willing to work.

I do believe that if corporations are going to peddle goods that are not good for Americans, then America should provide health care.  Do not tax cigarettes, tax the makers.  Do not tax fast food, tax the McDonald’s.  I realize where the money would come from, but at least tax bad corporations over poor life choices.

I do believe that our tax dollars should go to help those in need and not the wealthy.

I do believe that corporations should not have more influence on our political system than the average person.  This is starting to look like an oligarchy and less like a democracy.

I do believe we need to move toward clean energy because it’s getting hot.  Do not, rednecks, ask me if it’s hot enough for me or point out the random cold day in the winter.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton agrees on any one of those points above.

Brings me to this week.

I’m watching convention “highlights” today and all the Republicans want to discuss is what a horrible person Hillary Clinton is.  They are selling atrocious buttons.  I saw them on the television.

You can see some examples throughout this post.

Are we this numb as people?

As Americans?

The right wing cannot argue policy, just insult appearances?

I started to think.  I realize that I’ve heard late night talk show hosts make fun of both Bill Clinton and Chris Christie for being fat.  Hardly fair and really not funny.  But that’s late night talk show hosts.  Their entire existence revolves around taking cheap shots and filling time on a nightly basis.

I also remember a meme which compared George W. Bush’s facial expressions with those of a monkey.  Fair?  Probably not.  But that’s what went around.

I do, however, really struggle with the sexual comments regarding a woman who is in her late 60’s.  It’s not appropriate.  It’s not right.

I now think back to how Michelle Obama was criticized for wearing no sleeves.

Is any of this fair?

One of the delegates for Trump went onto the radio and suggested Hillary Clinton be put on a firing line and shot.

I know that I suggested George W. Bush and Dick Cheney be tried for war crimes.  I still believe they lied to the nation.  I do, but I also believe that nothing will ever happen.

I commented often on how much time Bush spent clearing brush.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart compared Dick Cheney to Darth Vader.

I think we’ve lost the line of what is acceptable.

I’ve seen repeatedly an anti-bullying campaign that suggests we should not make fun of people for their appearance.  I think it’s a good campaign.  I think we need to teach our children better.

So why is it okay to make fun of Clinton sexually?

Why is it okay to make fun of her appearance?

We need to make better examples for our children.  Especially the “party of values”.  I think they should set the bar.   They should not just preach, they should have actual moral actions.

I’m glad my children are all grown up, because trying to explain to them what this harassment means when they were younger would have been extremely difficult.  But I would have explained it as that.

If anybody ever treats you the way the Republicans have treated Hillary Clinton, let me know.  We will file a harassment lawsuit.  I will squash those bullies.

It’s that simple.  My daughters deserve to know they can enter the world and not be judged by their appearance, but rather by the work they do.

Listen up, GOP, if you want to win this presidential race, don’t alienate over half the voting population.

If you want to get Trump into the Oval Office, try getting him to act like women are for more than looking at.  It’s unbecoming.  I realize that Trump’s ego is driven by objectifying women, but that’s a bad image for the general population.

I mean, really, if you’re trying to overcompensate for your tiny hands, don’t make it America’s problem

If you want to retain close to half the spots in Congress, try arguing your position and not resort to bully tactics.

By the way, what is your position?  I mean after building a wall and banning Muslims.  I really don’t know.  Free orange spray tan for everybody?

Republicans, please understand the difference of the comment above and making fun of a woman’s breast size.  If you don’t, maybe you’re just as an ass hole.

By the way, Hillary, what is your position on anything?  I mean, now that Bernie’s out of the picture.  I’m actually interested in knowing, but I guess your a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

What Did I Miss?

I get up at 3:00 am.  I have to.  My job requires it if I’m to go to work on time.

When I went to sleep, the last thing I knew was that Melania Trump gave a pretty good (although dispassionate) speech and the hometown Mariners were losing 3-0 as Chris Sale was pitching a gem.

I watched eight innings of that baseball game.

I wake to this.

And I love the Twitter trends.  The copy and paste remarks.  All of it.

And the way the major news networks headline it.


Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarizes Parts of Michelle Obama’s Speech


Some of Melania Trump’s Speech at GOP Convention Very Similar to Michelle Obama’s Speech.

I thought to myself, I wish I would have watched as this news was breaking.  See the reaction.  How fun.

In a way,  this plagiarism is symbolic of the whole campaign.  The campaign will either deny this happened like they always do, or simply fire the writer in dramatic fashion.

Who am I kidding?  They will deny.

They have to, because Melania posted this almost four years ago.  Classic.


Yes!  Speak for yourself.  This is some kind of crazy foreshadowing.  Or this year is some kind of crazy.

And then I saw the Mariners score four runs in the bottom of the ninth to win.  Lind with a three run HR.  And I missed it.

No more sleep.

Because I’m dying to know what’s next in this reality show that will affect all of us.

