I Need to Close Some Tabs

What I do right before bed time is read.  I open up links in their own tabs, and if I think they are interesting I’ll leave them open.  Thing is that I have all these tabs open.  Gotta close some.

Some of these tabs might be worthy of their own blog post, but I get tired.  When I get tired, nothing should be written.

Lying Crooked Hillary.

This orange dusted buffoon has decided to create an actual web site now.  It has a mocking image of Clinton and a form to get spammed.  I have written about this.

Closed.  We need less orange monsters.  And less bullshit.

NRA: sharethesafety.org

This can’t be real.  Can it?

Yes, you can “Buy a gun, give a gun to an American in an at-risk neighborhood.”

Simple.  Choose a premium gun.  Choose a crime ridden city from the map, and “a suitable gun will be given to someone in need.”

Who is in fucking need of a gun?

And why would we arm the inner city of Chicago further?  This is absolutely insane and unnecessary.

Background checks are being blocked by the NRA and they want to open up a chute straight to Detroit with free guns.

I also love the banner pictures showing all the African Americans.  Classy.

Fuck.  The.  NRA.

Closed for good.


This didn’t get much coverage, but I had a few tabs open as I was reading how the DNC servers were hacked.

Most of the noise was revolving around the corruption and collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

For Sanders supporters, the leaked documents affirm the bias and favoritism exercised by the Democratic National Committeechaired by Clinton’s 2008 campaign co-chairDebbie Wasserman Schultz.

This isn’t shocking or surprising to me.  The corruption has been there since day one.  But you have to vote for Clinton or, you know, Trump happens.

Internal memos, dated May 2015—long before the first state voted in the Democratic primary—referred to Hillary Clinton as though she was already the Democratic presidential nominee. The documents leaked by Guccifer 2.0 not only illuminate the DNC’s efforts to ensure Clinton’s coronation but also reveal the strategies used to shield her from criticism on ethics, transparency and campaign finance reform

I’m not discussing this any further.  I don’t watch Corporately Modified Information anymore and I’ve read every piece of evidence that Clinton rigged the Democratic election.  Doesn’t change a thing.  People believe the lies they like.


Effects of Spanking

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan used data on more than 150,000 children over a 50-year period to come up with a fairly damning conclusion: Spanking is linked to aggression, antisocial behavior, mental health problems, cognitive difficulties, low self-esteem, and a whole host of other negative outcomes. As for the upsides, there were absolutely zero  — the practice revealed no redeeming effects but consistently strong links to 13 bad ones.

Turns out spanking is a bad thing.  Who knew?

I did.

And this practice of publicly shaming a person by spanking a child in front of others has to be even worse.

How many times have I heard a person from a generation or two before me suggest that, “they just won’t let us smack our kids anymore?”

For good reason.

Schools should have never allowed for the principal or teachers to beat children.

It’s poor ethics and I believe it goes back to that great Christian nation we argue for.  We don’t teach anything.  We only teach consequences.

Get caught, you’re going to hell.

Yet Christians argue that atheists have no morals.  I believe we teach morals and not consequences.


Why Clinton’s Claim of Having 3 Million More Votes is a Lie

Caucuses don’t count toward the number.

That is why.

Only primaries.


Christy Sheats

What was up with this woman?

If there was ever a time when gun control needed a boost, it was now.  Because Senators don’t seem to care about 50 people being shot dead in a night club.

So this woman, Christy Sheats posted Second Amendment posts on Facebook nonstop.  She argued that she deserved to have a gun.  One meme went something like, I own ten guns and Obama wants to take 8 of them away.  How many guns do I own?  Ten!

And then she killed her two daughters.  With a gun.

Police killed her.

I know Texas tried to secede from the nation, but it didn’t happen.  Texas doesn’t get its own rules.  Killing your daughters is a horrible thing and maybe she shouldn’t have had those guns.  Maybe she shouldn’t have had children.  Unthinkable.

Because doesn’t that make you sad for a couple of people who could still be teen girls right now?


Donald Trump’s Craziest Quotes

I’m done with these.

