I’m So Confused

For fuck’s sake, this Orlando shooting has opened up a bag of worms.

I mean, if I didn’t think for myself.  But I do.  And can be dismissive.

Because there are so many opinions and thoughts and “I told you sos.”

So there are people who believe that the shooter was following Islam.  And he had an agenda.  Basically, Islam is bad.

And then there are people who suggest religion is bad.  Wait, I’m one of those.  But I do believe that people need religion or else they will become wandering morons in a sea of dumb.  High tide on dumb seems to be seeping deeper each week.

Hold on, now I’m being called the regressive left.

I’m not regressive.  I’m very progressive, but there has to be a balance between the First and Second Amendments.  Something.

And there are people suggesting the shooter was gay and was merely trying to diffuse his own struggles.

Do I judge Muslims?  Yes.

Do I judge Christians?  Hell yes.

Do I judge those who judge others?  Fuck yes.

Do I believe that all people have the right to practice their belief system as long as they don’t hurt anybody in order to make themselves more comfortable in this world?  Yes.

And that’s what all religion is about.  Feeling more comfortable.  Don’t deny this.  Religion is about creating a comfortable space between hope and skepticism.  I hold no grudge with these people.

But we have to accept that religion is hateful at the same time.

A key ingredient of religion is they deny science.  Science is what makes us grow.  Period.

See climate change.

See evolution.

We also have to accept that religion hates what it cannot understand.  Or is not willing to understand.  Religion is intolerance.  It just is.

And I don’t agree that anybody need a semi-automatic weapon in this world except those who plan to harm many human beings in a short time.  Anybody who plans to do that who is not part of the military or police is a criminal.  They plan to kill somebody.  Or many people.

And fit that into your religious scheme.

I also don’t believe that anybody who instills hatred via religion is doing any good in this world.  Religion is a path to judgement and not toward inclusion.  I can’t think of too many true religions that are truly inclusive.

Acceptance and tolerance are at a premium.

I read a statistic today about the enormous number of people who have been shot by gunfire over the last 72 hours.  Not including Orlando.

We have a problem

We need more people to put religion and intolerance aside in order to allow more people to live the lives they should.

So I take all the opinions I read in the world with a grain of salt.  I just don’t care.

There really is no defending hatred.  Of any kind.  And isn’t that really what Orlando was about?  Hatred.

Pretend it isn’t.

And then suggest what philosophy drove that.

Can you name me a moral action or a statement that has been made by a believer that couldn’t have been made by a non-believer?
-Christopher Hitchens

Because that’s the issue at heart.

Does the reverse hold true?

Seems so much of the hatred in the world is caused by belief more than anything else.

And that is a real problem.


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