Religion is Bad M’Kay

I will post this first because it entertains me and everything I say afterward will be seem less offensive.  It’s all about theories of relativity.

I saw this on twitter today.  The hashtag was Sacrilege Sunday.  I was entertained.

And I do enjoy Jack Daniel’s.

There was a shooting in which 50 people were killed and 53 injured at a gay night club in Orlando, FL.  More information will be coming regarding that incident as these things take time.  Just because we have to fill time on a 24 hour news network does not mean the facts come any faster.

The killer apparently called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The door was immediately opened for the Republicans to discuss Radical Islamic Terrorists.  A phrase that they used repeatedly during the primary season.  They are already discussing how there are people in the world who hate and it’s not acceptable.

Donald Trump has tweeted that he is receiving many congratulations for being right about Radical Islamic Terrorism.  So bold, Donald.  Way to predict that violence may happen sometime.  It happens daily and often because of hate.  One should not claim to be congratulated and so gleeful about something so horrible.

Now, let’s take the three presidential candidates who spoke at the “Religious Liberty” convention in Iowa last November.  This was hosted by a person (Kevin Swanson) who opened the convention by saying gay people should be put to death.  He claims that The Bible says it should be so, so it should be so.

People who cannot think for themselves are the worst of all people.

A decent human being would have said those were horrible comments and do not belong on the public stage, but Ted Cruz is not a decent human being.  Neither are Mike Huckabee or Bobby Jindal.  They are all horrible people who took any opportunity to gain a few votes and, by speaking at the rally, gave credibility to a voice which should not be heard.

I firmly believe in the First Amendment, but I’ve witnessed far too often that just because a voice is making noise, does not mean it is heard.  So don’t help the voice of hatred.

No, your religious freedoms are not being stripped away and the biggest threat to our culture is not the LGBT community.  Nobody is ever going to require you to have gay sex.  Won’t happen.

And, I find it ironic that the words “religious freedom” seemed to roughly translate to “my religion is the only correct one so agree with me or get the fuck off this planet.”  I’m not wrong.

I won’t even say that Ted Cruz and his band of merry haters want to kill all the gay people.  They just want to make them second class citizens.  They just want to join Kim Davis in the fight for refusing rights.  They want to make unnecessary laws regarding bathrooms.

All of this is based on religion.

Religions have always been created in order to control populations.

Fear and guilt.

I guess I need to get to a point, because points are whole reason I write long essays in my spare time.

We need to move away from religion and toward humanism.  As a culture.

Laws and ideas which help humans.  It’s a good idea.

I watched Marco Rubio talk in his home state today.  He said repeatedly, we are all Americans.  He told the reporters that we will show them how great we are.

No.  We are all humans.  This isn’t nationalism.  This is about how each and every person born deserves to live his or her life to fullest.  Regardless of where that person is born or how much pigmentation is in the skin or how the brain is wired.

The real issue is intolerance.  Hate.  Bigotry.

We need to strip both the borders and the religion away from all of society in order to create more tolerance and peace.

The even more real issue is how easy it is to get an assault weapon in this “free” country because nobody will let go of even a fraction of the Second Amendment.  One cannot keep lunatics from committing crimes on other humans, but we certainly can limit the amount of damage one person does.

I studied math in college.  I look for least common denominators.  It’s the issue(s) that we find in every instance of a crime like this.




Nearly every single time.  Enough for a high F score.

Orlando.  San Bernadino.  Colorado Springs.  Oregon.

But sometimes, and this is true, religions don’t use guns to spread their hate.  They demonize people.  They send messages that make people feel like they don’t belong or shouldn’t be around.

It’s Sunday today.  The day many go to church and worship and pray.

Don’t pray for Orlando or The Pulse or start a hashtag.  It won’t help.  Religion doesn’t fix what religion broke.  And it never will.

You can pretend like one religion is better than another when their messages are not all that different.

Except for the nun in the picture above.  She has it right.

Sacrilege Sunday.  Because all religions are bad.


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