He’ll say something crazy tomorrow.

It’s what he does.

Just wait for that Geico commercial.


Christopher Hitchens Quotes

Other end of the spectrum from The Donald.

Philosophy begins where religion ends, just as by analogy chemistry begins where alchemy runs out, and astronomy takes the place of astrology.


Faith is the surrender of the mind, it’s the surrender of reason, it’s the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other animals. It’s our need to believe and to surrender our skepticism and our reason, our yearning to discard that and put all our trust or faith in someone or something, that is the sinister thing to me. … Out of all the virtues, all the supposed virtues, faith must be the most overrated

Not closing this one.  Yet.

And here’s a video.

Eleanor Goldfield entertains me.  Her band, Rooftop Revolutionaries put out an okay album a few years back.  She’s part of Occupy.

Now she spends her time as an activist filming Act Out! which airs on Free Speech TV.

She starts every show with some spoken word.  I actually don’t appreciate it like others might, but I’m not going to judge.


And I’m caught up.  Only a couple of tabs left.



The Modern Age

When Donald Trump, no, I’m sorry…

When Donald J. Trump, for fuck’s sake…

When peeled orange with a corn husk tumor on top and Dick Cheney’s wet dream for a brain decided to open a new web site today, I’m guessing he thought he was quite clever.

But when you click on http://lyingcrookedhillary.com all you get is a blank page.  He’s so ambitious.  He’s willing to announce and roll out a web page before there’s even any content.  Worse than that, as shown in that one debate with FOX Opinion experts moderating, Trump doesn’t even know what’s on his official Trump for President web site.

It’s as if he paid somebody to make it and sound good but he didn’t know what was put on it.

Or maybe he did and forgot.

I don’t know.

Trump said he has, “the world’s best memory and that everybody knows that.”
-November 23, 2015

I also know…

I have so many websites … I hire people. They do a website. It costs me three dollars.
Donald Trump said this

Three dollars doesn’t mean much if they don’t provide any information.  If the web site is a blank page.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  It’s true.  Even if you’re part of the cast of Veggie Tales.

I just refreshed lyingcrookedhillary.com to see if it created any content, but it didn’t.  Donald, you might want to pony up more than $3.

See, because running the government means people actually expect something for their tax dollars.  Like it or not, carrot cake, what you get away with in business is not what you get away with in government.  See, in business, if you do a bad job, you merely had to blow it off until it was time to file bankruptcy.

Kinda like your wives.  Half ass trying with one until you decide you want a new one.

Let’s try Ivanka.  Vodka.  Airlines.  Mortgages.  Reality TV.  Marla.  USFL.  New Jersey.  Steaks.  Melania.  U.S. President.

The only vodka he has ever been successful at using was the vodka sauce you spread on your face and tiny hands for that orange tint.

I can’t even believe that Trump used Lying, which was previously reserved for Cruz, in addition to crooked for Hillary Clinton.  Seems like Trump supporters may get Cruz and Clinton confused.  All this lying.

Wait, I know, Cruz was lyin’.  He said it many times.  Cruz didn’t earn the g.

What does Trump earn, because his post Orlando speech was a series of lies.  Maybe they were misinformation?  Maybe they were misinfortrump?  Exaggertrumps?

Hold on, let me refresh.

Still a blank page.

If a new government web site was announced and all it was was a blank page, I’d be pissed.  Because it’s not about the cost.  It’s about the accountability.  It’s about the functionality.  It’s about my tax dollars actually providing me something.

Trump is running for president because he claims the government is broken.  And many people agree with this comment.  On many levels it is broken.  It has actually shut down over things that should not force it to shut down.  Twice.  Recently.

We cannot agree on any common goals, no matter how good it is for the population.

But, Donald, if you cannot create a functioning web page- no matter the cost- then you won’t fix the broken system we have.  You are literally peddling broken goods.

It’s like Trump’s words.  Don’t you think he should think them over and actually present functioning, thoughtful sentences rather than words like “bigly” or the like?  Trump should not be creating the next “word of the year.”

