Ted Cruz is a Piece of Shit

I’m not home.  I don’t have my DVR.  I can’t rewind.  I yelled at the small fuzzy television as he spoke tonight.

Ted Cruz- there is a reason you lost.  There is a reason you didn’t stand a chance.  Had Donald Trump not been running this year, I’m not sorry, Ted, but you wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Ted Cruz wouldn’t have made it further than Lindsey Graham.

Ted, you got caught up in a year of weird.

He just said, “The path has been foreclosed.”  To which I yelled at my fuzzy television, just like the millions of homes you foreclosed upon with your campaign and your work with Goldman Sachs and work with the campaign of George W. Bush.

Yes.  Ted Cruz should be tied to Goldman Sachs and the crash of 2008.

He just talked about some little kids who handed him change in an envelope from a lemonade stand begging him to continue his campaign.  He told the world during his concession speech that is what his campaign was built upon.

I’m not sure what annoyed me more at the end of the speech.  Brian Williams’ voice or the country music that played as Cruz walked off the stage.  It was the country music, of course, but Brian Williams is annoying in his own right.  I can only assume that Brian Williams has pictures of Comcast executives fucking horses at this point because he is a horrible reporter.

Oh, wait, there’s Rachel Maddow.  Shoot.  I don’t have my DVR so I can’t rewind and the sound is down because country music makes me angry.  I’m positive she’s talking about how awesome Hillary Clinton is right now.  I’m positive.

Hold on.  I need to find a baseball game to watch….

Anything really.  Why am I watching MSNBC?

Ah, a local news story about a kid who exposed himself during the team football photo.  The story literally includes another football kid saying that if you look at the photo you barely see anything.  The story also says that the kid is subject to 69 (!) counts of indecent exposure.  Jimmy Kimmel should love this story.


Cruz started his speech by saying that the Constitution didn’t come from dictators or the President, it came from God almighty.  Hey, motherfucker, the Constitution was based upon some very liberal people who were trying to break away from tyranny.  It came from some people who were trying to separate from the rich and get taxation with representation.

Dear Ted Cruz, you and Fiorina can say whatever you want, but your god does not belong in politics.  Nobody is staring down from above wishing you to lead this country.

In fact, you are a miserable piece of shit.

I don’t use those words lightly.  I’m not sorry if you are offended, but I just used my First Amendment rights.  They weren’t given to me by your god of faith and suffering.  The First Amendment wasn’t all like, hey, go ahead and say what you want as long as you know Ted Cruz should be President and that all Presidents should be anointed by some god.

The fact is that the very literature, which should be understood by a Constitutional attorney like Ted Cruz, is that we can practice any religion and speak any way we deem fit.  The First Amendment actually offers us protection from those acting as if their religion is the law of the land.

Full disclosure.  I know this isn’t the way it’s practiced.  The First Amendment offers protections to the wealthy these days.  Ted Cruz is wealthy.  He gets extra special personal rights granted to him by the Supreme Court.  I’m guessing, as a matter of fact, that he may have laid the groundwork for these special privileges.

Yes, rich people like Ted Cruz get bigger First Amendment rights because he is wealthy and each one of his dollars is now a part of speech.

Cruz should not pretend that his god wanted him to be President.  Apparently their god spoke to his wife Heidi saying her husband was chosen by their deity.  They should not even talk about kids and a lemonade stand.  The only person who should be talking about lemonade is Beyonce right now.

Cruz has raised $140 million between his campaign and Super PACs.  He is not running on lemonade money.  He is not even running on campaign donations averaging $27 per person.  Ted Cruz has received many million dollar donations.

Ted Cruz is hated.  He is a piece of shit.  He shut down the government and thought that somehow that would never catch up to him.

Ted Cruz has no morals.  He believes that by preaching the word of his religion, he can turn his back on the poor and screw over hard working citizens in order to make a point.  Because Ted Cruz is loves Dr. Seuss more than government employees.

Heidi Cruz works in a high power position for Goldman Sachs.  I can’t wait for her to release the very boring speech transcripts from Hillary Clinton.  And worth every penny I’m sure.

I read yesterday that Chelsea Clinton makes $65,000 per speech.

I think I can make a fairly good speech.  I know I cannot save you tax dollars.  I know I would never pass legislation helping very wealthy companies.  I am very sure I would stop the next recession even if I saw my contributors making it happen.  Even if I had just given them a speech.

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.

But way before I saw him end his campaign today, I watched as a right wing pundit on MSNBC suggested that Hillary Clinton should pander to Republicans because Trump will run to the left of her on foreign affairs.

This pundit suggested that Hillary Clinton was the most like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney as a hawk.  Mother fucking yes!!!

Chris Matthews, in a strange turn of talking points and screaming about socialism, asked if those words didn’t just prove Bernie supporters right.

I watched Bill Maher today.  The theory from the Cruz supporting blonde woman (and doesn’t Maher always have a conservative blonde woman?) was that people who don’t have a college education are mad that they are having such a tough time in America.  Yes, bitch, the problem is that stupid people feel entitled.

People should be able to work and as long as they do the job well, be able to afford a life in the United States.  We are the land of the free.

And that includes freedom from religion.

Nobody’s deity has a say in politics and legislation.  Not sorry.

One cannot claim small donations as the reason to run when millions of dollars of donations, especially from oil companies, have rolled in.  Especially when you are a climate denier.  Especially when your dad worked in oil.

You don’t get to talk about lying when you are a lying piece of shit.

You don’t get to talk about immigration when you’ve repeatedly legislated against it (because both of Ted Cruz’s parents are immigrants).

Let me just finish this.

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.


Good riddance.

Two liars to go.

Vote Green.


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