Criminals Don’t Care About Laws…

That’s the argument.  We can put gun restriction measures in place, but the criminals don’t care about laws.  They are criminals and we merely leave honest citizens in danger.

Let’s take the words straight from bacon cookin’ on a hot gun dude Ted Cruz, because I’m guessing the NRA has had a huge impact on his decisions as a human being and senator- from Texas.

Because when you put gun control laws in place, the criminals don’t hand over their guns, but the law-abiding citizens do and it ends up leaving them more vulnerable.
-Ted Cruz on April 18, 2016

So why try?

There’s no use.  Criminals don’t care about your laws and restrictions.  They just don’t.  That’s why they are criminals.

And why Ted Cruz became a prosecuting attorney.  To prosecute.

If we didn’t have laws and regulations, Ted Cruz wouldn’t have had a job for so many years.  I’m guessing Cruz would have been horrible in the service industry.

See, the thing is that if we use the logic about guns for everything else in the world, it falls apart.

Why regulate alcohol?  Underage drinkers don’t care about your regulations.

See how dumb that sounds?  People who break the law never care about your laws.  Until they get a DUI.

Why make laws against rape?  Rapists don’t care about your laws.  I mean, Bill Cosby shouldn’t be held accountable for harming those women.  Sex is sex and why say that certain sex is worse than any other sex?  Bill Cosby says, you’re trying to take my sex away.  Don’t the words “pursuit of happiness” mean anything?

Why make laws against murder?

I can do this all day.

Laws help protect people.  Or are supposed to.  Laws give us a feeling of safety when we are out in the world.  Laws are designed to make it so that everybody gets a fair shake.

Feel free to shoot holes in my logic with your semi-automatic weapon.  I don’t care.  That’s the glory of all these discussions.

But I have yet to hear one good argument as to why somebody should need a gun today.  I can understand why somebody may need gum today.  Bad breath, but if you think you need a gun today, it likely means you’re up to no good and need some time to think about it.

If one needs a gun for hunting, they should be able to plan this in advance.

Why is it that the people who argue that there will be a black market of gun sales don’t worry about black market abortions?  Those are real and more harmful than a doctor providing the service.

And don’t tell me about your gun safety training.  Criminals don’t care about gun safety training.  Why is there always this discussion about how responsible gun owners are providing gun safety training?  You should.  We don’t just put our kids in cars without training?

Something went wrong 40 years ago and Charlton Heston became a spokesman for a monster.  The logic is not really there, yet the need for reform has never been more necessary.

Everything in this country is regulated.  Everything.  But one word of regulating guns and requiring background checks and on and on, well, stop infringing on my Second Amendment rights.


Nobody wants your guns.  They are not going away.

I also don’t feel you need to walk around town with one.

I also don’t think you need one that can kill 50 people really quickly.

I also don’t think there is any problem with you waiting a couple days to take possession of your firearm.

I used the pronoun “you” almost exclusively because I’ve never touched a gun.  I have no need.  No interest.  No desire.

This isn’t about taking away anybody’s rights.  This is about giving some people the right to live.  Potentially.

If Ted Cruz speaks for you then you’ve found the wrong blog.  He’s a horrible human being.

Now let’s pass some reforms so that maybe less people can die in the future from unnecessary violence.


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