This is significant.  Because the country isn’t all stupid.  Maybe 30%.  Whatever Trump’s real support is at.

I just wish Hillary Clinton was somebody I could trust.  Because I’m really in a bind.  We have, basically, a monarchy with pretend voting.  Votes are cast and people get elected, but we keep recycling the same names and the same garbage.

There is no way to really create change without money.  None.

“Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”
New York Times article in August 2015

And we all know how shallow the carrot flavored freeze pop is.


The day after writing this piece on the wonderful website developed by the Trump campaign, I find that there is now content.


Trump is a dull minded moron.  I thought for a second to remove the text address, but it’s on his podium at every rally/press conference.  I’m not stopping anything.  If you believe his bullshit, you will find a way to be fed his spam.

All spam, no substance.  Trump 2016.

Criminals Don’t Care About Laws…

That’s the argument.  We can put gun restriction measures in place, but the criminals don’t care about laws.  They are criminals and we merely leave honest citizens in danger.

Let’s take the words straight from bacon cookin’ on a hot gun dude Ted Cruz, because I’m guessing the NRA has had a huge impact on his decisions as a human being and senator- from Texas.

Because when you put gun control laws in place, the criminals don’t hand over their guns, but the law-abiding citizens do and it ends up leaving them more vulnerable.
-Ted Cruz on April 18, 2016

So why try?

There’s no use.  Criminals don’t care about your laws and restrictions.  They just don’t.  That’s why they are criminals.

And why Ted Cruz became a prosecuting attorney.  To prosecute.

If we didn’t have laws and regulations, Ted Cruz wouldn’t have had a job for so many years.  I’m guessing Cruz would have been horrible in the service industry.

See, the thing is that if we use the logic about guns for everything else in the world, it falls apart.

Why regulate alcohol?  Underage drinkers don’t care about your regulations.

See how dumb that sounds?  People who break the law never care about your laws.  Until they get a DUI.

Why make laws against rape?  Rapists don’t care about your laws.  I mean, Bill Cosby shouldn’t be held accountable for harming those women.  Sex is sex and why say that certain sex is worse than any other sex?  Bill Cosby says, you’re trying to take my sex away.  Don’t the words “pursuit of happiness” mean anything?

Why make laws against murder?

I can do this all day.

Laws help protect people.  Or are supposed to.  Laws give us a feeling of safety when we are out in the world.  Laws are designed to make it so that everybody gets a fair shake.

Feel free to shoot holes in my logic with your semi-automatic weapon.  I don’t care.  That’s the glory of all these discussions.

But I have yet to hear one good argument as to why somebody should need a gun today.  I can understand why somebody may need gum today.  Bad breath, but if you think you need a gun today, it likely means you’re up to no good and need some time to think about it.

If one needs a gun for hunting, they should be able to plan this in advance.

Why is it that the people who argue that there will be a black market of gun sales don’t worry about black market abortions?  Those are real and more harmful than a doctor providing the service.

And don’t tell me about your gun safety training.  Criminals don’t care about gun safety training.  Why is there always this discussion about how responsible gun owners are providing gun safety training?  You should.  We don’t just put our kids in cars without training?

Something went wrong 40 years ago and Charlton Heston became a spokesman for a monster.  The logic is not really there, yet the need for reform has never been more necessary.

Everything in this country is regulated.  Everything.  But one word of regulating guns and requiring background checks and on and on, well, stop infringing on my Second Amendment rights.


Nobody wants your guns.  They are not going away.

I also don’t feel you need to walk around town with one.

I also don’t think you need one that can kill 50 people really quickly.

I also don’t think there is any problem with you waiting a couple days to take possession of your firearm.

I used the pronoun “you” almost exclusively because I’ve never touched a gun.  I have no need.  No interest.  No desire.

This isn’t about taking away anybody’s rights.  This is about giving some people the right to live.  Potentially.

If Ted Cruz speaks for you then you’ve found the wrong blog.  He’s a horrible human being.

