The Modern Age

When Donald Trump, no, I’m sorry…

When Donald J. Trump, for fuck’s sake…

When peeled orange with a corn husk tumor on top and Dick Cheney’s wet dream for a brain decided to open a new web site today, I’m guessing he thought he was quite clever.

But when you click on all you get is a blank page.  He’s so ambitious.  He’s willing to announce and roll out a web page before there’s even any content.  Worse than that, as shown in that one debate with FOX Opinion experts moderating, Trump doesn’t even know what’s on his official Trump for President web site.

It’s as if he paid somebody to make it and sound good but he didn’t know what was put on it.

Or maybe he did and forgot.

I don’t know.

Trump said he has, “the world’s best memory and that everybody knows that.”
-November 23, 2015

I also know…

I have so many websites … I hire people. They do a website. It costs me three dollars.
Donald Trump said this

Three dollars doesn’t mean much if they don’t provide any information.  If the web site is a blank page.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  It’s true.  Even if you’re part of the cast of Veggie Tales.

I just refreshed to see if it created any content, but it didn’t.  Donald, you might want to pony up more than $3.

See, because running the government means people actually expect something for their tax dollars.  Like it or not, carrot cake, what you get away with in business is not what you get away with in government.  See, in business, if you do a bad job, you merely had to blow it off until it was time to file bankruptcy.

Kinda like your wives.  Half ass trying with one until you decide you want a new one.

Let’s try Ivanka.  Vodka.  Airlines.  Mortgages.  Reality TV.  Marla.  USFL.  New Jersey.  Steaks.  Melania.  U.S. President.

The only vodka he has ever been successful at using was the vodka sauce you spread on your face and tiny hands for that orange tint.

I can’t even believe that Trump used Lying, which was previously reserved for Cruz, in addition to crooked for Hillary Clinton.  Seems like Trump supporters may get Cruz and Clinton confused.  All this lying.

Wait, I know, Cruz was lyin’.  He said it many times.  Cruz didn’t earn the g.

What does Trump earn, because his post Orlando speech was a series of lies.  Maybe they were misinformation?  Maybe they were misinfortrump?  Exaggertrumps?

Hold on, let me refresh.

Still a blank page.

If a new government web site was announced and all it was was a blank page, I’d be pissed.  Because it’s not about the cost.  It’s about the accountability.  It’s about the functionality.  It’s about my tax dollars actually providing me something.

Trump is running for president because he claims the government is broken.  And many people agree with this comment.  On many levels it is broken.  It has actually shut down over things that should not force it to shut down.  Twice.  Recently.

We cannot agree on any common goals, no matter how good it is for the population.

But, Donald, if you cannot create a functioning web page- no matter the cost- then you won’t fix the broken system we have.  You are literally peddling broken goods.

It’s like Trump’s words.  Don’t you think he should think them over and actually present functioning, thoughtful sentences rather than words like “bigly” or the like?  Trump should not be creating the next “word of the year.”

This is significant.  Because the country isn’t all stupid.  Maybe 30%.  Whatever Trump’s real support is at.

I just wish Hillary Clinton was somebody I could trust.  Because I’m really in a bind.  We have, basically, a monarchy with pretend voting.  Votes are cast and people get elected, but we keep recycling the same names and the same garbage.

There is no way to really create change without money.  None.

“Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”
New York Times article in August 2015

And we all know how shallow the carrot flavored freeze pop is.


The day after writing this piece on the wonderful website developed by the Trump campaign, I find that there is now content.


Trump is a dull minded moron.  I thought for a second to remove the text address, but it’s on his podium at every rally/press conference.  I’m not stopping anything.  If you believe his bullshit, you will find a way to be fed his spam.

All spam, no substance.  Trump 2016.


2 thoughts on “The Modern Age

  1. I look forward to reading your blog. I’m just not sure why alot of people don’t respond, or even take 5 minutes out of their day to read it. Maybe they’re scared to read something that might make them rethink things, or they’re just too lazy to actually read something anymore? I’m going with the last one. Guessing that most are Trump supporters. Fucking idiots.


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