How Do We Get Through This?

It’s barely started.

All of it.

I mean, this is a good day.  My youngest is graduating from high school.  I remember when my oldest graduated.  It was a good moment.

This is what we hold on to.  These moments.

But then there’s the whole world out there.  And two very unlikable people are trying to control a very influential piece of it.

Hello twitter.  You twits.


Really happened.  Obama endorsed Clinton and now somebody I’ve always had respect for is doing the same- Elizabeth Warren.

Clinton is not four more years of Obama.  That’s a GOP talking point.

Trump will be four more years of late night comic’s wet dreams.

My fear is that this will be a couple of people in their late 60’s who grew up on phones and had to be excited as television grew to the product it is today will be dissing each other on twitter.  This is no disrespect to anybody of a certain age.

This is about a civilized discussion.  From what I’ve witnessed, civilized discussions are not had on twitter.  Ever.


So it starts.

In 140 characters or less.



The two most disliked people in the history of running for president will spend more time attacking the other person than laying out their strategy.  Than discussing issues they want to address.  Than any platform talk.

Outside of Trump wanting to build a wall, I don’t know what any of these two really want to do as president.  Neither has spent much time talking about it.

But one is crooked and the other is a con artist.  Either vote for me or you’re stuck with the other.

This will be one for the ages and I’m afraid I cannot turn it off.

But I wish I could.


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