Now let’s pass some reforms so that maybe less people can die in the future from unnecessary violence.

I’m So Confused

For fuck’s sake, this Orlando shooting has opened up a bag of worms.

I mean, if I didn’t think for myself.  But I do.  And can be dismissive.

Because there are so many opinions and thoughts and “I told you sos.”

So there are people who believe that the shooter was following Islam.  And he had an agenda.  Basically, Islam is bad.

And then there are people who suggest religion is bad.  Wait, I’m one of those.  But I do believe that people need religion or else they will become wandering morons in a sea of dumb.  High tide on dumb seems to be seeping deeper each week.

Hold on, now I’m being called the regressive left.

I’m not regressive.  I’m very progressive, but there has to be a balance between the First and Second Amendments.  Something.

And there are people suggesting the shooter was gay and was merely trying to diffuse his own struggles.

Do I judge Muslims?  Yes.

Do I judge Christians?  Hell yes.

Do I judge those who judge others?  Fuck yes.

Do I believe that all people have the right to practice their belief system as long as they don’t hurt anybody in order to make themselves more comfortable in this world?  Yes.

And that’s what all religion is about.  Feeling more comfortable.  Don’t deny this.  Religion is about creating a comfortable space between hope and skepticism.  I hold no grudge with these people.

But we have to accept that religion is hateful at the same time.

A key ingredient of religion is they deny science.  Science is what makes us grow.  Period.

See climate change.

See evolution.

We also have to accept that religion hates what it cannot understand.  Or is not willing to understand.  Religion is intolerance.  It just is.

And I don’t agree that anybody need a semi-automatic weapon in this world except those who plan to harm many human beings in a short time.  Anybody who plans to do that who is not part of the military or police is a criminal.  They plan to kill somebody.  Or many people.

And fit that into your religious scheme.

I also don’t believe that anybody who instills hatred via religion is doing any good in this world.  Religion is a path to judgement and not toward inclusion.  I can’t think of too many true religions that are truly inclusive.

Acceptance and tolerance are at a premium.

I read a statistic today about the enormous number of people who have been shot by gunfire over the last 72 hours.  Not including Orlando.

We have a problem

We need more people to put religion and intolerance aside in order to allow more people to live the lives they should.

So I take all the opinions I read in the world with a grain of salt.  I just don’t care.

There really is no defending hatred.  Of any kind.  And isn’t that really what Orlando was about?  Hatred.

Pretend it isn’t.

And then suggest what philosophy drove that.

Can you name me a moral action or a statement that has been made by a believer that couldn’t have been made by a non-believer?
-Christopher Hitchens

Because that’s the issue at heart.

Does the reverse hold true?

Seems so much of the hatred in the world is caused by belief more than anything else.

And that is a real problem.

Religion is Bad M’Kay

I will post this first because it entertains me and everything I say afterward will be seem less offensive.  It’s all about theories of relativity.

I saw this on twitter today.  The hashtag was Sacrilege Sunday.  I was entertained.

And I do enjoy Jack Daniel’s.

There was a shooting in which 50 people were killed and 53 injured at a gay night club in Orlando, FL.  More information will be coming regarding that incident as these things take time.  Just because we have to fill time on a 24 hour news network does not mean the facts come any faster.

The killer apparently called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The door was immediately opened for the Republicans to discuss Radical Islamic Terrorists.  A phrase that they used repeatedly during the primary season.  They are already discussing how there are people in the world who hate and it’s not acceptable.

Donald Trump has tweeted that he is receiving many congratulations for being right about Radical Islamic Terrorism.  So bold, Donald.  Way to predict that violence may happen sometime.  It happens daily and often because of hate.  One should not claim to be congratulated and so gleeful about something so horrible.

Now, let’s take the three presidential candidates who spoke at the “Religious Liberty” convention in Iowa last November.  This was hosted by a person (Kevin Swanson) who opened the convention by saying gay people should be put to death.  He claims that The Bible says it should be so, so it should be so.

People who cannot think for themselves are the worst of all people.