Pay So Dearly For It

There’s been quite a bit of violence lately.  Crazy people in trucks, police shooting unarmed men, and people with very strong guns shooting police.  It truly feels as if a day or two can’t go by without a major shooting death happening.

Amazing how many minor shooting deaths we don’t talk about.  People get shot down every single day.  Too many people.

We reach out to the world in very few ways.  We have Twitter and Facebook and other social networking platforms.  I guess we can now add PokemonGO to how people interact.  I’m amazed at how often my oldest gets out of the house ever since that app was released.

Anyway, since Twitter is the only social networking I use consistently, I see all the time.

#PrayFor *insert latest victim’s name here*

I’ve seen this tag trend so often lately that my mind reacts the way my mind reacts.  Songs penetrate my brain.

I’ve had Gaza City Blues by Everlast in my head for a week.

Every time I tried to walk away
And every line I wish that I could say
Every single night and every single day

I pay so dearly for it (x2)

All this suffering’s got to be unreal
So much suffering it’s hard for me to feel
Souls go cold as ice, hearts turn into steel

We pay so dearly for it (x4)

What’s mine is yours, what’s yours used to be mine
Empty promises, broken border lines
You just turn your head and pray it works out fine

You pay so dearly for it (x4)

Every time I tried to walk away
And every line I wish that I could say
Every single night and every single day

I pay so dearly for it
And we’ll pay so dearly for it
And you’ll pay so dearly for it

It’s a very good song, but I don’t want it in my head every day, so I do what I do.  I exorcise the song out of my head by writing.

I thought about how that song may be about the Middle East or something specific, but I could definitely turn it in to what America is doing right now with all the violence.  I could use most of those lyrics.

You just turn your head and pray it works out fine.

This is the line I cannot stop repeating in my head.

Our country is in a state of denial.  It will not do anything about violence.  Congratulations to the Republicans for deciding that pornography is a public health crisis.  You have your priorities straight for sure.

But we can all demand others pray in a hashtag.  I hope your prayers work this time.

No.  Hashtags do not really incite change.  Hashtags are for awareness.  Hashtags are because everybody wants to be part of something trending.  Platitudes.

When I see political leaders make a tweet followed by #PrayForBatonRouge I want to get sick.  How about you pass reasonable gun legislation.  Stop taking bribes from the NRA and do something.  Or else we’ll pay so dearly for it.

When I see folks who are part of the daily media coverage do the same, I think to myself, you are actually in a position to deliver something real.  But you never will.  A hashtag and endless coverage of the carnage.

Today the RNC begins.  The prime time speakers are Melania Trump, a guy from Duck Dynasty, Rick Perry, and Chachi.

But the real story is that Governor John Kasich is too busy eating breakfast to grant the police union’s request to temporary ban open carry in Cleveland this week.  I’m not going to say that something will happen, but what if something does?

You’ll pay so dearly for it.

All the cameras will be there.  Everybody will have their phones ready and charged.  Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope… they’ll all be buzzing and hoping for something crazy to happen.  Just in case the media misses it.

It won’t matter.  MSNBC and CNN are not above carrying Periscope footage.

We pay so dearly for it.

So much suffering it’s hard for me to feel.  Souls go cold as ice, hearts turn into steel.

We’ve come to a point where we have simply accepted death and violence as part of living in this society.  As part of having great rights.

I feel as if America is truly becoming more and more numb.  We accept the death of innocent people as an exchange for having guns.  We accept it as if this is really okay.  We don’t feel any need to make change.  To care.

Until it hits home.


We need to do something more than pray.  If prayer worked none of these things would have happened.  There would be no violence in the Middle East.  There would be far less bigotry and racism.

We need to do more than hashtag.  Hashtags are kinda like social network prayers.  Praying somebody reads my tweet today.

I guess we need to send a message this November.  People always say contact your representatives, but I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz does not care what you think.  Call his office.  He’ll probably go cook more bacon with his gun and eat it while watching Duck Dynasty.

I felt bad about taking a song called Gaza City Blues and reinterpreting it to what I’m thinking about.

And then I found this quote.

This song for me is about a karmic responsibility we all share for each other. Whether it be in Gaza or young girls being kidnapped in Nigeria or young men being gunned down or beaten to death by police here in the good old USA we are all responsible for each other and if we don’t start acting like it we will all ‘Pay so dearly for it ‘.
– Everlast

So I guess it was okay for me to reinterpret the lyrics to what was bothering me this week.  It was meant to be used that way.  Although I’m not sure if I agree with karmic responsibility.  I feel as if none of these religions ever actually exercise the Golden Rule.  It’s just a good talking point.

I need to go to the store, so I’m done writing.  I will play this song one more time.  Maybe it will be a theme song for this year for me.

We all have a soundtrack.

Of course, if you want to hear this great song…

Damn, now I have White Trash Beautiful in my head.  Perfect for the RNC…