A decent human being would have said those were horrible comments and do not belong on the public stage, but Ted Cruz is not a decent human being.  Neither are Mike Huckabee or Bobby Jindal.  They are all horrible people who took any opportunity to gain a few votes and, by speaking at the rally, gave credibility to a voice which should not be heard.

I firmly believe in the First Amendment, but I’ve witnessed far too often that just because a voice is making noise, does not mean it is heard.  So don’t help the voice of hatred.

No, your religious freedoms are not being stripped away and the biggest threat to our culture is not the LGBT community.  Nobody is ever going to require you to have gay sex.  Won’t happen.

And, I find it ironic that the words “religious freedom” seemed to roughly translate to “my religion is the only correct one so agree with me or get the fuck off this planet.”  I’m not wrong.

I won’t even say that Ted Cruz and his band of merry haters want to kill all the gay people.  They just want to make them second class citizens.  They just want to join Kim Davis in the fight for refusing rights.  They want to make unnecessary laws regarding bathrooms.

All of this is based on religion.

Religions have always been created in order to control populations.

Fear and guilt.

I guess I need to get to a point, because points are whole reason I write long essays in my spare time.

We need to move away from religion and toward humanism.  As a culture.

Laws and ideas which help humans.  It’s a good idea.

I watched Marco Rubio talk in his home state today.  He said repeatedly, we are all Americans.  He told the reporters that we will show them how great we are.

No.  We are all humans.  This isn’t nationalism.  This is about how each and every person born deserves to live his or her life to fullest.  Regardless of where that person is born or how much pigmentation is in the skin or how the brain is wired.

The real issue is intolerance.  Hate.  Bigotry.

We need to strip both the borders and the religion away from all of society in order to create more tolerance and peace.

The even more real issue is how easy it is to get an assault weapon in this “free” country because nobody will let go of even a fraction of the Second Amendment.  One cannot keep lunatics from committing crimes on other humans, but we certainly can limit the amount of damage one person does.

I studied math in college.  I look for least common denominators.  It’s the issue(s) that we find in every instance of a crime like this.




Nearly every single time.  Enough for a high F score.

Orlando.  San Bernadino.  Colorado Springs.  Oregon.

But sometimes, and this is true, religions don’t use guns to spread their hate.  They demonize people.  They send messages that make people feel like they don’t belong or shouldn’t be around.

It’s Sunday today.  The day many go to church and worship and pray.

Don’t pray for Orlando or The Pulse or start a hashtag.  It won’t help.  Religion doesn’t fix what religion broke.  And it never will.

You can pretend like one religion is better than another when their messages are not all that different.

Except for the nun in the picture above.  She has it right.

Sacrilege Sunday.  Because all religions are bad.

How Do We Get Through This?

It’s barely started.

All of it.

I mean, this is a good day.  My youngest is graduating from high school.  I remember when my oldest graduated.  It was a good moment.

This is what we hold on to.  These moments.

But then there’s the whole world out there.  And two very unlikable people are trying to control a very influential piece of it.

Hello twitter.  You twits.


Really happened.  Obama endorsed Clinton and now somebody I’ve always had respect for is doing the same- Elizabeth Warren.

Clinton is not four more years of Obama.  That’s a GOP talking point.

Trump will be four more years of late night comic’s wet dreams.

My fear is that this will be a couple of people in their late 60’s who grew up on phones and had to be excited as television grew to the product it is today will be dissing each other on twitter.  This is no disrespect to anybody of a certain age.

This is about a civilized discussion.  From what I’ve witnessed, civilized discussions are not had on twitter.  Ever.


So it starts.

In 140 characters or less.



The two most disliked people in the history of running for president will spend more time attacking the other person than laying out their strategy.  Than discussing issues they want to address.  Than any platform talk.

Outside of Trump wanting to build a wall, I don’t know what any of these two really want to do as president.  Neither has spent much time talking about it.

But one is crooked and the other is a con artist.  Either vote for me or you’re stuck with the other.

This will be one for the ages and I’m afraid I cannot turn it off.

But I wish I could.